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2003 - 2024
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Fishing boat fully equiped (2007)

Las Galletas
Without a skipper
 8  · Super owner

From $641 per day

Yacht for sightings in Tenerife (2010)

Las Galletas
With a skipper

From $883 per day

Motorboat Astinor 36 480hp (2006)

Las Galletas
With a skipper

From $1,604 per day

Gran Noray (1975)

Las Galletas
With a skipper

From $802 per day

Fishing motorboat rental with skipper (1993)

Los Cristianos
With a skipper

From $1,042 per day

ETAP Bertram 28 Tenerife dedicated to fishing (2015)

Playa San Juan
With a skipper

From $1,197 per day

STRIKER 44 SP Fishing Charter (2015)

With a skipper

From $1,283 per day

UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE - AZIMUT 60 "Tigresa" (2017)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
With a skipper
 4  · Super owner

From $4,993 per day

Motorboat Bertram 28 300hp (1974)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
With a skipper

From $855 per day

Motorboat Rodman 1250 316hp (1998)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
With a skipper

From $1,283 per day

Motorboat OLBAP TR8 DIVING 300hp (2019)

Pasito Blanco
With a skipper
 15  · Super owner

From $310 per day

Fishing boat rental with Click&Boat

Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to explore and discover new waters? Or are you new to the sport and want to try something different during your next vacation? Renting a fishing boat might be the right adventure for you!

A fishing boat charter provides you with the freedom to explore different fishing spots and chase after a trophy fish. With a boat rental, you can venture out for deep-sea fishing, navigate through hidden coves, and discover new fishing grounds.

When it comes to renting a boat for fishing, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs. From small fishing boats perfect for solo trips to larger vessels with spacious decks for groups, you get to choose the right boat for you.

Click&Boat offers hundreds of private fishing charters to choose from in the best fishing spots in the world. Once you've found the right boat, get ready to enjoy a day on the water, surrounded by breathtaking views. Book your trip and get ready to reel in the big one!

Why should I charter a fishing boat?

When you rent a fishing boat, you get the chance to explore new waters, reach remote fishing spots, and increase your chances of landing that big catch you've been dreaming about. You'll have the freedom to choose your adventure and fish at your own pace, without worrying about the constraints of shore fishing.

With a boat charter, you can indulge in the joys of fishing anytime with your loved ones on board - all without breaking the bank. You don't need to own a boat to enjoy a day of fishing. Click&Boat can help you find the perfect vessel for your leisure and vacation needs.

For those who are passionate about sport fishing, Click&Boat is the go-to platform to make your vacation dreams come true. You can easily find fishing boats around the world, chat directly with the boat owner, and set sail for your adventure!

Renting a boat in general is the ultimate way to enjoy a day on the water and create lasting memories. Renting a fishing boat is a great way to create unforgettable moments during your next vacation.

How much does it cost?

The rental price of a fishing boat can differ depending on the time of year, the location, the size of the boat, and more. It is possible to find a fishing charter for under $200 a day, but the average is between $330 and $750 a day. However, the cost of renting a luxury yacht can exceed $2,500 per day.

The average price may vary depending on the type of boat you choose, the number of guests, or the length of the rental. It is possible to choose a daily rental, a weekly rental, or more. Click&Boat has a very complete fleet of fishing boats so that you can choose the best boat for you that fits your budget.

Where to practice sport fishing?

There are endless popular destinations for renting a boat for fishing. Whether you want to be on a river, lake, or ocean, there are so many great fishing spots to choose from. You have limitless options, from a tropical fishing vacation in the Caribbean to exploring the rivers in Europe.

One of the most famous sport fishing spots in the world is Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Here, you can try your luck in catching marlin, dorado, or tuna, all while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

The Mediterranean is another popular region for fishing. Spain, Italy, and Greece offer the chance to catch species such as tuna, swordfish, and sea bass. Renting a fishing boat in coastal towns such as Ibiza, Sorrento, or Mykonos can provide access to prime fishing grounds.

Lakes such as Lake Como in Italy or Lake Annecy in France are popular destinations for trout fishing. And rivers such as the River Shannon in Ireland or the River Danube in Hungary are well-known for their pike, zander, and catfish populations.

And of course, let's not forget about the Caribbean, where you can enjoy sport fishing while soaking up the sun and crystal-clear waters. Destinations such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic offer great opportunities to reel in mahi-mahi, wahoo, or snapper.

Our favorite fishing spots:

Do I need a boat or fishing license?

It is possible to rent a boat without a license in many countries, but each country has its own laws and regulations. In some areas, no license is required at all for recreational fishing. In others, a fishing license may be necessary but not a boating license. And other countries have stricter regulations and require a license for both.

The regulations can be vastly different from one location to another, so it's essential to do your research before renting a boat. Here’s some information on a few of the popular destinations:

  • Mexico has stricter laws that require you to hold a boating license and a recreational fishing license. It is easy to get a fishing license online or in the tourism offices in Mexico.
  • You can rent a boat in France without a license as long as it's less than 16 feet long and has a motor that’s less than 6 horsepower. However, you do need a license to fish, which you can purchase at the tourism offices for around $11 per day.
  • In the Bahamas, both a boating license and a fishing license are required. You can obtain a fishing license through the Bahamas Customs Department or online before your travels.

If you're unsure about the local regulations or if you don't have a boating license, you can rent a boat with a captain. An experienced captain will operate the boat and can provide you with local tips for the best fishing spots. Even if you have sailing experience, this can help you have a worry-free vacation so you can focus on fishing.

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