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Motorboat Balmar sun deck 750 Sun deck 750 275hp (2020)

From $734 per day


Speedboat to rent with or without skipper (2012)

From $691 per day

 5 · Super owner

RIB MV 750 MV 750 200hp (2019)

From $734 per day


GRAND 500 (2018)

From $351 per day


Juanneau Sun Odyssey 43 DS (2004)

From $357 per day


Ranieri Sport Boat (2021)

From $351 per day


Rapsody 40 Offshore (2004)

From $1,542 per day

 6 · Super owner

LOMAC 520 OK (2021)

From $330 per day

 3 · Super owner

RIB Ocean Blue Rib 500 15hp (2018)

From $330 per day


Motorboat BAYLINER E5 15hp (2017)

From $298 per day


Motorboat BAYLINER E5 15hp (2018)

From $298 per day


RIB SELVA 470 15hp (2017)

From $266 per day


RIB Grand 500 G 15hp (2017)

From $308 per day


Sailing day on our boat Balaixa (1970)

From $1,011 per day


v2 5.0 (2017)

From $340 per day


Sacs - Rental with and without skipper (2010)

From $521 per day


Motorboat V2 SPORT V2 40hp (2019)

From $372 per day

Special offer

Motorboat C 44 150hp (1980)

From $531 per day

Rent a boat and relax in Alcudia 

With its 15 kilometres of beach, Alcudia is Mallorca's number one sun and beach destination! Before boarding your boat to head out to sea, it is highly recommended to visit the area around the port, Puerto de Alcudia.

This area is bustling during the summer months and offers a wide range of restaurants and bars that won't disappoint. If you're feeling restless, you can also try your hand at various water sports or play tennis or golf!

When it comes to the beach itself, it's perfect for families as it's both wide and shallow. Along the beach there is also a promenade where you can take beautiful walks at sunset or go for your morning run.

If you're looking for a quieter swim, take the boat to Playa de Muro beach, which is located a little further south, perfect as it has a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere!

A few kilometres further inland is the historic 14th-century town centre surrounded by a city wall. Here you'll find Roman ruins, medieval churches and picturesque alleyways. What's more, the medieval town centre has a market a few times a week that's not to be missed.

Straight south of Alcudia is also the large nature reserve of S'Albufera. If you're a fan of nature, this is a destination not to be missed. There are up to 300 different species of birds here, many of which are rare, endangered or exotic.

Alcudia is located on Mallorca, one of the four islands of the Spanish Balearic Islands. But Click&Boat also has boats on the other three Balearic islands:

Where can you sail from Alcudia 

Puerto Pollensa 

Puerto Pollensa, often praised as Mallorca's finest seaside resort, is a safe sailing distance just north of Alcudia. Here you'll find a calm and peaceful atmosphere with a genuine Spanish feel. The restaurants in Puerto Pollensa are also renowned for serving typical Mallorcan cuisine. On the outskirts of the village you can also try your hand at kite and windsurfing, as conditions are favourable there.

Cap de Formentor 

Strax northeast of Alcudia lies Cap de Formentor, Mallorca's northernmost point. The place offers a dramatic landscape and when you see the beautiful view of the mountain peaks and the crystal clear sea, you understand why it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. On the way out to the northernmost cape, you will also pass the beautiful Formentor beach where there are buoys right next to which you can moor your boat.

But Cap de Formentor's main attraction is the lighthouse, which stands 210 metres above sea level. There are many great vantage points and on a clear day you can see all the way to Menorca.


Can Picafort 

If you choose to sail south instead, you'll reach the holiday resort of Can Picafort after about five nautical miles. The resort is similar to Alcudia in many ways, but is a little quieter than the neighbouring town. Most of the people in Cap Picafort live along the seafront promenade, where there is a pleasant atmosphere and you will also find most of the village's bars and restaurants.

Every Tuesday and Friday there are also markets in Cap Picafort, which tend to be very popular. At the market you can find locally produced food and crafts.

Colonia de Sant Pere 

Continue sailing about six nautical miles further south and you'll come to the cosy marina of Colonia de Sant Pere. It's an authentic coastal community where there are no hotels, but the tourists who populate it stay in holiday apartments just outside the village. Apart from the tourist apartments, the houses in the village are inhabited by the locals. But there are also restaurants and eateries in the village, so you don't have to be completely without amenities.

Many people who go to Mallorca expect a party and a fast pace. But Colonia de Sant Pere is for those looking for the exact opposite. The village has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere where time seems to slow down and is a perfect destination for couples and families with children.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Alcudia?

How much you'll pay to rent a boat in Alcudia depends, of course, on the type of boat you want to take out on your trip. Prices also vary depending on the condition of the boat, the year of manufacture, the model and the owner.

But to rent a sailboat in Alcudia, you can generally expect to pay 250€ per day, a price that is shared between all the participants on the boat. While a smaller motorboat that you can take out for the day will cost an average of 300€ for a full day.

Catamarans are slightly larger boats and therefore cost a little more to rent. For a catamaran, you can therefore expect to pay around 500€ per day. However, you can usually have more people on a catamaran than a regular sailboat, so the price per person still doesn't have to be very high.

Rent a boat with captain in Alcudia 

Want to rent a boat that you don't have the right license for? Or do you feel uncomfortable manoeuvring the boat you're about to go out on? With Click&Boat there's no need to worry as many of our boats can be rented with a professional captain. The captain will take full charge of manoeuvring the boat and navigating you through all the rough waters, so you can completely relax and think first and foremost about your surroundings and the beautiful scenery.

The captains also often come from the local area, which means that in many cases they can share valuable tips, when it comes to hidden swimming spots and genuine restaurants and bars.

Where in Alcudia are Click&Boat's boats located?

As Alcudia is a relatively small town, there is only one marina there, Port d'Alcudia. Here you will also find most of the Click&Boat boats in the area. But we also have some boats in the nearby port of Port de Pollenca.

Which boat should I rent?

Your boating holiday will look very different depending on the type of boat you choose to rent. Therefore, it is important that you rent a boat that suits your needs and the type of trip you want to make.

If you have a more pressured schedule, or just want to catch more destinations than usual, renting a motorboat is recommended. A motorboat will get you out to sea quickly and allow you to put long distances behind you, to see as much as possible.

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