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Catamaran LAGOON 380 S2 11.55m (2019)

From £423 per day

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Catamaran LAGOON 400 S2 11.74m (2018)

From £518 per day

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Catamaran LAGOON 400 S2 11.97m (2017)

From £423 per day

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LAGOON 380 (2008)

From £337 per day

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Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 11.73m (2018)

From £443 per day

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Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 46 13.99m (2021)

From £897 per day

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Lagoon 380 (2019)

From £423 per day

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Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali 4.1 12m (2019)

From £437 per day

Super owner
Discount offer

Catamaran Lagoon 40 11.74m (2020)

From £535 per day

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Lagoon 42 (2019)

From £552 per day

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Catamaran LAGOON 380 11.55m (2013)

From £395 per day

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Catamaran LAGOON 42 12.8m (2019)

From £560 per day


Lagoon 380 from Milazzo (Sicily): Aeolian dream (2008)

From £472 per day

 7 · Super owner

Catamaran Lagoon-Bénéteau Lagoon 40 - 4 + 2 cab 11.74m (2019)

From £245 per day

Discount offer

LAGOON — LAGOON 40 (2022)

From £597 per day

Super owner

Catamaran FOUNTAINE PAJOT SABA 50 14.98m (2019)

From £997 per day


Catamaran Nautitech 46 Fly 13.79m (2021)

From £611 per day


Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 42 12.8m (2019)

From £560 per day

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Catamaran rental in Sicily with Click&Boat

An ancient and fascinating land, linked to its long traditions and the history of civilisations that have succeeded each other through time, Sicily is the perfect place if what you expect from your next trip is to be amazed and surprised.

What better way to combine the pleasure of sailing with the view of its incredible landscapes? No solution is better than renting a catamaran in Sicily!

Palermo and the Égadi Islands, Catania, Syracuse or holidays in the Aeolian Islands: the region is a veritable succession of wonders to be discovered.

Guardian of a world-famous historical heritage, home to one of the most popular gastronomic cuisines of all time and a warm and welcoming region, Sicily is truly one of the brightest jewels of the Mediterranean Sea, which will win you over from the first moment.

Hire a catamaran with Click&Boat and, while you immerse yourself in absolute relaxation in Sicily, take in the views of its rugged coastline, nature-framed bays and coastal villages that await you with open arms.

One of the advantages of the catamaran? The shallow draft of their hulls will allow you to get close to the shore and moor where sailboats or motorboats cannot reach. This will ensure plenty of peace and privacy for most of the trip.

Organise your next holiday in Sicily and set sail with family or friends: by booking with Click&Boat you can take advantage of the best deals and book with complete peace of mind with the help of an expert consultant. Are you going to climb on board?

How much does it cost to hire a catamaran in Sicily?

On average, the cost of a catamaran rental in Sicily starts at £2,250 per week for the low season months, i.e. from October to May approximately.

With the arrival of summer, prices rise, with a departure cost of around £5,000  per week, excluding kitchen, captain and any additional services requested.

What happens if you want to hire a captained/tripped catamaran in Sicily? Simply choose this option when booking, or contact the boat owner directly and discuss the possibility of a captained/tripped rental. Therefore, the extra amount to be paid may vary depending on each owner, the season and the type of service requested. In any case, do not hesitate to ask one of our dedicated consultants for advice: they will be able to guide you towards the best choice and present you with the offers that are still available on our platform.

Catamaran holidays in Sicily: a mix of sea and culture

With origins dating back to the ancient Greeks, then passing into Roman, Norman and Spanish cultures, Sicily has over the years been a crossroads of history and culture. Thanks to its centrality, the historical testimonies accumulated from era to era have given it over time one of the most important heritage sites in the world.

Treasures of inestimable beauty can be found, for example, in Syracuse, Palermo and Ragusa, or, also, in Agrigento and Taormina. One paragraph is certainly not enough to mention them all!

So what better idea than to hire a catamaran in Sicily to sail from one town to another, combining the best of relaxing moments along beautiful beaches with discovering beautiful historical towns? On the other hand, the sea is among the region's strong points, envied in many areas of the Mediterranean, with an intense blue capable of winning over travellers from all over the world.

Do you want to know which are the best areas for sailing in the region? Discover below the unmissable destinations for your holiday.

Unforgettable destinations to visit when renting a catamaran in Sicily.

The sailing areas of Sicily are plentiful and all truly incredible, becoming even more perfect when it comes to organising a catamaran excursion along the coast of the region. Looking for ideas for your holiday? Find inspiration below:

  • Eolian Islands, undoubtedly one of the most requested and photographed destinations every summer. Loved by those looking for nature holidays, perfect for sea lovers, a trip to the Aeolian Islands on a catamaran with a captain guarantees fun for all!
  • The Aegadi Islands, another pearl of the Mediterranean, are among the favourite destinations for sailors. Whether it's a day trip to Favignana or perhaps a weekly cruiero to discover Levanzo Island and Marettimo: it's impossible not to include them on your list of excursions.
  • San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro Guided Nature Reserve feature in this ranking thanks to the boundless beauty (and importance) of its natural landscape, and the romantic sunsets that can be observed in this part of the region.
  • The island of Lampedusa, located a little further south of Sicily and usually reached by plane, is certainly the ideal starting point for a catamaran trip around the region: there is no better way to explore its beautiful beaches.
  • Taormina is one of the most charming towns in Sicily, as well as an excellent starting port for those who want to explore the southeastern part of the region. How about visiting it?

When to arrange your catamaran rental in Sicily?

When is the best time to organise a catamaran holiday in Sicily? We have good news for you, as the region is characterised by good weather for much of the year, from early April to late October, so the travel options are endless, just choose the season that works best for your plans.

In July, August and September the sea temperatures are ideal for cooling off from the summer heat, especially in the areas of Palermo, Catania, the Égadi Islands and the Aeolian Islands.

On average, the coolest months in Sicily are January and February, and they also correspond to the low sailing season.

Hire a catamaran in Sicily with Click&Boat: how to do it?

Are you planning your next holiday in Sicily and looking for pure relaxation and quiet? Also known as the "quintessence of sailing", the catamaran is the answer to your wishes, even better now that renting a boat is easier than ever!

Did you know about the possibility to directly and free of charge contact the owners of the boats that interest you and discuss with them, personally defining the rental details? On the Click&Boat platform, all this is possible.

By creating a free account you can start looking for the boat of your dreams, saving time thanks to the available filters: boat type, destination, budget, shipyard, length and more.

Don't you have a sailing license and are looking for a skippered charter? Book the boat with a skipper on board and let a professional guide you safely through the region's most fascinating routes - it will be a trip you'll never forget!

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