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Houseboat Waddenkruiser Vedette Hollandaise fluviaux maritime 90hp (1978)

From €521 per day


Houseboat PENICHE LUXE 130hp (2003)

From €800 per day

 1 · Private

Motorboat Guliani Captain 90hp (1977)

From €195 per day

 38 · Private
12 · PARIS

Your private cruise on the River Seine in Paris (2019)

From €300 per day

 17 · Super owner
40 · PARIS

Houseboat Receptions LA PARISIENNE 80hp (2014)

From €857 per day

120 · PARIS

Houseboat Melody LMB (1919)

From €2,000 per day

12 · PARIS

Motorboat Smoker craft Suntracker 50hp (2019)

From €250 per day

 23 · Super owner

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 6.6 Spacedeck 150hp (2019)

From €250 per day

 72 · Private · Super owner
200 · PARIS

Houseboat Péniche Locyus (2000)

From €2,490 per day

80 · PARIS

Houseboat Péniche Le Martin pêcheur (2010)

From €2,500 per day

10 · PARIS

Pacific Craft Open 670 Year 2019, with or without skipper (2019)

From €299 per day

 205 · Private · Super owner
12 · PARIS

Motorboat Sun Tracker Party Barge 24DLX 100hp (2019)

From €250 per day

 34 · Super owner
140 · PARIS

Houseboat PARIS CANAL Guêpe Buissonnière (2010)

From €3,300 per day


Houseboat Péniche Le Canotier (2010)

From €3,000 per day

120 · PARIS

Houseboat PENICHE Signac (1980)

From €1,714 per day


Houseboat Peniche navigante freyssinet 200hp (1980)

From €2,600 per day


Houseboat Péniche Club House 1400hp (1990)

From €2,500 per day

200 · PARIS

Houseboat Péniche Abyse (2000)

From €1,500 per day

The romantic city of lights

The most visited city in the world, the city of lights: Paris. From its architecture, its small bistros, its noisy brasseries, the famous Eiffel tour, the French fashion, the romance, this city also has the advantage of having a river run through it: the Seine. Of course walking through the streets of Paris is already magical, but seeing it from the water will give you the luxury to see if from an entirely unique and breath-taking perspective. Chartering a yacht in Paris is a wonderful idea.

Cruising around Paris

From romantic rides to simple visits, the city from the Seine is absolutely beautiful. You will get to observe the historical docks, pass under magnificent bridges ( such as the Pont- Neuf, le Pont des Arts, or the Pont Alexandre III). There is so much going on in this city, that being on the water will give you the opportunity to explore it in a calm and relaxed manner, no rush. At night or during the day, you will see completely different landscapes: picturesque architecture with golden statues during the day, and the city of lights at night. You may even pass by the Eiffel tour!

Yacht Charters in Paris

Click & Boat's main location is in Paris. This means that we know exactly how to get you the best yacht charter deals here. Our platform has all type of boats: sailing yachts, motorboats, catamarans, Ribs, houseboats, and jet skis. In Paris, motorboats, Rib boats, and houseboats are most popular. You may want to spend a night or a few days staying in a houseboat on the Parisian docks, or to cruise around the city with a small motorboat or rib boat to explore the city. You will have the option to charter a yacht with or without a skipper, and even in co-navigation (when the yacht owner comes with you on board and shows you around).

We are more than happy to welcome you to Paris, our home city. If you have any questions, the Click & Boat team will be pleased to help you!

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Aug 29, 2018
Versailles was beautiful we truly did enjoy the gardens it was just truly such a delight we would will recommend the trip to Versailles to other people for a great visit. It is very easy to get to has much a lot of culture when you are also in town
Aug 28, 2018
This is my favorite city in the world, if you want to see it not on a tourist boat with 150 other people, this is the way to go. Pack a picnic, wine, and your friends and take a relaxing ride along the river, you won't regret it at all
Aug 4, 2018
Jacquemarte andre museum was very nice and has a beautiful cafe with so tasty desserts! For the boat: put on comfortable dress out, and take more champagne)) also I can recommend Girafe restaurant with perfect food and unforgettable view at Eiffel Tower! For taxi use Uber, it’s very comfortable and not so expensive
Jun 19, 2018
Very recommendable - other view of Paris from water - especially Notre Dame, la Tour Eiffel and the Statue of Liberty. It was the only one evening in Paris and We were under heavy rain. As it came out was the only way to spend quality time seeing Paris attractions under tent hidden from wetness instead of just sitting at the bar or hotel....