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Boat Rental in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a gorgeous, lush place to visit whether you are staying on the land and exploring the jungles or you are heading out into the gorgeous blue waters. The Central American country has a lot of coastline on both the east and the west. Those who enjoy boating will find that the country has a lot to love, and it could be a perfect place to rent a boat while in the area or to take a boat that was rented from elsewhere for a long trip. You should be able to find a range of options for boat rental in Costa Rica, especially from December through April.

Where to Sail in Costa Rica

Where are you going to go and sail while you are in Costa Rica? When you rent a boat in Costa Rica, you will find a host of interesting places to sail. One of the most popular is Tamarindo, an area with beautiful beaches and water, along with plenty of charters and private Costa Rica boat rentals that set sail from the area.

You may also want to spend some time sailing around the Gulf of Nicoya, which is considered by many to be one of the most impressive locations in all of Central America. There are many towns in the area from which you can set sail. This area is also great for those who love to fish. Playas del Coco in Guanacaste is another place to go sailing in Costa Rica. It’s perfect for snorkeling or just relaxing and enjoying the water from the deck of the boat.

How Much Is It to Rent a Boat in Costa Rica?

A Costa Rica boat rental will vary substantially in price based on a host of factors. Do you need to have a captain and a crew on the boat with you? If you do, then it will likely end up costing more for your Costa Rica boat rentals than if you were to pilot the boat on your own. Are you looking for a large boat or a small boat just to get out on the water for a couple of hours? Are you going to be living on a boat in Costa Rica for your entire vacation? That’s going to cost more.

Below are some examples of how much it can cost for different types of boat rentals in Costa Rica.

  • Catamarans from $1,157 per day.
  • Fishing tour boat from $1,900 per day.
  • Motorboat from $1,470 per day.
  • Sailboat charter from $3,840 per day.

These are just some of the examples. The type of boat, size, and owner can all make a difference in how the Costa Rica boat rentals will be.

Rent a Boat Near Me in Costa Rica

You will find a range of options for boat rental in Costa Rica. There are large and small marinas in many of the towns and resort destinations across the country. Some of the options that you may want to consider include:

  • Banana Bay Marina in Golfito
  • Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Playa Herradura
  • Golfito Marina Village in Golfito
  • Marina Pez Vala in Provincia de Puntarenas
  • Fish Hook Marina & Lodge

Through these and other marinas and harbors in Costa Rica, you should be able to find just about any type of boat you may want to rent.

What Is There to See in Costa Rica?

Although you may want to spend quite a bit of time out on the water while you are in Costa Rica, the country has a host of other fun activities that you and those traveling with you can enjoy. From the beaches to the jungles and everything in between, there is plenty for you to love. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • Check out the Nicoya Peninsula.
  • Head to Arenal Volcano.
  • Check out Corcovado National Park.
  • Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve.
  • Experience the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

These are just some of the many wonderful things you can see and do when you are in Costa Rica.

What Boats Should I Rent in Costa Rica?

This is a big question that you can only answer once you know what type of fun and interesting adventure you want to have out on the water. If you are looking to experience the sea, the beauty of the coast, and just want to relax, you might find that having a sailboat crewed by other people is the ideal choice.

Maybe you are looking for a place where you can bunk with your friends out on the water rather than staying in one of the towns or cities. Getting a large yacht would be a great option. Of course, you might also just want to have a fishing excursion. A fishing charter would then be the ideal boat rental in Costa Rica.

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