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Boat Hire Cranchi

Cranchi boats: history, design and innovation

Undoubtedly one of the most long-lived and renowned Italian shipyards, with its 150 years of history, Cranchi is synonymous with trust, evolution and great experience in the nautical sector.

Attentive to detail and meticulous, the shipyard has written some of the most indelible pages of nautical history, confirming itself as the ideal choice for those who want to sail safely, without taking comfort and design for granted.

Our Cranchi boats

Boat Cranchi Mediteranee 41f

Cranchi Mediteranee 41f

Boat Cranchi Z35

Cranchi Z35

Boat Cranchi 39 Endurance

Cranchi 39 Endurance

Boat Cranchi Endurance 39

Cranchi Endurance 39

Boat Cranchi Endurance 30

Cranchi Endurance 30

Boat Cranchi Aquamarina 31

Cranchi Aquamarina 31

Boat Cranchi M 44 Ht

Cranchi M 44 Ht

Boat Cranchi Csl 28

Cranchi Csl 28

Boat Cranchi 50 Mediterranee

Cranchi 50 Mediterranee

Boat Cranchi Derby 700

Cranchi Derby 700

Boat Cranchi 50

Cranchi 50

Boat Cranchi 41 Mediterranee

Cranchi 41 Mediterranee

Boat Cranchi Smeraldo 37

Cranchi Smeraldo 37

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The excellent quality, ergonomic lines and great stability during navigation, Cranchi boats are a safe choice for any sailing itinerary.

The charm of the Endurance line, a luxury range ideal for those looking for a daycruiser, the models in the Evoluzione line, which with an elegant and refined cut give allow for unforgettable moments on board, or the Trawler collection, for sporty and high performance sailing.

There are also many other ranges to pay attention to, like the Sapphire, Emerald, Mediterranean and Atlantic!

Explore the offers available on Click&Boat and find the perfect yacht charter for your next sailing project. With Cranchi boats located around the world, get ready to discover the Italian coast, explore the French Riviera, or sail the Greek Islands. By choosing the Cranchi shipyard, you will be in safe waters!

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