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The most beautiful islands in Greece

Greece is known as a country with rugged coasts, many islands and beautiful bays. Chartering a catamaran in Athens is the perfect way to discover the country. Athens is located directly on the waterfront and from several harbors you can easily go in all directions. Some of the most beautiful islands in Greece are:

  • Lefkas
  • Santorini
  • Zakynthos
  • Mykonos
  • Kefalonia

All are easily accessible from Athens...


Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece with its stone walls, charming living architecture and is located quite close to Athens. Known for its windmills, beautiful sea, long sandy beaches and hilly areas, the island is sure to appeal to every tourist. The most recognizable part of Mykonos is known as Little Venice, with colorful houses, facades and balconies.


Another interesting sailing destination is the island of Zakynthos , where some of the most famous beaches are located, such as the shipwrecked beach of Navigo. Zakynthos is part of the Cyclades archipelago. It is a popular sailing destination, as it is perfect for island hopping. The picturesque island is a popular holiday destination known for its beautiful beaches, historic town center and many vineyards.

The Sporades

The Sporades , consisting of several islands including Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros and some other smaller islands, are centrally located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. And easy to reach from Athens. The various islands are all different from each other. Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches, historical sights and a rich marine life. Perfect for snorkeling or diving!

What are the best marinas in Athens?

Athens is located directly on the waterfront and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. As such there are plenty of marinas to choose from but these are our favorites. 

The best marinas in Athens:

  • Port of Piraeus
  • Alimos Marina
  • Flisvos Marina
  • Athens Marina
  • D-Marin Zea

The Port of Piraeus is the largest and most famous port in Athens, located 12km from the city. It is probably the most important port in the Mediterranean. The Alimos Marina has one of the largest berth capacities in Greece, located 15 km from Athens. Most sailboats, yachts and catamarans are located in Alimos Marina.

Chartering a catamaran with Click&Boat

Catamarans are a good choice for different groups of people. They are both relaxing and adventurous at the same time. Anchor up at a quiet and secluded beach and bath in the sun that seems to kiss Athens all year round or take a dip in the crystal waters and enjoy some water sports. 

When you charter a catamaran with a captain they are not just your driver - they are often local experts with unparalleled knowledge on the surrounding areas who can take you to the best spots. Do you want to go snorkeling? To swim with and even perhaps interact with some of the local water life? Your captain will know the best spots!

Or perhaps you want to rent a jet-ski for an hour - your captain will surely know the best locations for that too.Perhaps you want to try your hand at sea fishing? Although catamarans are not typical fishing boats, message the owner of your catamaran hire and see if they can arrange for fishing equipment to be provided on board. 

With Click&Boat you will find all types of catamarans to charter in Athens. Available at all prices and with or without a captain, depending on your sailing experience and qualifications. With a catamaran charter in Athens you will have the opportunity to admire the famous temple on Cape Sounio from the sea, as well as many other landmarks that the Greek capital has to offer to the visitor. Charter a catamaran in Athens to explore Greece, the land of Gods!

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Catamaran charter in Athens with Click&Boat

The Greek capital is a boater's paradise due to its proximity to the hundreds of islands of the Aegean Sea and the modern marinas around the city. With a catamaran charter in Athens you can visit the islands of Poros, Hydra or Spetses nearby, or sail to famous yachting destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini and Paros. An island hopping trip is the best way you can benefit from a catamaran charter in Athens.

So why choose a catamaran? Because of a catamaran's dual-hulled design they are much more stable and steady than a motorboat or a sailboat. They are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the view. Especially when you charter a catamaran with a captain, you don't have to worry about the boat and can fully enjoy the experience that surrounds you.

 Because of their design they also tend to have more space than a motorboat or sailboat and usually sleep around 12 people. This makes Catamarans perfect for families, groups of friends or couples looking for an extra-romantic getaway with lots of space and privacy.

How does it cost to charter a catamaran in Athens?

The price of your catamaran charter will vary depending on a few factors including the size of the catamaran, the time of year and length of your rental as well as the year the catamaran was constructed.

If you are chartering a catamaran during the high season, expect to pay more but benefit from the best weather of the year. On the contrary, chartering a catamaran during the mid or low season- you will experience cooler weather but benefit from lower prices, quieter streets and less tourists. 

  • The starting price for a catamaran charter is £250/day , however they may cost up to £2,400/day, depending on the factors mentioned above. 
  • For a weekly charter, you can expect to pay anywhere from around £2,300/week, up to £18,000/week if you desire a more luxurious rental. 

Don't be put off by these price tags though! A catamaran that costs around £2,300/week could sleep up to 10 people meaning the price is actually only £230 per person per week. So call your friends, book a week of work and make your reservation for a catamaran charter in Athens!

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Great cruising areas, friendly people, stunning locations, good value for money, only charged 5 e for overnight stays for a 11m boat, some places not charged at all, would recommend it to anybody going to charter a yacht,only complaint would be the amount of space available in some of the harbours, how to visit again soon


The island of Aegina is a secret gem of Athens and also the Athens Riviera keeps to many places to discover. For your vacation in Greece keep in mind that is a paradise and you don't have to visit only Mykonos & Santorini. All islands are great and you can enjoy your vacation.


Good marina location not too far from airports. Nearby supermarkets for provisioning.

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