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Motorboat Poseidon Ranieri azzura 40hp (2019)

From $235 per day

 21 · Super owner

Soverato 5.4 60HP - NO LICENSE (2015)

From $183 per day


Daily Cruises (2018)

From $225 per day

 16 · Super owner

Poseidon 510 - NO LICENSE NEEDED (2014)

From $150 per day

 34 · Super owner

Aiolos Motorboat - NO LICENSE NEEDED (2018)

From $134 per day

 59 · Super owner

Poseidon 550 - NO LICENSE NEEDED (2016)

From $161 per day

 44 · Super owner

Aiolos 500 - NO LICENSE (2018)

From $134 per day

 57 · Super owner

Poseidon 550 - NO LICENSE NEEDED (2016)

From $161 per day

 17 · Super owner

Poseidon 510 - NO LICENSE NEEDED (2014)

From $150 per day

 23 · Super owner

Nikitas 500 - NO LICENSE NEEDED (2010)

From $166 per day

 32 · Super owner

Daily trip (2009)

From $258 per day

 12 · Super owner

Motorboat Aiolos 500 30hp (2014)

From $161 per day

 18 · Super owner

Azura 40HP - NO LICENSE (2015)

From $161 per day


Poseidon Blue Water 4.80m (2015)

From $150 per day


Sport Fisher (2020)

From $231 per day


Motorboat Aeolos 18 90hp (2006)

From $215 per day


Ikaros private cruises (2008)

From $268 per day

 12 · Super owner

Motorboat Poseidon Ranieri 5.55 60hp (2018)

From $262 per day

 2 · Super owner

Why should you rent a boat in Zakynthos? 

Zakynthos is the perfect destination to rent a boat when you book your trip to Greece. The island is basically a natural paradise with its spectacular sandy beaches and stunning nature. Renting a RIB or a motorboat will take you quickly between the stunning beaches and bays and allow you to explore the coastline with ease.

One of the most spectacular beaches that is a must visit during your boat rental is Navagio beach. The historic shipwreck that lies washed up on the beach has become a symbol of Greece and is an amazing sight to see as the old ship creates a breathtaking contrast against the beach, the rocks and the turquoise sea.

In addition to the stunning scenery, there are also fine coastal communities that offer stunning architecture and tasty gastronomy. The main town, which shares its name with the island, stands out with its classical architecture and stunning buildings.

There are also many other smaller villages on the island that you can visit when you rent a boat on the island. If you dock in Keri harbour, you can walk up to the mountain village to enjoy the view of the sea and the stunning scenery. Argassi, Volimes are also two villages that you must visit when sailing around the Zakynthos coast.

So if you want to rent a boat, here are some destinations in Zakynthos and on nearby islands:

Where to sail when renting a boat in Zakynthos?

During your boat rental in Zakynthos, there are certain destinations that you just can't miss. Therefore, we have listed here some of the best destinations in Zakynthos:

The city of Zakynthos 

Despite the fact that the island's main town was hit by an earthquake in 1452 that left much of the city in ruins, it has still managed to preserve some of its idyllic architecture. The town is the commercial and cultural centre of the island and the promenade that runs alongside the town is lined with a wide variety of shops, taverns and restaurants. There are also interesting museums to visit in the town.


Argassi is a stunning village within sailing distance of the town of Zakynthos. The village has a long narrow beach that runs alongside the resort where you can take a dip and even try out various water sports! For the history enthusiast, there are also ruins of churches and ancient buildings to explore.


The picturesque village of Keri lies 17 kilometres southwest of Zakynthos and has managed to escape the worst of the tourist crowds. It is a genuine and charming mountain village that still retains a strong tradition. The most beautiful part of the village is the central square where you have a great view of the Aegean Sea.


Kambi is a cosy and authentic village on the west side of Zakynthos. The village's population consists of about 60 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock farming. The village is famous for its wonderful sunsets which are at their best at the top of the hill next to the town.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Zakynthos  

Expect to pay around $300 per when you rent a sailing boat in Zakynthos, a price that is shared between everyone on the boat so it will be cheaper per person. The price of renting a boat in Zakynthos can also vary depending on the owners and the type of boat you want to book.

On average you can rent a motorboat in Greece from $150 per day and a catamaran for $600.

In which ports does Click&Boat have boats?

The main marina for small boats is in Zakynthos town, and this is also where Click&Boat has most of its fleet on the island. But we also have some boats in Keri. Other ports where Click&Boat has boats are Alikanas, Tsilivi and Agios Sostis.

The most beautiful sights when renting a boat in Zakynthos

The number one attraction on Zakynthos is Navagio beach and the incredible wreck that lies washed up there surrounded by rocks and the turquoise sea! The beach has become a trademark of the island and appears on the cover of travel magazines worldwide! This beach is usually difficult to reach but if you rent a rib or small motorboat you can easily reach the beach.

In October 1980, the ship Panagiotis was en route from Albania to Piraeus, Greece and wrecked off the coast of Zakynthos and has since been left their. Another thing that attracts many to the island is to see the sea turtles Caretta Caretta up close during one of the guided tours held by volunteers from the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece.

Rent a boat with a captain!

Don't feel comfortable manoeuvring the boat all by yourself? Or do you not have the valid permit for the boat you want to rent? With Click&Boat this is no problem as a large part of the boats we rent in Zakynthos are available for rent with captain.

When you rent a boat with a captain, you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery around Zakynthos and spend time with friends and family on the boat. The captain can also usually give you great tips for the best places to visit, as he or she is often from the local area.

Sailing conditions in Zakynthos

Sailing in the Ionian Sea is characterised by turquoise waters and stunning scenery. When sailing on the eastern side of Zakynthos, i.e. between Zakynthos and the mainland, the waves are usually small, and even night trips tend to go well as the wind tends to mellow in the late hours.

Docking is usually easy as there are plenty of large, private marinas where you can get help, but it can sometimes cost a bit extra (around $50/day). One thing to bear in mind when sailing around Zakynthos and in the Ionian Sea is that some bays can be deep, so a slightly longer anchor line may be a good idea.

Our nearest destinations to Zakynthos

In Zakynthos, privately owned boats are available for rental. See other boats in the area.

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2 août 2021
1. Zakynthos Town - START 2. Xigia (Sulphur waters, natural SPA) 3. Blue Caves (Light House & Wind Mills) 4. Shipwreck Beach (Smugglers Cove- Navagio) 5. Porto Vromi (Poseidon face) 6. Porto Roxa or Porto Limniona 7. Korakonisi Island 8. Keri Caves 9. Mizithres Rocks 10. Marathonisi Turtle Island (turtle spotting) 11. Cameo Island (photo stop) 12. Porto Roma (lunch on request) 13. St. Nicholas or Banana beach 14. Zakynthos town – END
21 juin 2021
We visited all spots where you’re allowed to come with the boat. Spotted a lot of turtles and caves at the coastline.
5 août 2020
The island is beautiful and has many spots like the mediterranean marine life centre you should visit. Wherever you go, it will be interesting.