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Boat rental in Australia!

Sailing down under is a unique experience for all boating enthusiasts. With a coastline stretching over 22,000 miles - the 6th longest in the world – thousands of islands and, last but not least, hundreds of remote bays and coves to explore, Australia is a boating paradise. With a boat rental in Australia you can enjoy the experience of sailing along the coast of this unique country and discover its natural treasures like the Whitsunday Islands and cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. 

Visit the Whitsunday Islands

One of the most popular boating destniations in Australia is of course the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral system, stretching 344,400 square kilometres. It is home to a vulnerable ecosystem that boaters should be careful not to harm when sailing in the area. However, with a yacht charter in Australia you can visit the idyllic Whitsunday Islands. Boasting a unique combination of lush vegetation, rich flora and fauna and exotic beaches, these picturesque islands are the ideal option for a weekend yacht charter in Australia.

Sydney is waiting for you

With a yacht charter in Australia you can also feast your eyes on the stupendous Sydney Opera from the deck of your yacht. If you opt for yacht charter in Southwest Australia, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Rootnest Island, a few miles from Perth. This beautiful island is a famous yachting destination, attracting boating aficionados from all over the country.

Charter a yacht in Australia via Click&Boat

Are you looking for a private yacht charter in Australia at an affordable price? Look no further than Click & Boat, the market leader in online boat rentals. You can charter a yacht in Australia, with or without a skipper, depending on your boating experience and qualifications. Bareboat yacht charters are available for keen sailors who know these waters like the palm of their hand. Just contact the boat owner via Click&Boat's messaging tool to arrange details.

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