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Naxos, amid the riches and grandeur of the Cyclades

Less crowded than its counterparts in the Cyclades, Naxos is well-positioned to hold its own. Do your friends tell you about their holidays in Mykonos, Sifnos, Santorini or Paros? Surprise them by choosing the island where, according to legend, Dionysus picked up Ariadne. You won't lose track of things when hiring a boat in Naxos online, nor from the harbour and even less so at sea. Your holiday in Greece will start on an island of great wealth. Its geographical riches include Mount Zas (1,004 metres, also known as Mount Zeus) which gives it the status of the highest island in the Cyclades archipelago. It is also the largest, with a total area of 428 square kilometres. In addition it possesses economic wealth, thanks to the export of marble and emery. While tourism is its third strong point, Naxos is also known for its gastronomy, being renowned for its potatoes, vines, olives and cheese.

Naxos turns its back on those parts of the Cyclades which hordes of holidaymakers only choose because of their nightlife. Come and enjoy a different kind of experience in which windsurfing, mountains (including Mount Zeus!) and Naxos embroideries blend at will into your various outings. On a sailing boat or motorboat, Antiparos and Amorgos virtually light up before you but remain excellent recommended first stops.

Boat hire in Naxos, a godsend for touring the Cyclades

Hora, Chora or Naxos: the island's capital has several names. Here you'll find the white cubic houses immediately associated with Greece and Venetian residences more representative of the Middle Ages. You're in Greece, so you'll be transported back in time simply by looking at the temple of Apollo. Are you passing through Naxos for the weekend? Set sail on a semi-rigid inflatable boat or motorboat to visit Paros, Antiparos, Ios, Sifnos, and Amorgos.

Schooners still have their own distinctive style. They blend in well with the sailing boats and catamarans designed for a full tour of the Cyclades archipelago. Naxos, a starting point for a legendary Greek cruise? A place with a discrete but unmistakeable appeal

Cost to rent a Boat in Naxos

Curious about the cost of renting a Boat in Naxos? While the cost may vary from boat to boat, it is possible to rent a Boat from $155 to $5,000 per day. But the average daily cost is $1,135.

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