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Motorboat Sessa Marine 40 (2015)

From $1,815 per day


Motorboat Armada 40 (2015)

From $1,815 per day


Motor yacht Azimut 560 (2015)

From $3,849 per day


Motor yacht Beneteau Beneteau 50 (2010)

From $3,033 per day


Motorboat White Miami 19 (2017)

From $472 per day


Motorboat Cobra 32 (2012)

From $687 per day


Motorboat Cobra 30 (2012)

From $655 per day


Motorboat Vega 290 (2012)

From $580 per day


Motorboat Phantom 30 (2010)

From $505 per day


Motorboat Phantom 30 (2010)

From $515 per day


Motorboat HD Bom Proveito 24 (2010)

From $322 per day


Motorboat Nautiflex 9,40 (2006)

From $387 per day


Motorboat Phantom 36 (2018)

From $698 per day


Motorboat Cimitarra 34 (2018)

From $644 per day


Motorboat RioStar 51 (2010)

From $1,815 per day

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Rent this Traineira gulet and get to know Santa Ca (2003)

From $344 per day


Alugue nosso barco em Click&Boat (2006)

From $266 per day


Motorboat Intermarine 44 full (1996)

From $3,758 per day

Explore Brazil’s Island Paradise: Boat Rental In Florianopolis

Have you been looking for boat rentals near Florianopolis? Look no further than Click&Boat, a leader in private boat rentals.

This beautiful mecca has an assortment of almost 50 beaches, plenty of room for water sports, and opportunities for deep-sea fishing. The area is known for its seafood, so if you don’t feel like catching your own, you certainly won’t go without it.

Located in the state of Santa Catarina (it’s actually the capital), Florianopolis has a breathtaking mixture of mountains and islands. Nicknamed “the Island of Magic,” you’ll find no shortage of mesmerizing tourist fare when you visit this paradise.

Rent a Boat Near Me: How Much Should a Boat Rental In Florianopolis Cost?

If you want variety on the water with lots of options for boat rentals, Florianopolis might be the place for you. You’ll find an impressive selection of watercraft with varying costs, depending on what you want. The following section contains a sample of what you should expect to pay for a boat rental in Florianopolis:

• The average motorboat rental that accommodates four guests is around $1,000 per day. However, they have been known to go as low as $475.

• A 15-person yacht charter is around $1,300 per day, but you’ll be able to fit plenty of guests.

• Daysailer mini-sailboats are available for around $50 per day.

• Catamaran and paddleboard rentals start at about $50 per day.

• If you want something more exciting, flyboarding rentals are available for $58 per day.

• Searching for “party boats near me?” A 50-foot yacht with an inboard engine is available for $1,742 per day and accommodates 12 guests.

Boat Rentals Near Me: Exploring Florianopolis

Consider the following options for exploring the waters around Florianopolis:

• There are 42 beaches to choose from. Make it a day trip and visit Lagoinha do Leste, Naufragados, and Campeche beaches, all located in the south. You can also check out Mozambique further up north.

• Nearly all of the islands and beaches of Santa Catarina and Florianopolis are surfable. Take your pick and hit the water, or find a surf instructor and learn the ropes.

• Do some deep-sea fishing and catch some premium Brazilian seafood! There are plenty of options for deep-sea charters, depending on what you’re looking for and how many guests you have.

Visit Florianopolis Beyond the Water

It wouldn’t be fair to visit the area and dedicate all of your time to water exploration. Drop your anchor and hit dry land to sample the Brazilian nightlife.

• Açai everything! This delicious superfood is available on nearly every corner in Florianopolis. Sample these smoothies and purees, normally topped with bananas, strawberries, and coconuts; these mixtures are delicious and good for you.

• Hike Lagoinha do Leste, one of the most remote beaches in the area. Here, you’ll find beautiful waterfalls, blue-water lagoons, and fantastic views.

• Florianopolis has a thriving nightlife, with something for everybody to choose from. You’ll find the normal bars and restaurants, but there’s something special about the nightlife here. After dark, many of the beaches turn into huge party spots with local artists performing concerts on the beach – free of charge!

Visit Florianopolis by Boat with an Experienced Captain and Crew

Florianopolis is one of those places that has lots of hidden gems. In fact, you might find it difficult to navigate to some of the places you read about beforehand. Make sure you find what you’re looking for with an experienced captain and crew.

• The experienced captain can ensure you make it to your must-see destinations. You relax while the skipper takes the wheel. This is the best way to enjoy your vacation!

• The crew will accommodate your guests, handling all of their bags, preparing their beverages, and more!

• You can avoid the need for producing a boating license if you choose a captain and crew. Just make sure the captain is the only one who does the driving!

Florianopolis Boat Rental with Click&Boat

When you choose Click&Boat, you can enjoy the advantages of exploring the area by boat without the responsibilities of actually owning one. Just make your selection, we’ll put you in contact with the owner, and after filling out a few forms, you can pick up your boat.

Every boat is inspected and checked for insurance, so you can always have peace of mind that your safety is number one. Check out our website to find specific options and immediate availability.

Boat Rental In Florianopolis FAQs

• What type of boat rental in Florianopolis should I get?

This all depends on the size of your party, where you plan on doing the majority of your boating, and what activities you have planned. You might want to consider a pontoon or a yacht for larger parties. If you have a smaller group, a motorized boat might do the job. Parties of one or two might get more use out of a sailboat or kayak.

• Are the boats insured?

Yes, all boat owners are required to carry insurance and notify their providers that they’re renting the boat. All of these documents are available on the Click&Boat website. You can locate them by navigating to the renter’s profile, and all of the important boat-related documents can be found under document upload.

• How long can I rent the boat?

You have multiple options when it comes to the length of your boat rental. Boats are available for rent by the hour, by the day, and even by the week. You’ll find most have significant discounts if you select a longer rental period.

• Are the boats checked before and after the rental?

Yes, we recommend and require a quick inspection before you leave with the rental. Once the boat is returned, you and the owner can do another quick walk-through so they can sign off, stating no damage was done to the boat. After the owner has signed off, you will have your deposit returned to you in the same form you provided it.

The lowest prices to rent Boat in Florianópolis

The lowest price to rent Boat in Florianópolis is approximately $337.00 per day. For better prices, rent smaller boats and in low season.

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