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Ces bateaux sont disponibles autour de Seine, France

Motorboat Glastron SE 175 135hp (1998)

From $322 per day

 4 · Pro

Motorboat Rocca dauphin puissance moteur (40 chevaux) 40hp (1970)

From $215 per day


Jet ski Seadoo Spark 110hp (2016)

From $64 per day


Jet ski Yamaha Vx 110 110hp (2005)

From $64 per day


Houseboat (1908)

From $461 per day


Motorboat DEWALL Vedette 150hp (1977)

From $752 per day


Motorboat Rio 450 Sol SANS PERMIS (2006)

From $215 per day


Jet ski Yamaha Superjet 700 70hp (2003)

From $64 per day


Houseboat Luxemotor 24 x 4,30 M (1923)

From $583 per day


Motorboat Glastron 180 Gx (2001)

From $429 per day


Motorboat Correct Craft 2001 260hp (1987)

From $331 per day


Motorboat SCARAB 255 HO 500hp (2017)

From $537 per day


RIB BOMBARD Bombard EXPLORER 420 + 50CV SUZUKI 50hp (2022)

From $215 per day


Motorboat Crown Cruiser Nautilia 50hp (1993)

From $537 per day


Motorboat Quicksilver 540 Cruiser 115hp (2009)

From $268 per day

12 · MELUN

Motorboat van praden remorqueur 240hp (1954)

From $1,469 per day


selip promenade 40cv (1968)

From $161 per day


Motorboat LINDER ARKIP 460 50hp (2007)

From $318 per day


Boat Rental on the Seine River with Click&Boat 

Paris is a destination on every traveler's bucket list. Whether it is the historical monuments, the stunning architecture, the romantic atmosphere, the French cuisine or the culture, there is no shortage of reasons to know and love Paris. Thus, getting to know Paris from the perspective of the Seine River (the soul of the city) is an absolute must.

A Seine River cruise, in itself, is nothing new. It is an idyllic way to experience the city at its very essence, and the river is full of options. Whether Bateaux-Mouches or Bateaux Parisiens, the Paris boat tour is a must-do activity for true travelers.

What many don't know is that, with Click&Boat, it is possible to privately rent a boat for your Seine River tour. In other words, no lines, crowds, forced activities, expensive food or tight schedules. Just you, your friends or your family, creating your own itinerary, on your own schedule, in total quiet and privacy, on your own boat.

Independent of your budget, the amount of people in your group, the activities you want to do or the sights you want to see, we have a boat for you!

Just want to climb aboard?

What to see and do on the Seine River?

It is absolutely impossible to get bored in Paris, the city is an endless exercise in culture, fun and beauty, not to mention the walk we inevitably take from one monument to another. Therefore, a boat ride on the Seine River becomes a unique and personalized way to experience Paris from a new perspective.

What to see and do on your Seine boat tour

  • Probably the most famous monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, can be seen from the Seine. It is beautiful, especially in conjunction with the Champ-de-Mars and the Trocadéro Gardens. This panorama, when viewed from the boat, comes to life, whether through the fountains and flowers in the gardens or the lights from the tower. Regardless of where you choose to start your boat ride, we suggest watching the sunset with the Eiffel Tower on the horizon. And don't forget to wave to the other tourists!
  • The Grand Palais and Petit Palais are historic buildings that now house major artwork and exhibitions throughout the year, but the buildings themselves are breathtakingly beautiful. They are certainly must-see stops for tourists who know the city on foot, why wouldn't they be for those who choose to get to know Paris in an original way?
  • The Hôtel des Invalides also deserves to be remembered, as it is a picturesque sight in the city, always surrounded by a deep blue sky, regardless of the season.
  • The Alexandre III Bridge needs no comment. With its meticulous details, gold-plated sculptures and typically Parisian lamp posts, this bridge holds within it extraordinary beauty (and energy!), especially in the sunset light!
  • Enjoy the Seine River boat rental to soak up the unique energy of the city, observe the architecture beyond the monuments, the people, and the boats along the river. You will notice many barges (floating houses) that serve as restaurants, and yes, homes for many French people.
  • More ahead, we arrive at the imposing Louvre Museum and the expansive Jardin des Tuileries, one of the most beautiful in the city, composed with jaw-dropping flora, more fountains and statues than can be counted, the garden's seasonal amusement park, the Louvre pyramids and much more! It's worth docking your boat here to get to know the area better if you have time!
  • The Musée d'Orsay, just across the river, also carries extraordinary beauty in itself, albeit more modern than other Paris monuments. A former train station turned modern art museum, this curious-looking building also deserves its own highlight.
  • The Pont des Arts is one of the most picturesque and romantic in all of Paris, famous for being a place where lovers professed their eternal love, it is also worth the stop, if only to enjoy the view.
  • Suggested is a quick stop under the Pont Neuf, either at the Square du Vert Galant or the Vedettes du Pont Neuf, for a picnic with your friends or family. Before your boat ride begins, stop by your favorite boulangerie and buy everything you want for a picnic with croissants and wine, and an incredible view of the Seine and the Louvre. A more personalized itinerary than this is impossible to find!
  • The beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral cannot be forgotten. Although it is currently under restoration, you can still see the details of its Gothic architecture, as well as admire the picturesque panorama in which it sits, at the corner of an island in the middle of the Seine River.

Apart from the most well-known sights along the Seine, it is still possible to schedule tours with completely customized itineraries around outside Paris, such as Draveil or Boulogne-Billancourt (give our office a wave from the boat! ), just choose the places you would like to see, touristy or not, choose what you want to do on board, a picnic, maybe even wakeboarding (yes, on the Seine river), choose the stops you want, absolutely everything can be arranged with the boat owner to make your boat tour of the City of Light absolutely yours!

What types of boat can be rented on the Seine River?

At Click&Boat, we offer all types of boatsfor a tour through the heart of the City of Light!

  • To tour Paris or do water sports in Boulogne-Billancourt or Draveil? Rent a motorboat or a RIB! These types of boats are compact and offer enough speed to make several stops in one day, to wakeboard on the Seine or just sail peacefully while watching the sun set over the river! Can you imagine?
  • For sailing in total authenticity, a sailboat rental on the Seine River is the perfect option! Feel the movement of the river, get carried away by the historic winds of the city and allow yourself to experience this liberating way of sailing!
  • What about having a party or dinner with friends on the Seine River? A yacht rental allows you the luxury of luxuries: dinner on board under the lights of the Eiffel Tower, on an exclusive tour, just with your friends or your family! Is there a more luxurious way to experience Paris?

How to rent a boat on the Seine River with Click&Boat?

A boat rental on the Seine River has never been easier! All it takes is a few clicks to book your boat with Click&Boat!

Use the filters in our search tool to choose the ideal boat for your Paris tour. From the type of boat, the size, the capacity, the price, everything can be customized until you find what you are looking for.

Once finding the ideal boat, contact the owner directly through our internal message box and ask all your questions, about the boat or the tour. Discover the secrets of Paris by renting a boat with a local captain!

And if you need more information or the help of our expert team, please refer to the "Help" page of the platform and find the answers to any questions, or contact our customer service directly.

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