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Why should you rent a boat in Denmark?

In a country with a coastline of 7314 km and 406 islands, sailing and boating are a natural part of the culture! With stunning scenery, authentic coastal communities and some of Europe's most beautiful beaches, it's an ideal destination for your boating holiday.

Cross the seas and discover unique seaside towns and villages such as Copenhagen, Århus, Skagen and Fredrikshavn. In addition, there are many beautiful islands to visit including Läsö, Anholt, Bornholm and Samsö.

Places to visit by boat in Denmark



Denmark's capital is a must-visit during your boating holiday in the country. Copenhagen is a city with a lot of canals and is perfect to discover from the sea. Start in Nyhamn and experience the city's sights from the water such as the Opera House, the Black Diamond Library and the Little Mermaid looking out over the harbour on her rock.

Once ashore, don't forget to enter Nyhavn on foot to enjoy a classic buttered bread and a Danish pilsner. A hot tip if you're travelling is also to pay a visit to Tivoli. Here you can enjoy the great atmosphere and the wild rides.


Bornholm is a Danish island located in the Baltic Sea south of Sweden. The island is a popular destination for sailors with rolling landscapes, beautiful beaches and Denmark's only granite cliffs. Bornholm has a unique culture with authentic old villages, fish smokehouses and the distinctive round churches.

If you're in the mood for sun and sea, Dueodde beach is the place to go. The beach is one of Denmark's best and the famous Michelin restaurant Kadeau is also located there, so you can enjoy a delicious meal after sunbathing and swimming.

Another breathtaking natural experience is the Sanctuary Cliffs on the north side of the island. These are the only granite cliffs in Denmark and you can follow the cliffs along the sea and explore various caves along the way.


Don't forget to visit Denmark's sunniest spot, Läsö, on your sailing trip! On the island, you can choose to moor in Vesterö harbour or Österby harbour, which are located on either side of the island. Läsö is 22 kilometres long and has a varied landscape depending on where you are on the island.

It is therefore highly recommended to rent a bicycle on the island and, among other things, visit the old salt factory, Läsö tower or visit one of the arts and crafts workshops. In addition, 25 of Läsö's 100 kilometres of coastline is made up of fine beaches, so there are plenty of places to sunbathe and swim.


At the northern tip of Denmark, you'll find the rugged and authentic Skagen. A must-visit destination in Skagen is Grenen. The Grenen is the northernmost point in Denmark and is a strip of shoreline where the Kattegat and Skagerrak seas meet.

You also can't miss St. Laurenti, the sand-buried church. When the church was built in the 14th century, it was the largest church in the Vendsyssel region. But during the 18th century, the church was gradually buried in sand so that finally in 1795 it had to cease worship, and today only the church tower is still visible.

Skagen is also a fishing destination, so don't miss trying one of the fish restaurants there.


Continue past the northern tip of Denmark and cruise down the country's western side, and you'll soon reach Hirtshals. Fishing is still very active in the town and the strong connection to fishing gives it a genuine atmosphere. The western harbour is the oldest part of the harbour where you can look at old fishing boats and discover several small businesses linked to fishing.

From the harbour, you walk up the "Stairs", a beautiful monument that connects the harbour with the village. In the village you can enjoy the many cafés, restaurants and shops that are there while enjoying a great view of the harbour. If you're travelling with children, the North Sea Oceanarium is also a must-see, Northern Europe's largest aquarium.

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Don't have the required driver's license for the boat you want to rent, or does the boat feel complicated to manoeuvre? If you rent a boat with Click&Boat, there's no need to worry as many of our boats can be rented with an experienced skipper.

The skipper is in full control of the sailing area and handles all the manoeuvring of the boat, allowing you to focus entirely on socializing and enjoying the beautiful Norwegian landscapes. The skipper is also often from the surrounding area and can give many good tips on the best places to visit.

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