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Boat Rental Four Winns

Four Winns for the win! 

Discover the feeling of freedom that a boat can provide when cruising on a Four Winns. 

Over the years, this American boat builder has consistently used quality materials that has allowed the shipyard to be known for designing bold and fast models. 

Our Four Winns boats

Boat Four Winns 180 Horizon

Four Winns 180 Horizon

Boat Four Winns 195 Sundowner

Four Winns 195 Sundowner

Boat Four Winns Vista 238

Four Winns Vista 238

Boat Four Winns 225 Sundowner

Four Winns 225 Sundowner

Boat Four Winns 240 Horizon

Four Winns 240 Horizon

Boat Four Winns 248 Vista

Four Winns 248 Vista

Boat Four Winns Sundowner 205

Four Winns Sundowner 205

Boat Four Winns 230 Horizon

Four Winns 230 Horizon

Boat Four Winns 240ob

Four Winns 240ob

Boat Four Winns Horizon 210 Rs

Four Winns Horizon 210 Rs

Boat Four Winns 242 Sl

Four Winns 242 Sl

Boat Four Winns Vista 328

Four Winns Vista 328

Boat Four Winns Sundowner 215

Four Winns Sundowner 215

Boat Four Winns Horizon 210

Four Winns Horizon 210

Boat Four Winns 338 Vista

Four Winns 338 Vista

See more information about the Four Winns brand

For your next vacation, why not rent a Four Winns boat? Skip the ordinary and choose to enjoy life from a new angle- out on the water! Four Winns are the perfectly versatile, whether you decide to spend your day visiting waterfront towns,  drop an anchor by a beautiful beach or snorkel by a secluded cove- the Four Winns shipyard provides for it all. 

For those who like speed and adrenaline, perhaps choose the Four Winns Sundowner or a Four Winns Horizon model. These boats are ideal for holidays among friends. With the capacity to comfortably fit 6 to 8 people on board (depending the model). 

If on the other hand comfort is the main priority, consider browsing through our selection of Four Winns Vista models. Take advantage of greater space on board, perfect if you are planning longer navigation projects. Renting a Four Winns Vista opens the doors to a larger range of crusing options, to plan yours- don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team of experts. 

Whether you plan to set sail under the Mediterranean sun or along the beautiful east coast of the United States, renting a boat is the best way to independently explore your favorite destinations. Choose the type of boat, if you want a skipper or not, where you want to set sail, the duration of your trip, and if you want any extras, like water toys! 

With Click&Boat, find the perfect Four Winns model that best suits your needs among one of the 600 ports around the world. 

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