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Where can you go when you rent a boat in Pula?

In the vicinity of Pula there are many nice islands and coastal communities to visit by boat. But if you're new to the Adriatic archipelago, it can be hard to know where to start. So we at Click&Boat have listed some tips below for when you set sail from Pula's harbour.

Brijuni Islands

Straight outside Pula's harbour lies the Brijuni National Park, one of Croatia's most beautiful nature reserves. In Veli Brijun harbour you can comfortably moor your boat and you will also find all the facilities you may need there.

If you are a big fan of animals and nature, Brijuni is the right place for you as you can really get close to the wildlife. There is a safari park where you can see exotic animals in their natural habitats, such as zebras and llamas.


Departing from the port of Veli Brijun and sailing about 15 nautical miles northwest along the Istrian coast, you'll soon reach the cosy town of Rovinj. Rovinj is a picturesque town where you can stroll through the cosy cobbled alleys while taking in the town's history.

The most famous monument in town is the St. Euphemia church with its 61-meter high church tower. The building is a Venetian Baroque structure completed in 1736 and from the church tower you have a beautiful view of the sea and the ocean.


Continue 11 miles north along the coast and you'll reach Porec, the most popular tourist destination in Istria, which is understandable given Porec's beautiful beaches and historic and well-preserved old town.

For the history enthusiast, the old town is a must! In particular, the UNESCO-protected Euphrasia basilisk is not to be missed. The basilisk is very well preserved and famous for its gold mosaic.

For the more beach-loving, a visit to Zelena Laguna, Plava Laguna or the island of Sveti Nikola, which you can easily get to by boat, is recommended.


About thirty-five miles southwest of Pula you'll find the green island of Losinj. Known for its wide variety of vegetation, the island is a popular destination for health tourism with its fresh air and 200 days of sunshine a year.

Mali Losinj is the main town on the island and is said to have the most beautiful harbour on the entire Adriatic coast. For the bathing enthusiast, there is Cikat Bay, which is secluded from Mali Losinj's harbour with a pine forest in between, giving the beach a relaxing and natural feel.


If you set sail from Mali Losinj in a south-westerly direction, you'll reach Rab in a while. Rab is one of the greenest islands in Croatia and also gives many visitors a magical feeling, as it is covered in pine forests and has many beautiful beaches!

Rab town is the largest town on the island, and it's also where most of the sights are. There are still ruins of the ancient city walls and Sredjena ulica, the town's main street, is lined with well-preserved 15th century architecture. At the end of the street is also the Loggia tower, a 26-metre high church tower that gives you a beautiful view of the sea.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Pula?

How much you'll pay when you rent a boat in Pula varies greatly depending on the type of boat you want to rent. But the price also differs due to other factors such as condition, manufacturer, year model and owner.

But generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $200 per day if you rent a sailboat in Pula. When it comes to motorboats, a slightly smaller motorboat for day trips usually costs from $150 per day. For larger motorboats with berths and which you can take out for several days, you can expect to pay $300 per day.

Catamarans are slightly larger boats and therefore usually cost a little more to rent. But as catamarans are generally more spacious above and below deck, you can usually fit up to 10 people on them, sharing the cost.

Rent a boat with captain in Pula

Do you want to hire a boat that feels a little too advanced to manoeuvre? Or don't have the license required to rent the boat you want? At Click&Boat this need not be a problem, as many of the boats we have available for hire can be hired with an experienced captain.

When you hire a boat with a captain, he or she will take care of the navigation and manoeuvre the boat entirely on their own. This allows you to relax completely and turn your full attention to the company and the beautiful scenery. The skippers are also often from the local area and can provide valuable tips on authentic restaurants and hidden beach spots.

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Pula, a seafront city

Known for its protected harbours, roman ruins, and famous amphitheater from the first century, the sixth largest in the world, called the Arena. Although in the past it was the place of bloody gladiator fights, today it is primarily used as a fantastic stage for various cultural events. The most popular beaches (accessible by yacht) of this area are Gortan Cove on Lungomare, Umbrella, Hawaii at Verudela, and Sandy Bay or Valkane. Istrian cuisine is a special type of Croatian cuisine because it represents a combination of inland and coastal cuisine. This region has excellent fish and seafood. Of course, it would be a waste not to rent a boat in Pula during the day to visit nearby beaches and see the city from the sea, or to charter for a week (or more) to visit the surrounding islands. 

Boats available for rental

Pula is the largest city on the Istra peninsula, so, Click & Boat has boats located there. You can rent many types of vessels from motorboats, catamarans, sailboats, RIBs, and even jet skis. If you want to have a captain aboard because you feel like your experience may not be enough to be the captain of the vessel, you may search for boats rented with a captain. 

Where to cruise with the boat

The natural beauty of Pula's surrounding areas, and the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea, made the city an internationally popular summer vacation destination, especially for sailing. You can visit the Lim channel, and enjoy in the historical beauty of the Euphrasian Basilica World Heritage site by UNESCO by renting a motor yacht or a sailboat in Pula. Coastal waters offer beaches, fishing, diving to the wrecks of ancient Roman galleys and warships from the First World War, cruising the pristine coves and islands (large and small). If you decide to rent a boat in Pula, we are sure you will have a lot of fun and find interesting activities to do. Without doubt, you will have the time of your life there.   

If you have any questions concerning the rental of a Click & Boat vessel, please contact our team!

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Pula is old turistic town, capital of Istria, come and you will have unforgetible holydays full of nice experience....


Pula is nice historical town surounded with beautifull beaches. It is full of nice coves and few caves which are so interesting. Also, you should visit few smaller island and try local food. Definitely, Pula is a town with good vibe


Nice, historical and interest town full of polite people. It is surounded with beautifull beaches and has beautifull sunset places. You have to experience the vibe of this place.

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