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Boat Hire Hanse

Hanse, when comfort is a priority

Navigate easier, faster and more comfortably. Hanse Yachts likes to challenge the standards and create new dynamics in the expanding yachting industry.

Nautical magazines worldwide praise the shipbuilders who have developed the 458, 508, 675 and the older Dehler sailboat model, that have overtaken the sailing world. To complete Hanse's trio, the Sealine (motor boat) and Privilege (catamaran) have also had great success. As it is often said- in the end it's always Germany that wins!

Our Hanse boats

Boat Hanse 458

Hanse 458

Boat Hanse 388

Hanse 388

Boat Hanse 455

Hanse 455

Boat Hanse 385

Hanse 385

Boat Hanse 505

Hanse 505

Boat Hanse 445

Hanse 445

Boat Hanse 588

Hanse 588

Boat Hanse 315

Hanse 315

Boat Hanse 540e

Hanse 540e

Boat Hanse 345

Hanse 345

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There is a golden rule when it comes to hiring a Hanse: you must always enjoy you time out at sea in the upmost comfort! Because of German innovation and rigor, Hanse Yacht is the world's second largest producer of sailboats suitable for ocean navigation.

The modern sailor must be able to limit the number of clicks to find the boat of his or her dreams. The most enthusiastic supporters of Hanse boats can use this page to immediately start planning their sailing trip. The latest models produced by the German manufacturers can be found on our platform. Our users already know that they can read reviews on boat rentals as well as easily search for older Hanse models and boats offered by Super Owners on Click&Boat.

With a Hanse charter, you too will enjoy a comfortable sailing adventure. These boats can be found in ports all over the world. Perhaps, sail in Croatia, cruise in Marseille, or discover the Balearic Islands. Don't limit your desires: Hanse boats have the potential to allow you to live out your greatest adventures out on the water.

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