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Your Montenegro Itinerary: where to go on a motorboat?

Montenegro's coastline boasts many excellent resorts and resorts to which you can set your course! Most tourists travel between Montenegrin destinations by bus. We suggest you forget the buses and travel between the towns aboard a motorboat. This way you can enjoy breathtaking views and get to know the secluded bays and beaches, away from the tourist trails.

Kotor and the Bay of Boko-Kotor

Visiting Montenegro and not visiting the Bay of Boko-Kotor is a huge mistake! "Sea gorges", "Montenegrin fjords" - There's a reason that these are must sees!

The bay with the clearest blue waters, in the embrace of the mountains, beautiful beaches: one finds everything here!

Tourists from all over the world come to see such beauty, meaning that a cruise in Kotor Bay is one of the most popular excursions in Montenegro. However, if you don't want to queue for the ferry and take the same route as everyone else, don't miss the opportunity to rent a motorboat in Montenegro and explore the bay on your own or in the company of a captain. You will be able to stop at the most beautiful spots to take great pictures, and swim with a view of the Montenegrin fjords!

Tivat and Herceg-Novi

If you started your trip by visiting Boko-Kotor Bay, be prepared to visit Herceg Novi and Tivat as well.

As Tivat has the largest airport, this is where you can initially arrive to begin your tour of the Bay of Kotor. In addition, Tivat is considered one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean extensions for boat rentals. For this reason, many yachting enthusiasts and lovers pass through here on their vacations. In addition, the advantageous location of the city allows quick access to the Bay of Kotor and, exploring the coast of the Montenegrin Riviera with freedom.

If you are sailing from Tivat, don't miss the chance to anchor in Herceg Novi! The old town streets and unique architecture will not disappoint you! And if you want to spend the day at the beach, you can find great options around Herceg Novi!


The largest resort on the Budva coast attracts tourists from all over the world like a magnet! Wide beaches with many cafes, bars and restaurants, clear sea and atmosphere of complete relaxation! Families with kids will love the local water park and amusement park, and party and nightlife fans will love the local clubs, bars, restaurants and beach parties.

If you are a walking enthusiast, and don't give up exploring Budva's cultural and historical heritage, head to the Old Town and take a stroll through the cobblestone streets. Stroll through the old area, and you will find fortress walls and a church with impressive frescoes.

Bar City

A small town where a stroll on dry land is a must. Take a walk through the old town, go shopping or visit the local market. Taste the local wines of Krstač and Vranac, and treat yourself to the freshest oysters in the entire region. And then go for a walk along the promenade!

On the other hand, if you choose to sail for a few days, it is always possible to stay on course to Italy, i.e. to Bari and Puglia, and add even more fun to your trip! It's only one night's sailing! Leave the route in the hands of the captain, sleep in Montenegro and wake up already in Italy!

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Motorboat Rental in Montenegro with Click&Boat 

What could be better than a vacation cruising the vast Mediterranean Sea? Nothing! The region is huge, diverse and you can choose several routes for a perfect itinerary.

We have no doubt that Montenegro, the country of high mountains, covered with pine forests scattered on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, will amaze you with its nature, its clear sea and wonderful views.

We are sure that everyone who chooses to visit Montenegro will find something to their liking! A motorboat rental in Montenegro will allow you not only to diversify your vacation, but also to completely reconsider your concept of relaxing on the beach.

Renting a motorboat in Montenegro, whether for just a few days or even weeks, allows you to have freedom and mobility, but still maintain a decent level of comfort. Yes, in case you don't know, vacations aboard a boat are just as comfortable as those in a five-star hotel. So if you don't want to spend your entire vacation at one single spot, consider planning a weekly boat rental, and throw yourself into a real boating trip!

How much does it cost to rent a motorboat in Montenegro?

The cost of renting a boat usually depends on many factors. The price is influenced by things such as the size of the boat, its year of construction and its capacity. Additional extras, such as a captain and crew, as well as equipment for diving, snorkeling, fishing or even jet skis can also influence the total cost of the boat rental.

  • Smaller motorboat rentals in Montenegro start at $75/day- perfect for a day trip!
  • And larger motorboat rentals, suitable for a trip of a couple days or even a week start at $640/day.

Renting a motorboat in Montenegro: with or without a captain

Don't have a sailing/nautical license to drive the motorboat? Or do you just want to relax and not worry about the technical side of navigating? Then you definitely need a captain to take over the steering of your motorboat! At Click&Boat you will find many motorboats available for rent, along with a captain or even an entire crew!

In addition, the captains are also experts in the area, which means they can help you create an amazing itinerary. Don't miss this opportunity: our captains know many great anchorage locations, remote beaches and cozy coves, just ask!

And if you are the proud owner of a sailing license/proper qualifications, and definitely want to drive the boat on your own, you are sure to find bareboat charters available on Click&Boat's platform.

Can't wait to set sail, but haven't managed to choose the starting destination yet? In this case, we strongly recommend that you consider the following locations:

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