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Motorboat Typ Trainer Trainer 9hp (1974)

From $106 per day


Sea Ray 185 / Motorboot 220 PS (2021)

From $277 per day

Special offer

Houseboat Wiking Variant 20hp (1984)

From $137 per day


Houseboat TARPON 37 N 40hp (2004)

From $329 per day


Sailboat Dehler Varianta 44 13.33m (2013)

From $382 per day


Performance Cruiser Storm 26 (2021)

From $278 per day


Motorboat Linder Fishing 440 5hp (2017)

From $160 per day

 1 · Super owner

Motorboat Larson 710 lx 135hp (2013)

From $351 per day

 3 · Private

Houseboat TARPON 42 N 62hp (2005)

From $455 per day


Houseboat TARPON 42 Trio Prestige 62hp (2004)

From $479 per day


Houseboat LaMare Apart M (2022)

From $237 per day


Motorboat Invictus 200FX 100hp (2020)

From $505 per day

Special offer

Motorboat Northman yachts 870rEvo 30hp (2019)

From $479 per day


Motorboat Eolo 650 Day Cabin Bodenseepadent ist erforderlich 90hp (2012)

From $553 per day

 4 · Super owner

Houseboat TARPON 37 Duo Prestige 40hp (2004)

From $232 per day

Special offer

Motorboat Custom Flipper 600 SC 115hp (2017)

From $314 per day

 6 · Super owner

Motorboat Waterspoor Tendersloep 707 15hp (2022)

From $287 per day


Motorboat Remus 525 Open 15hp (2020)

From $222 per day

Renting a boat in Germany

Germany's North Sea and Baltic Sea are well-known sailing areas and a perfect starting point for trips to Denmark, Sweden or Poland. The Baltic Sea offers ideal opportunities to get your sailing licence, or just practice. Those who learn to sail here, can do so anywhere. Crossing the waves and the main shoals can be experienced on these waters wherever you choose to go. The tidal waters of the North Sea are even more demanding and promise a thrilling ride. Hire a boat in Germany and sail to meet the Danish and Swedish metropolises, can you imagine?

But not only the great German seas offer a great opportunity and a rich offer for boat rentals. The inland waters also have a lot to offer. Explore the rivers and lakes, and don't miss a single corner of fabulous Germany! Lake Constance, the Rhine Valley and the Mecklenburg Lake District are just a few examples of Germany's most beautiful landscapes. Here at Click&Boat you also have the option of booking the services of a captain for your trip! Climb aboard and enjoy your boat trip without worries!

3 reasons to rent a boat in Germany

Sailing destinations in Germany

Setting sail in a motorboat or a sailing boat from the island of Fehmarn towards Denmark, only one day's sailing separates these two must-see destinations. Visit the towns of Middelfart, Aeroeskoebing and Odense to make your holiday on your chartered boat unforgettable. If you're planning more than just a day trip, you must sail to Copenhagen: the sights and charm of this city inspire countless visitors every day. Do you prefer unspoilt nature and a family-friendly sailing area? The coastal landscape of Mecklenburg offers exactly that. Also the Polish lakes promise exactly these advantages and inspire with their cosy nature. Visit Rönne in Bornholm during your holiday, it is guaranteed that you will remember this beautiful island. If you want to leave Germany, but don't want to take a long trip, maybe renting a boat in Switzerland is the right thing for you?

Aboard a houseboat through Germany

Rent a houseboat in Germany and enjoy your boating holiday on the Rhine, Main, Neckar, Saar, Lahn or Moselle rivers. Lake Constance is also perfect for a relaxing holiday on a houseboat. An absolute highlight is, of course, floating in your own hotel on the Spree past Berlin. To operate a houseboat in Germany you don't need a sailing license in most areas. You will be instructed by the owner before your trip on the fundamentals.

The Mecklenburg Lake District is perfect for your houseboat holiday: this area is worth a trip all year round. Nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts are sure to love it! Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is also called "the land of 1,000 lakes". Anyone who has explored this region by boat knows that this description is definitely true. All lakes are connected by canals and rivers. We are convinced that after a boating holiday in this region, you will become a complete fan. Register on Click&Boat now, free of charge, and find the perfect boat for your holiday in Germany.

Cruise the lakes of Germany on a motorboat

Rent a motorboat or RIB in Germany and be your own captain for a day. Explore the country's lakes and inland waters, and also guarantee a unique opportunity to visit several cities in one day. Germany has no shortage of large lakes where you can let off steam in total freedom:

Lake Constance, the Dreiländereck.

The Wannsee in Berlin.

Lake Cospuden in Saxony.

The Müritzsee in Mecklenburg in West Pomerania.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Germany?

Prices of a sailing yacht in Germany:

Day: rent a sailboat from as little as 100€ per day. At Click&Boat you will find offers between 100€ and €400 euro.

Week: For a week our prices for renting a sailboat are between 700€ and 2000€.

Prices for a houseboat in Germany:

Day: rent a houseboat in Germany for from just 100€ per day. Prices for a houseboat on Click&Boat are between 100€ and 300€ per day.

Week: Book a houseboat for a week from 600€. Depending on the type of houseboat, you will find offers between 600€ and 1,300€ per week.

Prices of a motorboat for rent in Germany:

Day: rent a speedboat on Germany's waters for from just 50€ per day. You will find offers between 50€ and 500€ on our website. At Click&Boat, you can find motorboats for rent in all price ranges.

Week: our weekly rental boats range from 1,400€ to 6,000€ for larger and more luxurious boats.

Your sailing trip on the Baltic Sea

What can you see on a sailing trip on the Baltic Sea?

Start your boat rental in Germany from Kröslin or Stralsund. Make a first stop on the island of Rügen, to enjoy the scenery. The white chalk cliffs in Jasmund National Park, which reach up to around 118 m high, are well worth seeing. Their formation dates back 70 million years ago. No wonder this national park, with its almost untouched beech forests, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The journey continues to Bornholm: here you can anchor in the capital port Rönne. The crossing will take about 12 hours. Enjoy the vastness, the sound of the sea and the sparkle of the water in the sun. Explore the old town of Rönne and let the old half-timbered houses and large gardens, hidden behind walls, make beautiful spots along the natural landscape. 

Make your way from Rönne to Hammeren. From here, fantastic hiking trails lead you along the coast. Plus, from the harbour, you get a great view of the largest castle ruin in northern Europe. Enjoy a picnic on its ancient walls and watch the majestic sunset from the top of the castle. Then swap Bornholm for Malmö and sail along the Swedish coast. Our tip: Malmö, with its large squares, beautiful boulevards and wide streets offers great conditions for exploring the city by bike. Then, sail along the Danish coast back to your starting point.

What are the sailing conditions like on the German seas?

The best time to sail in the North and Baltic Seas is between mid-May and the end of September. Storms and strong winds can occur at any time of the year, so the weather conditions in the Baltic Sea are fairly consistent. Be prepared for cold nights, even in the height of summer. Also expect rainy days in each month and keep in mind that midsummer is the wettest time.

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