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Yacht Rental in Mexico

When visiting Mexico for your yacht rental, there are two things you can be sure of. First, year-round sunshine and secondly, many activities to choose from. As a big country, Mexico offers visitors many different experiences due to its vast geographical location. For those who love the beach and water, this is a “go-to” country. Its picturesque beaches, the abundance of marine life, and ideal sailing conditions all make the trip to Mexico worth it. Yacht rentals in Mexico are available everywhere, but it is easiest to pick one of the following areas to set sail in: the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, or the Gulf of California.

Why choose a yacht rental in Mexico

Yacht rental is best suited for those looking for a truly luxurious experience in Mexico. Yachts are usually large motorboats that can sleep a group of people comfortably with an abundance of space and often manned by a captain and crew. Experience all of the comforts of home on board with a fully equipped kitchen, large bedrooms and spacious dining areas to enjoy a special meal on board in full luxury. Also with spacious outdoor areas for sunbathing and relaxing, yachts can be the perfect getaway for every type of holiday. From relaxing cruises to exciting adventures and everything in between. One of the best features of the Click& Boat platform is the ability to message boat owners directly via our online messaging system. This allows you to ask specific questions about a yacht that has caught your attention and arrange specific details of your trip. Are you thinking about booking a yacht for a special occasion? Perhaps a birthday or a honeymoon? Let the boat owner know when you make a booking request to make extra-special arrangements for your escape. Speaking directly with the boat owner also allows you to find out exactly which amenities are available on board. Need access to a jet-ski or other water-sport equipment. Find the right boat owner easily on Click&Boat who can meet your every need.

Click&Boat also gives you the option of having a free personal advisor who will listen to your every need, your budget, group size and desired destination before finding you the perfect yacht for your holiday. Head over to our quotation page now to get a free quote!

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Mexico

Click&Boat have yachts available to rent to match a wide range of budgets. Beginning at around $6000 / day for yacht rental in Mexico, the larger and more luxurious the yacht, the more you can expect to pay. Lots of factors affect the price of a yacht rental in Mexico including the age of the vessel, the duration of the rental and the time of year. The best time of year to visit Mexico is during the dry season which runs from December to April. The wet season runs from May to October but do not be too scared about booking during the period. The rain is often in the late evening and night time and so you can still enjoy the warm weather and sun throughout the day with the rain actually helping to cool you down during the night.

As previously mentioned, the best option for a yacht rental in Mexico with Click&Boat is to get a free quotation through our quotation page. Our dedicated team of yacht specialists will ensure that you find the best yacht for your needs at the best price. Our sales team are also local experts, so do not hesitate if English is not your first language. We are an international team with advisors available in many languages to help make your booking experience as smooth as possible.

Best Mexico destinations for yacht rental:

Gulf of Mexico:

Starting out as a small fishing village, today Cancun is known worldwide for its hospitality that hosts millions of visitors annually. With so much to do in Cancun, there is no wonder why so many choose to visit. Visitors can choose to visit the Maya Ruins, watch the migrating sea turtles in late May or even charter a yacht and visit the world’s second-largest reef in the world - The Great Maya Reef.

Pacific Ocean:

On the Pacific coast of Mexico’s inland, find a yacht charter in Mazatlan and take the opportunity to visit one of the biggest natural lighthouses in the world. It can be found in the Cerro Creston. And at the same time, visit the nearby sea caves; legend has it that there are pirate treasures yet to be found! Further south is the well-known coastal city of Puerto Vallarta. Walk on the cobblestones of the charming old town or along the boardwalk and marvel at the stunning view of the Pacific. Puerto Vallarta has been a favorite for sailors due to its favourable sailing conditions, bountifulness of marine life, and overall beautiful scenery all around. Continue south, and you will find Acapulco. Sail either on the Bay of Puerto Marqués and the Bay of Santa Lucia and admire the view of Acapulco backed by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains.

Gulf of California:

The Gulf of California separates the Baja Californian Peninsula from Mexico’s mainland, and here you can choose to charter a yacht in the famous seaports of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. “Cabo” as many say, attracts many visitors due to its delicious coastal Mexican food, beach resorts, scuba diving sports, and marlin fishing. It is known as the “Striped Marlin Capital of the World,” so a perfect spot to rent a fishing charter for all fishing fanatics. Close by one can visit La Paz, which is the capital of Mexico’s Baja California Sur. Here, visit the seaside town of Loreto or enjoy snorkelling in the Sea of Cortez. It is considered one of the world’s richest bodies of water, with over 800 different species of fish.

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