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Rental Motorboat Blujoi Power Cat 40 Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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Rental Motorboat Caprice Maggiore 51 Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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Rental Motorboat Carbrasmar 44 Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro

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Rental Motorboat intermarine Oceanic 36 Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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What are the unmissable places in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio holds some of the greatest treasures of the Brazilian coastline, let's see which places are a must stop for your motorboat tour!

  • From Marina da Glória, for example, you can already take a full tour of Guanabara Bay, one of the most beautiful in the world, with exclusive views of some of Rio's most beautiful spots, such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and even the beautiful Rio-Niteroi Bridge.
  • In a privileged location, at the foot of Sugarloaf, is Praia Vermelha, a favourite for swimming or relaxing on the sand, with its calm waters and stunning views.
  • Following along the coast, we arrive at Praia do Leme, a continuation of the famous Copacabana Beach, but less crowded to hectic than this one. Both offer an incredible day for swimming and sunbathing, but if you're from the team that likes more peace and quiet, or if you want to do sports like wakeboarding or water-skiing and are worried about the number of bathers, Leme Beach is for you.
  • Coming now to the surfers' paradise, the Diabo and Arpoador Beaches, divided by the Pedra do Arpoador, overlooking the Morro Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea, with stronger waves and suitable for surfing. Moreover, have you ever imagined seeing the sun set on the Pedra do Arpoador from the deck of your own boat?
  • The Ipanema Beach, despite also being busy, is a good ask for a sunbath, since it offers a large strip of sand and calmer waters.
  • The Leblon Beach, known as a stopping point for the famous, is also a good place to enjoy a day of sun and diving in waters of an impressive blue, however is not ideal for those seeking tranquility. For those travelling with children, the Mirante do Leblon is a good place to visit. Just dock your boat and take a tour!
  • Joatinga Beach is a place that actually only "exists" when the tide is low, and its strip of sand becomes visible, that is, it is a perfect beach to meet in a boat ride. With crystal clear waters, it is especially sought after by surfers.
  • The Barra da Tijuca Beach is the largest, in length, of the city. Owner of a strip of white sand and waters of an intense blue, it holds fun for the whole family, from a good sunbathing or diving to surfing and other water sports.

If your interest is to escape the typical tourist spots and create a more original or quiet route, the Click&Boat also helps you. Check out some lesser known beaches in Rio:

  • Macumba Beach, ideal for surfers with its strong tide and year-round waves, also owns a beautiful deep blue sea.
  • Secreto Beach is another ideal beach to visit by boat, since it also only "exists" when the tide is low. There the sea is gentle and forms beautiful natural pools, perfect for a quiet day with family, away from the crowds.
  • More ahead, we have Prainha, another surfer's paradise, this one is really off the tourist route and little known. Privacy and quiet are guaranteed.
  • Grumari Beach is for those who really want to disconnect from the city and urban distractions and make a complete immersion in nature and enjoy the white sand, clean blue sea and silence.

Make a list of the beaches you want to visit in Rio de Janeiro, define your travel needs (are you going with kids? are you going for the day, the weekend? are you on a tight budget?), choose your boat and get on board! Renting a speedboat has never been so easy and fun!

If you consider the amount of monuments, beaches and places to visit in this beautiful city, motorboat rental in Rio de Janeiro is a great option so that you can access all the corners you want on your tour, without major difficulties!

Renting a motorboat is a great idea if your tour plans are for just one day, or two at most. Whether you're looking to take a scenic tour to see the river from the sea, or reach hard-to-reach beaches and coves, or you're looking for speed for water sports like wakeboarding, motorboat rental is for you! Its compact size ensures access to shallow water, while its speed ensures you can visit several beaches in a single day!

Choose between renting a motorboat with or without captain, easily, quickly and safely. Come and check out the ideal motorboat for your tour at Click&Boat!

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Take a motorboat ride through the Marvellous City or Rio de Janeiro!

The plethora of places to see in Rio de Janeiro can make your travel planning more difficult but if you're worried about having to sacrifice places or tours because of short time, budget or other inconveniences, rest assured! A motorboat rental allows you to cross all the places off your list, stress-free and without giving up your travel desires or the company of friends and family!

There is no better way to experience Rio's beautiful beaches than by motorboat. Leaving the Marina da Glória, find a succession of beaches that cater for all travel tastes, from peace and quiet to surfing and other water sports, a motorboat allows you to experience all this in a practical and absolutely private way. Check at the bottom of the page our suggestions of beaches that you can not miss on your boat tour in Rio de Janeiro.

Make your dreams come true with Click&Boat and plan your boat rental in RJ - Rio de Janeiro, one of the main international tourist destinations in Latin America! Enjoy experiencing all the natural beauty of the city, and if you are lucky, find a secret and secluded beach or two to make your trip even more unique and special!

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