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Motorboat Rio 590 90hp (1989)

Without captain
 5 · Super owner

From $313 per day

Motorboat BENETEAU MONTE CARLO 37 600hp (2010)

With captain

From $471 per day

Special offer

RIB Lomac Nautica 660 In 150hp (2014)

With captain

From $314 per day

RIB ZODIAC Medline 1 60hp (2007)

Without captain
 30 · Super owner

From $99 per day

Sailboat Alliaura Marine Feeling 36 10.8m (2008)

Without captain

From $449 per day

Bavaria 41 - Half and full day trips (2003)

La Favière
With captain

From $464 per day

Motorboat chriwidon microplus 502 60hp (1981)

With captain

From $188 per day

Quicksilver 605 Open (2019)

Without captain
 32 · Super owner

From $344 per day

RIB CAPELLI TEMPEST 570 100hp (2014)

Without captain
 26 · Super owner

From $293 per day

RIB Nuova Jolly Nj 630 130hp (2021)

Without captain
 26 · Pro

From $440 per day

Motorboat MARINELLO EDEN 22 150hp (2020)

Without captain
 35 · Super owner

From $513 per day

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 6.6 Sundeck 200hp (2019)

Without captain
 65 · Super owner

From $429 per day

Motorboat ANNY 503 open 60hp (1989)

Without captain
 3 · Super owner

From $220 per day

Motorboat AQUABAT sport line 615 open 140hp (2019)

With or without a captain
 23 · Pro · Super owner

From $502 per day

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer Sundeck 140hp (2019)

Without captain
 28 · Super owner

From $366 per day

Motorboat QUICKSILVER 605 Cruiser 150hp (2022)

Without captain

From $303 per day

Motorboat QUICKSILVER 525 COMMANDER 50hp (2012)

With or without a captain

From $230 per day

RIB Nautica Led 750 GS XL 200hp (2017)

With or without a captain
 46 · Super owner

From $366 per day

Boat Rental in France with Click&Boat

France, the country of good wine, cheese, fashion, and romance could be the next destination on your bucket list for your sailing adventure. There are plenty of areas to choose from to start your next vacation. A top destination is the Cote d'Azur, or French Riviera. It stretches over 100 kilometers, and lures tourist from all over the world, year after year, with its magnificent blue sea, green lands, picturesque towns, and bustling cities such as Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.


Why rent a boat in France?  

There’s no doubt that France’s expansive seafront attracts boaters from all over the world. Whether it’s sailing along the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean or even on French rivers and canals, you will discover ports, anchorages and islands rich in history. By renting a boat in France, you will be able to discover the authentic beauty of the French coasts. In France, you will find many types of boats: sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, semi-rigid boats, houseboats and luxury yachts.

Many regions share a passion for water sports: Brittany and Normandy, land of great sailors, the South of France known for its catamarans and beautiful yachts or Occitanie and its houseboats sailing down the Canal du Midi. Renting a boat in France is a great adventure, for a day or a week cruise.

Find a boat in one of our favorite destinations in France :

How much does a boat rental cost in France?

  • The average motorboat rental in France costs about $360, but may range from $60/day to $850/day. These costs can be shared among the different guests on board.
  • For a weekly sailboat rental in France, expect to pay about $1,820/week.
  • Weekly catamaran rentals in France typically cost $3,025/week.

Remember, some boat owners offer discounts for early, last-minute, and low season bookings! 

Where to sail in France?

Discover the French landscapes by boat:


When speaking about France we cannot miss on mentioning Paris. The most famous, and one of the most beautiful cities in France, is also a possible destination for boat rental. Are you in the mood for a romantic cruise on The Seine? If you thought visiting the Eiffel Tower was impressive, wait until you see it from a boat !


In Brittany, a region where boating is a common passion, discover the Emerald Coast, Bréhat and Ouessant for the North and Quiberon, Belle-Île and Bénodet towards the South. Also consider sailing around the nautical cities of Saint-Malo, Quimper, Lorient, Brest, Concarneau and Vannes. And don't forget to navigate through the Glénans archipelago if the opportunity arises!

French Riviera

On the French Riviera (or Cote d’Azur), you will be able to rent motorboats for day trips as well as sailboats and catamarans of all sizes for your cruises under the Mediterranean Sea from Marseille, Cannes, La Ciotat, etc... Other sailing routes? Set sail to the stunning islands by Hyères, discover the Calanques national park, or even cruise around Billionaires' Bay.


On the Isle of Beauty, the change of scenery is unreal. One cannot get tired of sailing to Bonifacio, diving in the Lavezzi archipelago or going to the beautiful Sanguinaires islands. This island encompassing the drastic landscapes of the sea and mountains attracts boaters year after year, from the newcomers to the biggest lover of Corsica.

When to sail in France?

The best time to sail in France is between April and October. If possible, avoid sailing during the months of July and August when tourist crowds are at their highest.The water temperature varies according to the region. In Brittany, it is around 20°C max while in the Mediterranean, the water is generally warmer and closer to 25°C.

Rent a boat with a captain in France

There are no more reasons not to set sail! With Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, you can book a boat rental with an experienced captain in France. Whether you are planning to set sail from Brittany or Corsica, a local expert in your midst will show you the little-known and most beautiful places that you might have not otherwise visited.

You will be able to become a competent crew member and take advantage of learning how to handle a boat and become a true sailor if you wish! At the same time, if you wish to relax, that’s not a problem too. Let your captain and/or crew take care of everything from navigating, anchoring and docking.

Which boat to rent in France?

Finding the ideal boat for your cruise is not always easy. Let us give you some tips on how to find the right type of boat according to your needs & desires.


For day rentals, the motorboat is your go-to boat. Contrary to other sailboats and catamarans, renting a motor boat in France will give you access to many nautical leisure activities such as wakeboarding, tubing, etc. In addition, navigating by motorboat or RIB makes it easier to visit small magical creeks.


Ideal for sailing in all weathers, the sailboat is a sure value for a long cruise. The sailboat is the boat of choice for travelers seeking exploration. A sailboat rental is recommended for cruising along the French Riviera to Corsica or to enjoy the Breton coasts.


For a relaxing cruise with family or friends, we recommend the catamaran. A catamaran rental in France is ideal for typically accommodating a group of up to 12 people on board. For a relaxing cruise along the Mediterranean Sea, it is the most suitable boat as it will allow you to access unique and less accessible landscapes from the land.


Yacht charter in France is a five-star option to enjoy maximum comfort on board during your cruise on the "French Riviera".


Finally, for a river cruise, houseboats prove to be the best choice. Embarking up to 12 people and acting as a floating hotel, the houseboat rental is perfect for slowlife enthusiasts and very quiet navigation. Embark on a houseboat trip even if you don’t have a boat license, as there is a wide choice of boat rentals without a license on Click&Boat. Renting a houseboat is the best way to discover the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sète.

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