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Rent a boat in Nouméa, a little Paris in the Pacific Ocean

Rent a boat in Nouméa, the capital and largest city of New Caledonia, to explore an exotic paradise like no tother. 

The city of Noumean is located on a peninsula on the southwestern coast of the island Grande Terre. ideal for a sailing trip if you charter a yacht in Numea. Although thoroughly French in character and language, Noumea has been influenced by the American occupation during WWII. Particularly its architecture has a distinctively American feel, with some of its neighbourhoods reminiscent of US suburbs in the 50s. 

With a boat rental in Noumea you can explore a picturesque gem of the Pacific, not coincidentally called 'little Paris'. Take a walk on the Coconut Square, the central point of the city of Nouméa, to grasp its unique character. In the district of Nouville, you can visit the remains of the old prison, while in the center you can admire the magnificent Cathedral Saint-Joseph of Nouméa. Finally, in the district of the Valley of the Colons, you can explore the Castle Hagen, a perfect sample of colonial architecture. 

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With a boat rental in Noumea, you can set off  from Port Moselle, the largest port of New Caledonia, and explore the various small bays that dot the city, such as the Bay of the Moselle or the Bay of the Orphanage.

By renting a sailboat or a catamaran in Noumean, you can  also circumnavigage the island of Grande Terre and hop from one beache to another. If you rent a boat in Noumea for longer, you can even reach Fiji, Australia or New Zealand on  the south. You can pick from a wider range of vessels, available to rent with or without a skipper in Numeaa.

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