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Motorboat Cranchi Endurance 41 - Lago Maggiore 800hp (2018)

Lake Maggiore
With skipper
 8  · Private

From €1,400 per day

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These boats are available around Lake Maggiore

Motorboat Sesto Calende VA Cranchi Endurance 41 - Lago Maggiore 800hp (2018)

Sesto Calende
With skipper
 11  · Private

From €1,300 per day

Motorboat CRANCHI ENDURANCE 41 - Lago Maggiore 800hp (2018)

Cannero Riviera
With skipper
 10  · Private

From €1,500 per day

Motor yacht Pershing Pershing 40 970hp (2003)

Sesto Calende
With skipper

From €1,200 per day

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32 (2005)

Without skipper
 15  · Super owner

From €143 per day

Motorboat AS MARINE AS 570 ANDY 40hp (2016)

Without skipper
 13  · Super owner

From €403 per day

Motorboat Cadenazzi LASCO 550 150hp (1969)

With skipper
 6  · Super owner

From €1,070 per day

AS 590 DELUX (2016)

Without skipper
 7  · Super owner

From €500 per day

AS 590 DELUX con Capitano (2016)

With skipper
 1  · Super owner

From €1,165 per day

Motorboat RAFFAELLI MIDDLE FLY 820hp (1990)

With skipper

From €550 per day

Private Cruise in Lago Maggiore (Fuel included) (2017)

With skipper
 3  · Super owner

From €480 per day

Boat Rental in Lake Maggiore (2017)

Without skipper
 10  · Super owner

From €215 per day

Private Cruise in Beautiful Lake Maggiore, Milan (2017)

With skipper
Super owner

From €520 per day

Modern but Classic Zero Emission Boat (2020)

Without skipper
Super owner

From €140 per day

Private Cruise ALL INCLUSIVE in Lake Maggiore, Milan (1999)

With skipper
Super owner

From €960 per day

Motorboat TAXI BOAT LUXURY - Lake Maggiore 500hp (2000)

With skipper

From €850 per day

Discount offer

Motorboat VIDOLI TAXI BOAT - Lake Maggiore (1995)

With skipper

From €800 per day

Motorboat DELPHINA EXPRESS TAXI BOAT - Lake Maggiore 500hp (1995)

With skipper

From €1,500 per day

Boat rental on Lake Maggiore with Click&Boat

Ideally located between Lombardy, Piedmont and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is a "mirror" of crystal clear water, framed by a highly evocative backdrop of mountains, lush nature and villages that frame the water.

Wonderful and indescribable, Lake Maggiore is a true triumph of colours: from the pure white of the snow in winter to the thousand colours of spring, from the intense red of autumn to the electric blue of the lake in summer, the landscape looks like it has just stepped out of a painting!

Rent a boat on Lake Maggiore and make it the destination of your next trip, it will be a perfect choice in any season!

Explore the many boat rental offers on Lake Maggiore with Click&Boat and find the ideal boat for your sailing plans.

Maybe you want to hire a sailboat and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the Borromean Islands, the villages overlooking the lake and the suggestive mountains that rise up almost to protect it, or you can enjoy a day or a weekend with your family or friends and sail along the blue lake to discover its wonders. For the daily boat trips, you can choose to hire a boat on the lake and thus alternate walks around the city with moments of pure fun.

How much does it cost to hire a boat on Lake Maggiore?

The cost of renting a boat on Lake Maggiore can vary according to the season, the type of boat, the need or not for a captain on board and the number of passengers on board, among other factors.

In general, however, these are the rental price ranges:

  • Rental a sailboat can cost from 220€/day, with the possible addition of the cost of the captain, depending on the options offered by each owner and their travel preferences;
  • For the rental of a speedboat, prices start at around 175€ per day, without captain, and can also vary according to the price of fuel or any extras you choose to hire, such as sports equipment etc.
  • The cost of a semi-rigid boat on Lake Maggiore can vary from 160€ reais per day onwards, depending on the brand, size and power. These boats are ideal for faster rides or water sports.

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Lake Maggiore boat rental: must-see destinations

Until you see it for the first time, understanding its beauty is almost impossible! Lush forests and pine woods, colourful villages, castles and sumptuous palaces. On Lake Maggiore, you will find some of the residences of the most famous Italian noble families, such as the Visconti and the Borromeo. These are just some of the ancient families who built villas and brought to life majestic gardens, located on the splendid Borromeo Islands.

So a holiday on Lake Maggiore cannot fail to include a visit to the undisputed protagonists: the islands Isola Madre, Isola Bella and Isola Superiore, also known as the Pescadores.

What would it be like to hire a boat on Lake Maggiore and enjoy a privileged view of these three wonders? The lush vegetation, the fascinating Palazzo Borromeo and the picturesque fishing village still perfectly preserved on Isola Alta - it is sure to be an unforgettable excursion around the lake!

While the islands represent Lake Maggiore's biggest attraction, some of its magnificent villages should not be forgotten:

  • From the town of Stresa with its beautiful lake to the suggestive Rocca di Angera which rises above the town.
  • Followed by the monastery of Santa Caterina del Sasso, built on a rock spur overlooking the lake, the beautiful village of Cannobio and the Villa Taranto in Verbania, guardian of one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Boat ride on Lake Maggiore: endless fun!

Do you want to plan a trip on Lake Maggiore? It couldn't be easier: besides being the guardian of majestic villages and enchanting landscapes, Lake Maggiore also offers its tourists numerous attractions.

From boat hire on Lake Maggiore, excellent for enjoying long moments of relaxation and escaping the hordes of tourists that crowd the towns on sunny days or weekends, to numerous sporting activities. Wakeboarding, water-skiing, kitesurfing and canoeing are just the start, to which you can add sailing, ideal for wind lovers.

For those who wish to alternate their sailing moments with those on dry land, there are numerous trekking routes, golf courses and the possibility of paragliding.

Climate on Lake Maggiore

  • The best time to go on holiday to Lake Maggiore is from the end of May to the end of August, when rainfall is scarce and the average temperature of 23°C ensures a pleasant and warm climate.
  • However, spring is a great option, especially for those who do not like very high temperatures and are looking for a cooler weekend. At this time, temperatures range between 13°C and 17°C.
  • The winter months are definitely for the more adventurous and daring, as the barometer drops to 3°C or 5°C on average.

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