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Sauna boat in Vaxholm (1990)

Without Skipper

From €600 per day

Linssen 45.0 AC Charter (2019)

With or without skipper

From €707 per day

Houseboat Handy Espade 1230 59hp (1984)

Without Skipper
 19  · Private · Super owner

From €205 per day

Houseboat yansma Final Model 50hp (1978)

Without Skipper
 6  · Private

From €139 per day

Houseboat Navigator 999 Prestige 44hp (2017)

Without Skipper
 6  · Super owner

From €330 per day

Nidelv 28 Classic (1994)

Without Skipper
 6  · Super owner

From €173 per day

Houseboat VanPelt AK 60hp (1980)

With or without skipper
 7  · Private

From €175 per day


Without Skipper

From €158 per day

Lullaby (1984)

Without Skipper
 9  · Super owner

From €190 per day

Houseboat Pénichette 1100 36hp (1991)

Without Skipper
 1  · Private

From €70 per day

Houseboat Waddenkruiser Vedette Hollandaise fluviaux maritime 90hp (1978)

With Skipper

From €521 per day

Houseboat River Cruiser 39 40hp (2014)

Without Skipper

From €175 per day

Boating holidays without License Canal du Midi (2002)

Without Skipper

From €149 per day

Houseboat Bateau Panoramique 200hp (1990)

Without Skipper

From €329 per day

Houseboat Gruno Hollandia 1100 Classic 100hp (2010)

With or without skipper

From €199 per day

Houseboat Argo-Yacht Wekend 820 (2017)

Without Skipper
 4  · Private · Super owner

From €120 per day

Houseboat Balt Yachts SunCamper 35 (2019)

Without Skipper

From €186 per day

Have an unforgettable holiday on board this Viking (2020)

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
Without Skipper

From €80 per day

Why rent a houseboat?

Choose a houseboat rental to have an authentic, functional, and economical accommodation perfect for boat lovers and originality seekers. People often forget about this ideal alternative to regular options, especially when hotels are crowded, overbooked and overpriced during events (festivals, shows, conventions). Houseboats are as comfortable as apartments  and can allow visitors to discover their favorite cities from an entirely different point of view. Cities like Paris , Amsterdam , or Lyon are popular for houseboats. Trying something new is always exciting, and we are sure that you will get great memories and original stories to tell from renting a houseboat.If you want a romantic weekend in Paris, a fun week with your family on the water in the south of France, or a trip with friends, try staying on a Houseboat!

A houseboat holiday - relaxation, action, and new experiences.

How does a holiday that combines all your wishes sound? Rest assured, when you rent a houseboat, relaxation, activities and new experiences are all combined. It is a type of holiday that is suitable for a family with children as well as for friends.

What types of houseboats are there?

Houseboat is a broad term for different types of boats on which you can basically live. When renting a houseboat, it is important to think carefully about what your needs are. Do you plan to go fishing during your stay, do you dream of a barbecue by the water or do you want to invite family and friends over for a cozy evening on a spacious terrace? Or do you prefer a cozy house on the water for 2? The capacity of the houseboats on offer ranges from 2 guests to a possibility of more than 12 guests onboard.

Below you will find a brief overview of the most common houseboats:


These traditional houseboats are reminiscent of times long gone, when canal systems were used to transport goods and materials. Immerse yourself completely in a nostalgic atmosphere with this type of houseboat.


If you dream of something more luxurious and want to relax with a cocktail in hand and bathe in the sun, a motorboat houseboat is ideal for you. Invite family and friends to enjoy the view together in comfort.


Looking for a cozy staycation for a weekend with the family? The term 'houseboat' can also refer to a simple boat without an engine. These boats are specifically designed to be used only as accommodation and not to move, of course, because they have no engine. Enjoy the cosiness of these wooden cottages by the water. This is the place for quality time with the family, sitting together and warming up after a dip in the water.

5 reasons to charter a houseboat

  • Relaxation - Because you control the speed and itinerary of your holiday, you can conveniently take breaks whenever you feel like it. Relax on the deck of your cosy houseboat in the sun, read a book, listen to a podcast or simply enjoy the chirping of the birds and the lapping of the water around you.
  • Action - When you rent a houseboat you have numerous possibilities to enjoy a holiday on the water and make every day exciting. From kayaking to hiking and cycling to fishing and lots of swimming fun.
  • New experiences - you will pass by numerous charming places and can explore what catches your eye! Visit towns and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the area. Or simply take in the beautiful nature, landscapes and if you're lucky, wildlife from on board.
  • Independence - At best, you are the captain of your own ship. You decide on the rhythm of the trip and can enjoy your place on the water regardless of crowded beaches.
  • Freedom - You have the freedom to design your holiday individually and can change your plans spontaneously. You are not tied to one place but can decide the places that suit you. If you don't like one place, then move on to the next!

How much does it cost to rent a houseboat?

As with all types of boats, the price depends on the model of houseboat you want to rent. But not only that! The age of the boat, its size and capacity also play a role. Also decisive is the season in which you would like to go on holiday.

On average, the prices for renting a houseboat are as follows:

  • Off-season:

One day: renting a houseboat costs between 140€ and 400 €.

A week: For a week on a houseboat you pay between €1250 and €2,400 in low season.

  • High season:

In the high season, prices can go up to over 1000€ for the houseboat of your choice!

Book a houseboat without a licence.

You've heard that you don't necessarily need a licence for a houseboat? That's right. If you rent a houseboat without a licence, you will need to appoint a representative to attend a briefing on arrival and before handover. Here you will learn how to steer the houseboat, how best to moor in the harbours or in the wilderness and what to pay attention to when locking. After that, you're ready to go!

However, this is not always the case, so we would always recommend that you contact the landlord via our integrated messaging tool and ask him for a route that certainly does not require a driving licence.

So pay attention when planning your route! But here, too, the local rental company can help you and give you advice. Or take a look at our houseboat route suggestions on our blog!

Houseboat packing list: What do I need to bring?

You are new to houseboat holidays and don't know or want to forget anything? We've put together a little list of things you might not immediately think of. As it is a somewhat special type of holiday, you should also think of some little things that are not absolutely necessary, but make a lot of things easier! So what needs to go in your luggage?

  • Games: If you are travelling with children, always remember to bring a few board games. Painting utensils are also always good to keep the little ones in the family busy.
  • Warm clothes: No matter how sunny and warm it is during the day, prevent the night chill by packing a jumper.
  • Rain protection and sun protection: Since the weather in our houseboat destinations can also be uncertain and summer thunderstorms are always possible, protect yourself for all weather conditions.
  • Mosquito repellent: Since you will spend most of your time in the fresh air, and in a humid area at that, you should definitely have mosquito repellent in your luggage when you rent a houseboat.
  • Gloves: Don't worry, it won't be that cold! But a pair of gardening gloves always comes in handy when sluicing.

A houseboat holiday with Click&Boat.

Click&Boat offers a wide range of houseboats in all shapes and sizes. Don't hesitate and choose the houseboat that best suits your holiday plans. This type of boat is suitable for the perfect spot on the water to add that special touch to your stay.

Whether it is a traditional, modern, cosy or large houseboat, a stay on board is guaranteed to be one of your most memorable experiences.

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