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Boat rental in Isle of Portland with Click&Boat

Contrary to its name, Isle of Portland is a peninsula that is joined to the mainland of Dorset in England. In the early 16th century, Henry VIII built a naval fort (Portland Castle) to defend and protect England from the French (who are 21 miles across the English Channel). The peninsula is filled with old architecture and buildings, such as St. George’s Church, an 8th century building with Georgian interiors. Apart from its history and architecture, people escape to Isle of Portland during the summer months for watersports and outdoor adventures.

Kite surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and Portland boat rentals are popular activities at this destination. Click&Boat offers plenty of vessels ranging in size and purpose for cruising around Poole, Lymington, and Southampton.

Things to do in Isle of Portland

Isle of Portland is best visited during the summer months when the weather is warm and more enjoyable for being outdoors. There are plenty of things to do in the Isle of Portland, but add these excursions on your bucket list:

  • Explore the Portland Castle! It offers stunning views of the water. Opt for the audio tour so you can learn more about its role in British history.
  • Try rock climbing! Portland is one of the best places for rocking climbing and offers over 900 routes for different skill levels.
  • Discover Portland’s abandoned quarries.
  • Take a walk to St. Andrews Church where you’ll find a pirates graveyard (spooky!).
  • Visit the Portland Museum.
  • Walk or cycle along the Coast Path.
  • Rent a boat in Portland with Click&Boat and sail around the English Channel!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Portland?

Click&Boat offers peer-to-peer motorboat, sailboat, and yacht rentals in Portland. If you opt into hiring a captain or crew, it might cost a little extra than if you choose to rent a bareboat. The addition of water toys, length of charter, age/model of the boat all affect the price of a Portland boat hire. On average, Isle of Portland sailboat rentals start at $99/hour for 6 guests.

Where is the best boating in Portland?

Isle of Portland is a peninsula that’s mostly surrounded by water, so renting a boat is a one of the best ways to spend your time for visitors and locals alike! The most popular boating destinations from Portland is Poole, Southampton, or Lymington. The rugged cliffs make for a scenic sailing trip along the South Coast.

Portland boat charters with a captain

Click&Boat offers boat rental options with a captain in Portland! It’s a smart move so you don’t have to worry about boating laws and navigation during your boat hire (especially within the English Channel). A captain will take care of everything for you so that you and your friends/family can sit back, relax and enjoy your Portland boat rental. A captain and/or crew may come as an additional cost to your rental, depending on the size of the boat, the number of crew, and other requests.

Prices of Boat charters in Isle of Portland

Boat prices depend on different factors, such as boat length and capacity among others. Regarding Boat charters in Isle of Portland: - Minimum price: from $86.00 per day - Maximum price: from $600.00 perday

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