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6 · METZ

Motorboat Ruban Bleu Sensas 6hp (2019)

From €225 per day

5 · METZ

Motorboat Ruban Bleu 5hp (2010)

From €156 per day


Small boat with electric motor (2020)

From €70 per day


Nauticus Bougaivillier (2018)

From €400 per day


Electric boat (2016)

From €210 per day


Motorboat RAND PICNIC 18 6hp (2019)

From €300 per day

 2 · Super owner
5 · METZ

Motorboat Ruban Bleu Ace 6hp (2010)

From €171 per day

Special offer

Motorboat Bateau sans permis 55 6hp (2018)

From €300 per day

5 · SÈTE

Motorboat QUICKSILVER ACTIVE 455 OPEN électrique 60hp (2015)

From €1 per day


Motorboat RUBAN BLEU SCOOP 4hp (2013)

From €560 per day


Motorboat RUBAN BLEU ACE 3hp (2013)

From €480 per day


Motorboat Nautiner Yacht électrique fluviomaritime 80hp (2012)

From €395 per day


Electric Topetta (2018)

From €360 per day

 2 · Super owner

Motorboat RUBAN BLEU SCOOP 6hp (2017)

From €180 per day


21' Electric Boat in St. Petersburg (2015)

From €439 per day

12 · FARO

Eco-friendly, Solar-powered Ria Formosa Boat Tours (2016)

From €600 per day


Motorboat Custom 12 (2017)

From €2,000 per day


Open boat “Vording”, tough electric boat (2012)

From €1,575 per day

Rent an Electric Boat with Click&Boat

Click&Boat is an online boat rental platform where you can easily rent an electric boat from a private or professional owner. Boat owners can quickly create their listing on Click&Boat as well as add photos, prices and dates for when the electric boat will be available for rent. 

If you are interested in spending a great day on the water by renting a boat, all you need to do is contact one of the many boat owners directly through our platform to discuss the details of the trip.

Electric Boats - what are they?

Electric boats are compact and quiet vessels that are easy to operate, and of course, are a great alternative to conventional boats. On board such a boat, you can take a day trip, explore secluded bays and reach the most remote and picturesque beaches. Enjoy a good dive in various hidden coves around the world, or simply enjoy a tour of your destination of choice, without any worries!

But don't be fooled by its "green" character, an electric boat is not inferior to other boat types! They offer the same speed and power as fuel-powered boats. The electric boat has a huge advantage in terms of respect for nature, especially if your focus is on practicing sustainable tourism and preserving the environment around you.

With its compact size and lightness, you can reach the shallowest bays and most inaccessible beaches without any problem!

And if you love bird watching, you will love the silence of a ride on an electric boat! This type of boat will not scare the birds, or other animals around with the noise of its motor- so that you can enjoy this contact with nature in total tranquility.

How much does it cost to rent an electric boat?

The cost of renting an electric boat depends on several factors. The total price is influenced by various factors, such as boat's made and model, capacity and equipment on board, as well as the route, rental duration, location and season. In addition, the cost of renting an electric boat varies from region to region, and from owner to owner.

But on average, due to the boats being on the smaller side, their rental prices are quite budget-friendly. 

  • The price of an electric boat rental starts at about $135/day.

Rent an electric boat with or without captain

It is possible to rent some electric boats without a captain. The requirements for such rentals vary from country to country, so you should pay attention to the length of the boat, its engine power and of course the local legislation. 

If you are interested in the boat but saw that it is not possible to rent it without a license, don't worry! Click&Boat has many boats available for rent with a captain on board. Electric boat rental services with a captain are very popular!

And remember, captains are experts in the area and can safely guide you along the route and suggest great spots to swim and anchor.

Where to navigate with an electric boat?

On the Click&Boat platform you can find the right electric boat wherever you are!

Do you want to cruise on Lake Como and enjoy the views of northern Italy? Or would you like to spice up your trip to Florida and your beach vacation with a boat trip to exciting Miami?

Click&Boat offers a wide range of boat rental destinations.


One of the favorite destinations for Brazilians (and the whole world!), there is plenty to see and do in Miami. So, you can book an electric boat for a day and explore the beautiful South Beach, or take a dip in the tranquil West Palm Beach. Also try taking a short trip through the waters of Fort Lauderdale or the Florida Keys aboard your electric boat.


Go to southern Italy and explore the islands in the Gulf of Naples - Capri and Ischia. The coastal hills and mountains on the islands are arranged in such a way that it is often not very convenient to travel between them by land. But rent an electric boat and you can easily navigate between the small, picturesque ports.

If you are traveling in northern Italy, you can rent an electric boat in Genoa or Ventimiglia. And if you want to enhance the tour even more, just head towards the French Riviera!


Explore more islands in one tour than you ever imagined, sitting aboard an electric boat. Go to the Cyclades Archipelago or the Peninsula of Halkidiki. Explore the coastline and visit the country's most remote, and picturesque, beaches. Many beach lovers prefer Kassandra. However, if you decide to walk along the coast of Halkidiki you will find many places ideal for anchoring, swimming and diving.


Spain is a nautical country par excellence, and all its coastal regions offer beaches and coves of incomparable beauty. Any type of boat offers a new experience, but aboard an electric boat, you can even discover the hidden coves among the cliffs of Mallorca or Menorca, or anchor at one of the shallow beaches of Formentera, for example. Enjoy the turquoise blue water of the Balearic Islands and bring your scuba gear for a day of great fun!


Go on a boat trip along the coast of Portugal! By renting an electric boat, you can explore the Atlantic or Mediterranean coast of this country. Visit the Tejo River and see Lisbon's greatest landmarks right from the water. Or take a trip to the Algarve in summer. Find a number of picturesque coves and grottoes near the dozens of towns that make up the region, which you can easily approach and get to know aboard an electric boat. In addition, you can also take your snorkeling equipment with you and observe the underwater inhabitants and local flora.

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