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Sharko (2020)

Castellammare del Golfo
With or without a captain
 36 · Super owner

From €85 per day

California 5.7 with Yamaha F40 (2022)

Polignano a Mare
Without captain
 31 · Super owner

From €215 per day

Motorboat Allegra 19 40hp (2018)

Le Grazie
Without captain

From €215 per day

Motorboat SPB1 barca nuova 2022 40CV 40hp (2022)

La Spezia
Without captain

From €207 per day

RENT Gabry Marino 550 (2022)

Castellammare del Golfo
Without captain

From €140 per day

Castellammare del Golfo Blumax 19 (2018)

Castellammare del Golfo
With or without a captain
 67 · Super owner

From €122 per day

Motorboat Saver 18.50 plus 40hp (2015)

With or without a captain
 20 · Super owner

From €200 per day


Sesto Calende
Without captain
 35 · Super owner

From €240 per day

Allegra All 530 (2018)

Santa Margherita Ligure
Without captain

From €390 per day


La Spezia
Without captain
 42 · Super owner

From €195 per day

Regal 1900 Wake (2006)

Lignano Sabbiadoro
With or without a captain
 36 · Super owner

From €239 per day

Idea Marine 58 (2018)

With or without a captain
 26 · Super owner

From €230 per day

Motorboat Capelli Cap 19 (C) 40hp (2020)

With or without a captain
 19 · Super owner

From €250 per day

La Maddalena Archipelago Tour (2003)

With captain
 46 · Private · Super owner

From €500 per day

Motorboat Open Elan 40hp (2005)

Without captain
 36 · Super owner

From €180 per day

Azimut 43 (1995)

With captain
 31 · Super owner

From €590 per day

Motorboat Trimarchi 57 40hp (2021)

With or without a captain
 27 · Super owner

From €99 per day

Discount offer

Yacht & Co Voyage 18 (2015)

Without captain
 64 · Super owner

From €189 per day

Motorboat charter in Italy: in search of the Dolce Vita!

The truth is this: in Italy, beauty and excitement accompany you wherever you go! Architecture, art, nature, cuisine, people and most importantly, the sea - incredibly beautiful and a source of endless relaxation. Like everyone else, we at Click&Boat, well, can't help but sigh in admiration for Italy! And, of course, chartering a motorboat in Italy will allow you to experience this smart Italian sweet life, explore the coast in every detail, and visit many unknown islands, beaches and coves where many tourists simply don't reach.

Don't want to wait any longer? Then all aboard and full speed to the Italian coast!

Going to Italy and don't know where to start your boat trip? Choose one of these local locations:

A motorboat charter in Italy: why is it a good idea?

Italy is a country that, like a magnet, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Of course, as you might expect, there are a wide variety of tourist routes to choose from. Art and architecture lovers rush to Florence, Rome and Milan. Fans of marguerita pizza will certainly want to visit Naples -the birthplace of the world famous delicacy. Dreamers and Aperol lovers will surely want to go to Venice to travel along the canals in a gondola and taste a traditional Italian aperitif. Lovers of the mountains and hills can stay on the Ligurian coast. Spa and hot springs lovers can go to Tuscany or the islands in the Gulf of Naples - Ischia and Capri. Well, where to go then? To two gigantic islands in the south of Italy - Sicily Sardinia? That's where the best sandy, crystal clear beaches await you.

In other words, every traveler who comes to Italy has their own reasons and destinations. But whatever your reason for visiting Italy, chartering a motorboat will certainly fill your trip with new colors, allowing you to discover Italy in a new and certainly exciting way.

For example, renting a motorboat will allow you the freedom and mobility to visit as many interesting places as possible, wild beaches, experience the cuisine of different regions, and ultimately fall in love with Italy like never before.

In addition, as we already mentioned, Italy is very popular with tourists from all over the world all year round, so chartering a boat also allows you to escape from the crowds and crowds of tourist sites.

If you don't want to stand in lines for a boat ride or fight for a spot in the sun on the beach, alternatives are worth considering. Sure, you can choose to discover unknown or more distant beaches by bus, or on foot. Or you can charter a motorboat from Click&Boat and tour Italy's most iconic and popular sites at your own pace.

How much does it cost to charter a motorboat in Italy?

The rental price depends mainly on the boat. That is, the age and model of the motorboat, equipment and capacity, age and requirements of the boat owner. In addition, the cost of chartering a motorboat in Italy also takes into account the seasonal factor (in high season, prices are higher)

  • The cost of chartering a small motorboat for a day starts at €85/day. 
  • Of course, you can also rent larger and more impressive motorboats starting at €580/day, to up to €2,270/day. 

So don't worry: on our platform, you can charter a motorboat that meets all your travel needs and budget!

Cruising around Italy: where are we going, skipper?

The size and variety of the Italian Riviera means that many travelers don't even know what to visit or where to start. That's why, when organizing your next vacation in Italy, you need to think carefully about the route. And renting a motorboat will allow you to navigate your intended route with ease, collecting indescribable panoramas and views hidden from most tourists along the way.


The largest and most imposing island, spread out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is washed by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, which undoubtedly influences the island's unique flora and fauna. In Sicily, road trips are quite popular - this is when you get to know the whole island in a few days. But why rush like this? In the same two days aboard your motorboat, you can explore the island at a more leisurely pace. In addition, it will be easy to discover the most secluded and picturesque coves, and see the island from a completely different perspective - from the water.

After your swim, head up to the anchorage and walk through the old streets of Syracuse and Palermo, bargaining for freshly caught octopus at Catania's fish market...


This island is an oasis of luxury and hedonism in the middle of the Mediterranean. In the Bay of Bonifacio, which separates French Corsica and Sardinia, the world's most exquisite and exclusive superyachts are anchored, on board which you are sure to see one celebrity or another: Sardinia is popular with famous personalities all year round. Sardinia's stunning beaches, combined with first-class hotels, attract lovers of quiet vacations amid Mediterranean nature.


Here no comment is necessary. But, as would be expected, we simply cannot resist!

Mysterious. Always festive. Brilliant. Dramatic. Delicate.

Of course, you can muster many epithets about Venice. About the stunning canals, about the magnificent architecture, about the indescribable atmosphere. But nothing beats going there on your own, chartering a motorboat and making your way through the canals, avoiding tourist crowds.


All lovers of Italian cuisine, i.e. pizza, pave their route to pass through Naples. After enjoying the thousand-year-old architecture, head to the local pizzeria with the typical wood-fired oven and enjoy a delicious marguerita pizza! And right afterwards - get back on board the motorboat and cruise the islands of the Gulf of Naples! The island of Ischia is known for its hot springs that mix directly with the sea. This island is a true paradise wherever you look - in all the hot springs and seaside resorts. So how about treating yourself to a full spa treatment in Ischia! And if you want to follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous, you definitely need to dock on the coast of Capri!

Well, if you want to go south along the mainland, the Amalfi Coast is definitely worth a visit.

A motorboat charter in Italy: with or without skipper?

No need to despair if you don't have a valid license/license to drive a motorboat. On our platform, many motorboats with a skipper on board are available for rent. Moreover, the skipper are experts in the area, literally, so they will be happy to help you adjust the route and visit the most picturesque and unforgettable places.

And finally, this way, you will be able to rely entirely on an experienced sailor to steer the boat, and focus fully on enjoying the ride and contemplating the stunning views.

And if you have a sailing license/qualifications and don't want to give up being in charge, we have great news for you. At Click&Boat, you will also find many motorboats available for rent without a skipper. Ready to climb aboard and take the helm?

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