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Your guide for a sailing trip in Sardinia

Discover the beauty of a sailing trip in Sardinia. Enjoy your personalized cruise on the sailboat or catamaran of your dreams and request the service of a captain and/or crew to make your experience truly special.

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Cruise on a sailboat in Sardinia

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Sailboat Beneteau Oceeanis 51.1 15.6m (2019)


From $670 per day

Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 (2006)


From $540 per day

Hanse 508 (2022)


From $2,143 per day

Sailboat Benetau Oceanis 400 12m (1997)


From $873 per day

Sailboat Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 11.3m (2010)


From $709 per day

Sailboat Formosa Ketch 12 metri 12m (1972)

San Vero Milis

From $1,310 per day

Sailboat Bavaria Bavaria 40 Cruiser 12m (2010)


From $709 per day

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Cruise on a catamaran in Sardinia

The best selection of catamarans for a vacation with your family and friends

Catamaran LAGOON 440 13.61m (2008)

Santa Maria Navarrese

From $1,597 per day

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Best time to sail in Sardinia

The summer months are definitely the perfect time to sail in Sardinia. From early May to late October you can enjoy great sailing weather with steady winds on the northern and western coast and warm water. The temperatures range from 75°C to 90°C during the summer months, July being the hottest month of the year.

Places to visit in Sardinia

Definitely pay a visit to Costa Smeralda, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sardinia. Make sure to also explore southern hidden gems such as Porto Pino and Pan di Zucchero! Or why not visit the popular islands Maddalena Archipelago and Asinara Island just off the northern coast of Sardinia? The choice is yours!

Top tips for the ultimate sailing trip in Sardinia

Get ready to experience incredible memories with family, children, and friends in Sardinia

Share your sailing trip in Sardinia with your family and friends to create unforgettable memories. This Italian island is the ideal place for both children and adults with its wealth of history and culture. However, it doesn’t stop there! From the nightlife to the food to the maritime activities, there is something new to experience every day. There is truly nothing lacking in Sardinia, so make sure to explore the island with the people you love and enjoy your cruise on a sailboat or catamaran!

Relax as you sail around Sardinia with your very own skipper and crew

If you dream of a stress-free experience, choosing to sail with a captain on board is a great option for you. Your Sardinian adventure will only be enhanced with an expert on board as they will already have a wealth of information about both the land and sea. Your skipper will be able to show you Sardinia’s hidden gems, as well as being able to interpret the weather report and winds to plot a route with the best stops. What's stopping you from your sailing trip in Sardinia?

You can also hire a cruise on a catamaran or sailboat with a crew. A crew consists of four or more members depending on the size and type of boat and includes a cook, a hostess, and several deckhands. They will be a perfect addition if you are planning to have any parties on board or even if you want to spend a week without having to worry about household chores like cooking and cleaning. We recommend the presence of both a captain and crew on board for your relaxing dreamy experience!

Which is better: a cruise on a catamaran or a sailboat?

It is up to you and your preferences to choose the boat that will enhance your sailing trip in Sardinia. However, in order to help you make an informed choice, we will provide you with some of the benefits for sailboats and catamarans respectively.

Sailboats are spacious boats that are capable of navigating long routes. A sailboat has double cabins, meaning that you will be able to comfortably accommodate a large group of family and friends, as well as the skipper and crew. If you want to navigate your own sailboat, be aware that sailboats are less stable and so generally require more sailing experience. As the winds are quite strong during the Sardinian summer, we advise you to hire a boat with a captain if you do not have much experience on the water. Sailboats are also normally less expensive to hire than a catamaran.

If you are looking for a boat for a family trip, a cruise on a catamaran is a great choice! A catamaran is a spacious double-hulled boat, meaning that sailing will be more stable. There is also a net in the middle of the bow that can be used for sunbathing! However, catamarans are usually more expensive than sailboats as they use more fuel and take up more docking space on a marina. What boat are you picking for your sailing trip in Sardinia?

Sailing experiences in Sardinia

With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, Sardinia is a nautical fanatic’s dream!

On your sailing trip, you should definitely make sure to check out the islands of Tavolara and Molara. When you reach Tavolara, you will find many restaurants serving typical Sardinian delicacies. Continuing on to Molara, delight in the natural turquoise pools scattered around the island. A true highlight, however, is the stretch of sea between these two islands, as there is a chance of you spotting dolphins!

If you are looking for a great location to snorkel, sail your boat southwards and you will arrive at the bay of Capo Comino. The seafloor, comprising of a mixture of rock and sand, is the perfect place to sport different types of fauna. After your snorkeling adventure, return to your sailing trip in Sardinia and float peacefully to the rhythm of the waves.

Want to relax surrounded by crystal-clear waters and sparkling white sand? Take a trip to the Gulf of Orosei. Situated to the east of Nuoro, this is a fantastic site for you, your family, and friends to spend the day splashing about in the sea or tanning on the beach. Then, venture to Baunei. Here you will see a cove with cliffs overlooking the sea and water of Caribbean colors and depths.

Sardinia is extremely rich in archaeological and restorations so If you are a budding historian, do not forget to visit some of the incredible sites. Venture to Tour Nuraghe Su Nuraxi, which has been named one of the best restorations in the Mediterranean by UNESCO. After climbing up the tower, walk amongst the foundations of the ancient village that surround it.

If you want to dance the night away in Sardinia, Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo are great areas for you to stay in. These areas are right next to the bay but also are home to several nightclubs. This means that you can enjoy all different types of water and sailing activities during the day and then party at night!

How much does a week-long sailing trip in Sardinia cost?

There are many different factors that can alter the cost of your boating trip. These include the duration of the trip, the size and model of the boat, the season, and if you would like to have a skipper/crew on board with you.

If you dream of spending your week-long sailing trip on a sailboat, it can cost you from around $506/week depending on your chosen vessel. For a cruise on a catamaran, a week can cost from $3935.75 in low season and $5847.40 in high season.

It is also important to be aware of the fact that the price listed on the website only covers the basic charter and there are sometimes additional costs. These costs are split into mandatory and optional extras. A mandatory cost would include administrative expenses and necessities (such as bedclothes), whilst examples of optional extras are wifi and water-sports equipment.

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