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Party Boat Rental in Dubai with Click&Boat

In Dubai, enjoy a mix of motorboat, catamarans, and luxury yacht options for your next party boat rental. Dubai is a location well known for high-end living and tourism. Today, it is no surprise that so many come to party in this beautiful city. But why be confined to the walls of the lavish clubs when you can really flaunt that luxury lifestlye you are living whilst spending your time on a Dubai party boat rental.

What is the price of a party boat rental in Dubai?

The average cost of a party boat charter in Dubai may vary due to several factors. For example, the model and age of the vessel, the seasonality, and the rental duration may all influence the the final price. In the high-season you will benefit from warmer weather and a more lively atmosphere on the streets and beaches but a higher cost too. In the low-season, the weather is cooler and prices are typically lower.

  • The starting price for a party boat rental in Dubai is £1,400/day, and may cost up to £3,500/day including a licensed skipper on board. 
  • For those interested in renting a Dhow, expect to bay between £4,300/day and £5,200/day. These boats can accommodate about 35 to 45 people on board.

Discovering Dubai

Dubai is a buzzing city in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury. Over the past decade, it has grown to be a hotspot for tourism and has everything you could need from history to luxury shopping, fine dining to the best beaches. In Dubai you are sure to feel like royalty as you party on board a luxury party boat charter.

Can I charter a party boat with a captain?

With Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, you can rent a party boat in Dubai with a licensed captain and/or crew on board. With a captain, you can choose to set sail at your own pace and create your own tailor-made itinerary too. 

While you, your friends and family enjoy the partying, let your captain and/or crew take care of everything from navigating, docking, anchoring, and more! So no need to be stressed, your crew will be available to cater all your needs.

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