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Sailboat DUFOUR 455 Grand Large 13.8m (2009)

From €258 per day

 18 · Private · Super owner

Sailboat BENETEAU CYCLADES 39.3 11.7m (2007)

From €243 per day

 21 · Private · Super owner

RIB Bwa Bwa 5.5 40hp (2019)

From €120 per day


RIB Ranieri Cayman 19 Sport Red STINTINO 40hp (2019)

From €99 per day


Motorboat SAVER 5,50 Open 40hp (2016)

From €120 per day

 26 · Super owner

La Maddalena Archipelago Tour (2003)

From €500 per day

 44 · Private · Super owner
10 · OLBIA

Catamaran BALI - CATANA 4.0 12.2m (2017)

From €288 per day

Special offer

Catamaran LAGOON 39 11.74m (2016)

From €614 per day

 5 · Super owner

Sailboat Dodyachts 45 été 15m (2017)

From €800 per day

 9 · Private · Super owner

Sailboat Nytec 23 7.2m (2000)

From €114 per day



From €162 per day


RIB Motonautica Vesuviana 18 technology 40hp (2018)

From €100 per day

 32 · Super owner

Azimut 43 (1995)

From €590 per day

 21 · Super owner

Sailboat J Boats J 105 10.52m (1992)

From €214 per day

 10 · Super owner

Bavaria Criuser 41 (2015)

From €314 per day

10 · OLBIA

Sailboat Dufour 512 grand large 15.2m (2018)

From €571 per day

 2 · Super owner

Beneteau Oceanis 35 (2017)

From €200 per day

 6 · Super owner

Sailboat Hanse 545 16.5m (2020)

From €571 per day

 1 · Super owner

Sail through Sardinia, in the heart of Italy

Plain and simply magnificent, Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations for beach lovers every year. One of the most renowned and famous islands in Italy is undoubtedly this large Mediterranean island. With Cagliari as its capital, Sardinia is Italy's third largest region.

With a coastline of over 2,000 km, over 300 beaches to relax on and numerous coves framed by nature, you'll find all this and more when you choose to rent a boat in Sardinia!

Land of myths and legends, land of sailors and the sea, this region is simply amazing: traveling by land will be like taking a dip into the past, while your moments on the high seas allow you to admire the beauty of the landscapes and pass through some of its most beautiful routes.

Why spend your vacation in Sardinia? The region is genuine, authentic and absolutely fascinating, and the bays that alternate on its coastline make Caribbean beaches envious. And its gastronomy? One of the richest in all of Italy!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Sardinia?

  • Renting a motorboat in Sardinia costs from $120 per day and is certainly the easiest option if you are not an experienced sailor or simply want to enjoy an original and different day than usual. For example, what would you say about renting a motorboat in Cala Gonone and exploring the natural wonders of the region?
  • Sailboats are much cheaper than motorboats, with an average daily cost starting at $75, not including the captain's cost. Especially during the summer months, most owners offer sailboats for weekly vacations, with values starting at around $500 for the week.
  • With a price starting at $1900 per week, less than $300 per day, the catamaran is perfect for organizing a cruise with friends and splitting expenses. Usually, the price of the captain, which is almost always required at the time of booking, is added to the fuel and crew on board.

Discover the best departure ports for your on-board vacation and take a look at the boats available for rent at Click&Boat: the most beautiful destinations in Sardinia will have no more secrets.

Sardinia boat vacation: sailing in paradise

Are you going on vacation to Sardinia and not taking the opportunity to visit all its wonders, both historical and natural? Impossible!

Framed by the blue Mediterranean Sea, as well as being its second largest island, Sardinia is the ideal place for all types of travellers and sailors: wild landscapes and majestic mountains, breathtaking cliffs and coves, golden sandy beaches and a sea that makes the Caribbean jealous. Shall we climb aboard?

Contact one of our dedicated expert consultants and rent a boat in Sardinia for your next vacation: together with your fellow travellers, you can quickly sail from one cove to another, enjoy spectacular views of the region's nature and, at the same time, take refuge from the city crowds.

Make Sardinia your next destination, experience some peaceful and quiet moments with family, friends or enjoy a romantic trip for two; it will be the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and create unforgettable memories.

The best places to organize a boat trip in Sardinia

What better way to explore the more than a thousand coves that Sardinia has to offer than with an incredible boat trip?

The departure points in Sardinia are many, as are the availability of different boats for rent at Click&Boat, focused on meeting all your travel preferences.

  • For example, you could arrange a boat trip to La Maddalena, perhaps departing from Santa Teresa di Gallura, the perfect trip to sail around the islands of the archipelago and dive off the coast of some of the most iconic bays in the region.
  • Or how about a boat trip from Alghero? The beauty of the Riviera del Corallo will amaze you, combined with a much calmer and more relaxed atmosphere than that of the Costa Smeralda, whose main departures are from Golfo Aranci, Porto Rotondo and Portisco.
  • Other valid alternatives are boat trips from Cagliari or Villasimius, ideal for exploring the southern part of Sardinia, or those departing from Ólbia, which allow easy access to the Capo Coda Cavallo area.

The list of unmissable places in Sardinia could never end, and deciding where to start discovering it is almost impossible! But how about starting with one of the boat tours offered by Click&Boat?

How does Click&Boat rental work in Sardinia?

Renting your dream boat at Click&Boat is simple, fast and, above all, safe!

  • Just indicate the desired departure location, enter the start and end dates of the trip and select the boat that best suits your needs.
  • In just a moment you will see all boats for rent in Sardinia still available, accompanied by their description and the comments of previous renters.
  • Have a question or need some clarification? Contact the boat owner directly through the platform's internal free message box: in a few moments you'll have all the answers to your questions!
  • If you need more information, you can always consult the "Help" page of the website: all the answers to your questions, and our expert team, are just a few clicks away!
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