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Boat Rental Bavaria

Bavaria, a shipyard that should not be missed

German quality has been the trademark of all Bavaria boats. Since 1978, the shipbuilder, whose full name is Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, has been committed to producing with great care, yachts that are present in every corner of the world. 

Bavaria's catamaran model, Nautitech (Open, Fly or Power) has contributed to the transformation of the company into one if the preferred brands in the boat rental industry. The idea behind the manufacturer's fleet is to oscillate between luxury (Virtess, Cruiser Line), improved accessibility (Easy 9.7, Nautitech 541) and sportiness (S-Line, Nautitech 47 Power). The aim? To have guests sail comfortably and navigators feel safe, all while enjoying a bit of thrill as the boat flys over the water. 

Our Bavaria boats

Boat Bavaria Cruiser 41

Bavaria Cruiser 41

Boat Bavaria Cruiser 51

Bavaria Cruiser 51

Boat Bavaria 37 Cruiser

Bavaria 37 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 40 Cruiser

Bavaria 40 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 45 Cruiser

Bavaria 45 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 51 Cruiser

Bavaria 51 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 44

Bavaria 44

Boat Bavaria 34 Cruiser

Bavaria 34 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 41 Cruiser

Bavaria 41 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria Cruiser 40

Bavaria Cruiser 40

Boat Bavaria 40 Cruiser

Bavaria 40 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 33 Cruiser

Bavaria 33 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria 36 Cruiser

Bavaria 36 Cruiser

Boat Bavaria Cruiser 34

Bavaria Cruiser 34

Boat Bavaria 37 Cruiser

Bavaria 37 Cruiser

See more info about our Bavaria brand

A renowned brand such as that of Bavaria is very attentive to the design, details and the functionality of the yachts produced. Click&Boat's ubiquitous presence in ports around the world plays to the benefit of renters who are looking to rent a boat of the brand. This page is dedicated to your greatest pleasure: access to an extensive and complete nautical catalogue. 

Bavaria has earned its worldwide recognition through hard work, rigor, and thoroughness- characteristics in which navigators from all over the world can attest to. Bavaria is one of the world's leading manufacturers of yachts between 30 and 56 feet, or 9 and 17 meters in length. These yachts are also known for being particularly suitable for family sailing trips. 

With Click&Boat, enjoy a Bavaria boat rental with or without a skipper in destinations like Athens, Naples, Ibiza, Cannes, and Dubrovnik. These destinations are your 'go-to' for everything water sports, relaxation, and sailing. You can be sure that your boating trip will be an unforgettable experience! 

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