Motorboat Charter Mallorca

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With or without a skipper
0 - €1,200+
0 - 60+ m
0 - 400+ hp
2003 - 2024
400 Max Km
+100 motorboats available

Sea Ray 210SPX Brand New (2022)

Santa Ponsa
With or without a skipper
 3  · Super owner

From €600 per day

Quicksilver activ 755 sundeck (2022)

Puerto Portals
With or without a skipper
 57  · Super owner

From €495 per day

L'Aventure II a luxury at your fingertips (2008)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper

From €2,300 per day

Neptunus 168 Fly (1989)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper
 31  · Super owner

From €2,950 per day

Scorpion Yacht 50 feet (2021)

With a skipper

From €1,700 per day

SAXDOR 320 GTO (2023)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper
 7  · Super owner

From €1,600 per day

L'Aventure II (2000)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper
 2  · Super owner

From €2,450 per day

Falcon 31m Charters (2003)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper
Super owner

From €6,500 per day

Motorboat Jeanneau Cap camarat 7,5 225hp (2021)

With a skipper

From €800 per day

Pacific Craft Open 625 7-P Yamaha115CV (2022)

Without a skipper
 45  · Super owner

From €150 per day

Sagaro group outings (2020)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper
 7  · Super owner

From €600 per day

Pacific Craft 750 SC. New 2022!! (2022)

Palma de Mallorca
With or without a skipper
 35  · Super owner

From €295 per day

IDEA MARINE 58 (2022)

Palma de Mallorca
With or without a skipper
 65  · Super owner

From €350 per day

Luxury Motorcruiser with Toys - Private Dining Available On Board - up to 11 passengers plus Captain (2014)

With a skipper
 13  · Super owner

From €950 per day

Discount offer

Traditional Mallorquin Llaut, luxurious and spacious 12metres 12 guests (2008)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper
 34  · Super owner

From €675 per day

Motorboat de antoni yachs D28 400hp (2022)

Palma de Mallorca
With a skipper

From €650 per day

DayCharter with Capitan (2019)

Santa Ponsa
With a skipper

From €490 per day

Motorboat Cranchi Endurance 41 700hp (2008)

With a skipper
 15  · Super owner

From €890 per day

Motorboat Charter Mallorca- Navigating the Island!

With more than 500 kilometers of coastline, Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Archipelago (and of the country too!). Enjoy dreamy beaches with white sand and clear waters as well as excellent sailing conditions.

If you want to discover all of the wonders of this Balearic Island, hopping on board is one of the best ways to do it! Sailing calmly and without worries from cove to cove, anchoring to enjoy a picnic on board, or enjoying a day of snorkeling in its transparent waters are just some of the many things you can do.

A vacation at sea? Yes please!

How much does it cost to charter a motorboat in Mallorca?

There are several factors that influence the average price for a motorboat rental in Mallorca. For example, the model and age of the vessel, the rental duration, as well as if you are planning to rent in high or low season may affect the cost of your rental.

The average cost to rent a boat in Mallorca is generally between €300/day and €420/day. If you decide to charter a boat and request the services of a skipper, this may come as an additional cost.

What to see in Mallorca?

Choosing Mallorca as the destination for your next vacation or even for a weekend getaway is the way to go! Combine land-based tourism with a unique experience on board, and you will enjoy Mallorca like never before. Explore the capital, Palma de Mallorca, its streets, the port and the great cathedral, or visit the most charming villages on the island, such as Santanyí, Andratx, Pollenca.

Once on board, don't hesitate to make an excursion to the marvellous Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago, or discover the beautiful lighthouses on the coast of Cala Mitjana. Sa Calobra, Cala Mesquida or Cala d'Or are also must-sees for your itinerary!

If you are interested in a yacht charter in Mallorca, we also recommend that you consider these destinations too:

Mallorca, from a different perspective!

Mallorca is a true paradise for travelers (and sailors!), as it has a countless number of coves and beautiful places to anchor. Chartering a motorboat in Mallorca, will allow you the possibility to explore in a simple and comfortable way- the hidden corners, natural sea caves, and of course the beautiful coves of turquoise water and fine sand.

Which coves to visit in Mallorca?

With a motorboat rental in Mallorca you will have the opportunity to access a large number of beaches and coves that would otherwise be impossible to reach. The following are some that you can not miss during your next visit to the island: 

  • Cala Barques, in Manacor. Its complicated access by land makes it a more intimate place that does not usually have crowds of people.
  • Cala Mondragó. Due to the beautiful combination of colors that its waters create, this cove has been part of a Natural Park since 1992. Arriving at it by boat and discovering it from another point of view will make you fall in love from the first moment!
  • Playa de la Alcudia has a 7 kilometers long beach making it the largest in the Balearic Islands. Depending on what you're looking for, whether it's peace and quiet or fun and leisure, you'll be able to choose between its areas. 
  • Cala El Mago and Portals Vells are connected to each other. Cliffs, pines and crystal clear waters create a dreamlike landscape that can be visited with access from the water.
  • Caló des Moro. In the southeast of the island, it is a natural and practically untouched paradise, without facilities, but with great beauty! 

