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8 · AGDE

Motorboat ULTRAMAR 515 OPEN 80hp (2000)

From $268 per day

 29 · Super owner
8 · AGDE

Motorboat Fourwinns Horizon 220 cs sport 270hp (2019)

From $471 per day

6 · AGDE

Sailboat DUFOUR 34E Performance 10.5m (2010)

From $329 per day

6 · AGDE

BAVARIA 37 Cruiser (2014) (2014)

From $449 per day

 16 · Super owner
8 · AGDE

PRIVILEGE 37 (1998)

From $45 per day

 17 · Super owner
1 · AGDE

Motorboat Galia Galia 5.70 115hp (2013)

From $272 per day

6 · AGDE

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 5.5 115hp (2012)

From $272 per day

4 · AGDE

Sailboat Kelt Marine vannes Kelt 8 8m (1981)

From $146 per day

8 · AGDE

Beneteau Oceanis 34 (1997)

From $314 per day

 18 · Super owner
4 · AGDE

Houseboat Custom 1020 FB (Agde) 37hp (2003)

From $43 per day

2 · AGDE

Motorboat SESSA MARINE KEY LARGO DECK 22 150hp (2006)

From $380 per day

 34 · Super owner
3 · AGDE

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 450 cabin (2000)

From $141 per day

4 · AGDE

Sailboat JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 439 12.98m (2011)

From $150 per day

 12 · Super owner
8 · AGDE

Sailboat Feeling kirie Feeling 446 13.7m (1989)

From $292 per day

 5 · Super owner
6 · AGDE

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 580 50hp (2001)

From $199 per day

2 · AGDE

Escape and pleasures (2011)

From $471 per day

5 · AGDE

Sailboat Pouvreau romanee 11.2m (1977)

From $300 per day

 11 · Pro · Super owner
2 · AGDE

Motorboat RIO 750 OPEN 270hp (1993)

From $482 per day


A seaside resort at the foot of a volcano

Within the region of Languedoc- Rousillon, in the department of Herault, in France, you will find the lovely seaside resort of the Cape D’Agde. The area has been called the “Black pearl of the Mediterranean”, because of some of its monuments, such as the Saint Etienne cathedral, made of basaltic stone ( a black stone coming from the nearby volcano). Agde has more than 2000 years of history already; built by the Phocean (people of Marseille), Marseille, the city kept both symbols and monuments. After the opening of the Canal du Midi, the Cape of Agde rapidly grew into a seaside resort, one of the first touristic European one. Now, in between its aquatic park, its marinas, its recreational port, its naturist village, the city offers almost everything to people wanting to discover the maritime world.

Boat rentals in Agde

Click & Boat is here to help you rent a boat in the Cape of Agde. Whichever kind of boat you desire, you have it: sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, Ribs, and even jet skis. You may choose to rent a boat with or without captain, and even by doing some co-navigation (where the boat owner comes with you on board and shows you around the area, as a local, he knows well). You will have the opportunity to discuss details with the boat owner of the vessel you choose to rent, so details such as boat specifics, reservation, or navigational area, will be answered.

Boating in the Cape of Agde

The principal port of Agde offers 3300 berths, great services and much more. You will have the possibility to leave from other ports or marinas as well, such as the naturist port with 500 berths (boats from 4 to 10 meters), the Berges of Herault, with 700 berths for the discovery of the “Grande Bleue”. Leaving from Agde, you will basically have two main options with a sailboat: you can sail to Spain, only one day of navigation away (with an absolutely beautiful mountainous landscape); or go south to Cadaques, where the crazy house of Dally is located, always making sure of meteorological conditions (the Gulf of Lyon and the Cap creus passage may be hard to go through in a difficult weather). If you rent a motorboat, you can enjoy the long beaches and nice swims in Sete. The pond of Thau, for a day, is a must see as well.

The Click & Boat team is more than happy to be helping you find a boat in the Cape of Agde. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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