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RIB Lomac Nautica 660 In 150hp (2014)

With captain

From $314 per day

4 Hours Private Tour For 7 Persons (2018)

With captain

From $381 per day

RIB Master MASTER 570 40hp (2006)

Porto San Giorgio
Without captain

From $199 per day

RIB ZODIAC Medline 1 60hp (2007)

Without captain
 30 · Super owner

From $99 per day

RIB Nuova Jolly Nj 630 130hp (2021)

Without captain
 26 · Pro

From $440 per day

RIB CAPELLI TEMPEST 570 100hp (2014)

Without captain
 26 · Super owner

From $293 per day

RIB Nautica Led 750 GS XL 200hp (2017)

With or without a captain
 46 · Super owner

From $366 per day

RIB AB oceanus 19 VTS 150hp (2019)

Can Picafort
With or without a captain
 20 · Pro · Super owner

From $351 per day

RIB Thai fiber Boat Katoy 650 open 150hp (2008)

With or without a captain
 29 · Super owner

From $405 per day

RIB Capelli 530 Tempest 90hp (2022)

Kreuzlingen District
With or without a captain
 21 · Pro · Super owner

From $345 per day

RIB Capelli Capelli Tempest 505 70hp (2020)

La Ciotat
With or without a captain
 20 · Super owner

From $283 per day

RIB TARPON DV 60 115hp (2021)

Without captain
 24 · Pro

From $230 per day

RIB BWA 26 GT Sport 250hp (2015)

Without captain
 32 · Super owner

From $590 per day

Semi rigid for the islands of the saints or the reserve cousteau (2018)

Basse Terre
Without captain
 24 · Pro · Super owner

From $271 per day

Prestige Ranger 600 (2020)

With or without a captain
 32 · Pro · Super owner

From $303 per day

RIB CAPELLI tempest 600 130hp (2019)

Without captain
 47 · Super owner

From $372 per day

RIB Gommorizzo 5m 60hp (2008)

With or without a captain
 29 · Super owner

From $262 per day

RIB ZODIAC Medline 50hp (2013)

Without captain
 19 · Super owner

From $332 per day

Why Charter a RIB?

What makes Rigid Inflatable Boats so popular is that they are stable, easy to maneuver, and fast. This makes it a good option for those who are looking to rent a boat that can quickly and easily take you where you want, and gild your holiday with water sports, diving, or a trip to discover the local area.

The speedboats' speed, safety, and easy maneuverability are something that has made it an obvious favorite among many. The structure of the RIB also means that it remains more stable even when crossing more turbulent water. Renting a rib boat is therefore a good way to do something extra with the holiday.

Thanks to the construction of the inflatable boat, especially with its air-filled edges and air tubes, it becomes more seaworthy, floats well, and withstands bumpy water while being a very light boat. It also makes it more energy-efficient and can be propelled well with reduced fuel consumption and smaller engines.

What can I do onboard a RIB charter?

Because RIBs are so versatile, there are a number of different activities that you can do onboard when renting a RIB. The size and agility have also made rib boats especially popular when it comes to various water sports such as fishing and diving. When it comes to fishing, you can quickly get out to deeper waters, and new places to fish, as well as go into shallower waters due to its flat bottom. Even when diving, your rented rib boat can quickly get you where you want, and you can often dive directly from the rib boat.

More than anything else, the rib boats are known for being able to reach breathtaking speeds, such as 30 knots and all the way up to 70 knots. This makes them well suited for those who are looking for fast-paced rides among the waves. You can also rent larger rib boats with skippers who take you on fast-paced guided tours with astonishing speed. Something you can rent with friends and family to have a different experience.

A RIB is also a good alternative on the trip or family holiday for those who want to be able to get out during the day and discover more than the beach you are on. Many of the popular destinations also have more hidden beaches where you can go out during the day to discover the more hidden coves and hidden gems.

Day trips onboard a RIB charter

RIBs are best suited for day trips as they are not suitable for sleeping in and don't have the same amenities as other larger boats like motorboats, sailboats, or yachts. Renting a RIB during the day works well for those who want to discover new places quickly like hopping from beach to beach or from marina to marina. Or just as a way to get away from the large crowds on the beaches and enjoy being in the sun and swimming in the sea for a day. RIBs are also popular during specific activities, such as putting an extra special touch on events such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

How much does it cost to rent a rib boat?

Because we have RIBs available over large parts of the world we have varying prices depending on where in the world you are interested in renting a RIB. The price for renting a RIB also depends on whether the fuel is included, the year of manufacture, size of the boat, and whether you want to rent during high or low season.

At many different destinations, you can get an available RIB for as little as 50€ / day.

In European countries, the price for a rib boat is usually between 150€ / day to 350€ / day.

The largest and fastest rib boats, which can reach the highest speeds, can cost around 1,000€ / day. These usually have seats for about 12 people, which means that you can share the cost of renting the boat with a large group.

Is a license required?

Whether a driver's license or boat license is required to steer depends on the size of the boat and in which country you are in. In some countries, it is not possible to rent boats without having some kind of driver's license. But through our platform, you can often rent with a skipper, which is a popular choice. By renting a boat with a skipper, you can take advantage of their local expertise to find the best spots you might not otherwise have found.

We have a large selection of RIBs in different sizes, which means that in many places around the world you can find a smaller boat that does not require a license.

Some countries do have rules about the power of the engine and so, to be on the safe side, we always recommend that you contact the boat owners directly via our internal messaging system to discuss details and know exactly what it is that applies. You can also always contact our international team of experts who are available to answer your questions.

Best destinations to rent a RIB?

In some destinations, you can rent RIBs that take you on a guided tour. Renting a RIB in cities can thus be a good way to explore places from a new perspective and with new perspectives.

By renting a RIB in Greece you can explore the islands and coasts around Santorini, Mykonos, and Zakynthos.

You can also take the opportunity to rent a RIB in Croatia to make your next vacation more unique, and explore places such as Split, Pula, and Zadar with its Kornati National Park and its 147 islands.

What brands and models can I rent?

Are you looking for a RIB to rent from a special manufacturer? When you browse through our range of rib boats, you can filter in the left column by specific brands and manufacturers. We have, among others, Zodiac, Capelli and Joker Boat.

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