Sailing along the coast of Mallorca: The best option for your holiday!

The perfect combination of tourism, gastronomy, culture and leisure makes up this island. There's a reason that so many travelers both national and international choose to visit. The largest island of the archipelago has landscapes and activities for all tastes, which are adapted to the different forms of travel that its tourists demand such as boating! 

The best ports to rent a boat in Mallorca

On the island, there are a lot of ports where you can rent your boat. So do not hesitate to take a look at our fleet! 

  • Port of Palma de Mallorca, Real Club Náutico de Palma. A great location, very close to the center of Palma, the capital, along with excellent facilities and the option of combining leisure on board and on land, makes it one of the best options for boat rental in Mallorca.
  • Port of Sóller. In the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, this quiet port will be a great starting point for a boat trip to Cala Deià or Cala Tuent.  
  • Port of Andrach, Port d'Andratx. It is one of the most popular among travelers because of its proximity to Cala Fornells or the Dragonera Island, as well as its undeniable beauty!
  • Port of Alcudia, Port d'Alcúdia. Located in the north of the island, it stands out for the tranquility of the beaches that surround it.

Which motorboat to charter in Mallorca?

When it comes to motorboat charters, Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, has a large range of boats available for rent. From powerful gasoline outboards- ideal for water skiing or short fishing charters, to the diesel boats for fun on the high seas, to also motorboats suitable for travel along the coast (with and without a license), and don't forget the luxurious yacht charters too. 

Depending on your needs and your sailing plan, you can choose the motorboat that best suits you and contact the owner directly using our internal messaging tool so that you can arrange the details of your rental- it's that simple!

If you don't have a boat license, don't worry! You can still rent your dream boat... you can request the services of a skipper, an expert in the area, who will take you to the best beaches and coves, so you can enjoy the island to the fullest.

Good to know

Number of motorboats:499 motorboats available
Types of motorboats:with or without a skipper
Average price: €700 per day
Minimum price: €178 per day
Maximum price: €10,800 per day
Manufacturers:Pacific Craft, Dufour, 26

Frequently Asked Questions about Mallorca, Spain

How much does it cost to charter a motorboat for a day in Mallorca, Spain?

On average, you can expect to pay around €700 per day for a motorboat charter in Mallorca, Spain. The prices for renting a motorboat are contingent on factors such as the season, the year the boat was made, and the boat equipment. Depending on these factors, daily prices range from €178 and €10,800.

Are skippered motorboat rentals available in Mallorca, Spain?

In Mallorca, Spain, renting a motorboat with a skipper is possible through Click&Boat, with 5 motorboats available with a skipper. However, additional costs apply, with an average price of €215 per day.

How long is a motorboat usually rented in Mallorca, Spain?

The duration of a motorboat rental in Mallorca, Spain can vary greatly. Usually a motorboat rental in Mallorca, Spain is for 1 days.

Are there any motorboats in Mallorca, Spain that don't require a license?

There are 232 motorboats in Mallorca, Spain that you can rent without a license. Many boats also offer the option to hire a skipper.

What is the average capacity of a motorboat in Mallorca, Spain?

The average capacity of a motorboat in Mallorca, Spain is 9.

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Sep 30, 2019
We stayed at Roc Illetas. Great place. Close to Palma, with the lively Illetas beach close by with bars, restaurants and the facilities you need. We had breakfast included which was a very high standard. Easy to get into town on the number 3 bus. Enjoyed Aback bar and Es Baluard Restaurant.
Sep 11, 2019
Because our charter was for a limited number of days I can say that Cabrera is an easy and pleasant sail (out and back) if you do not have permission to moor. We loved Sant Jordi for it's lovely port and connected beach area. The anchorage was secure and access is great.
Aug 22, 2019
All the best, we are coming again, the Boat is everything ok the Service from the owner is perfect , the Boat is very confortable, we häd almost fun Südring the time, the value for money is right , the take over / Transfer was very relaxed, the Boat can be recommended
Jul 29, 2019
Fantastic holiday island. Beautiful small villages. Great trekking and cycling. Beautiful beaches and kind people. All in all a great summer. We staid at Deià, Port de Pollença and Palma. All places highly recommended. Try the trekking path along GR221. From Pollença to Palma. Magnificent scenery- bring lots of water in the summertime