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Boat Rental Dufour

Dufour, the dream sailboat 

It was from his passion for sailboats that a young engineer from La Rochelle decided to go ahead with the construction of this type of boat.

This story is far from its end as Dufour sailing yachts remain a staple in the boating industry. You can find a wide variety of Dufour boats on the Click&Boat platform available for charter. Within your first search results on our website, you are sure to be inspired for your next sailing trip.

More than 50 years after its inception, Dufour excels in the art of producing sailing yachts that make guests want to enjoy unforgettable experiences out on the water.  experience fantastic water experiences. The main idea is to leave the coast behind and discover new horizons, on board a Grand Large or Performance model, for example.

Our Dufour boats

Boat Dufour 460 Grand Large

Dufour 460 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 390 Grand Large

Dufour 390 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 430 Grand Large

Dufour 430 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 412 Grand Large

Dufour 412 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 382 Grand Large

Dufour 382 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 48

Dufour 48

Boat Dufour 360 Grand Large

Dufour 360 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 430

Dufour 430

Boat Dufour 56 Exclusive

Dufour 56 Exclusive

Boat Dufour 460

Dufour 460

Boat Dufour 460 Gl

Dufour 460 Gl

Boat Dufour 390

Dufour 390

Boat Dufour 350 Grand Large

Dufour 350 Grand Large

Boat Dufour 412 Gl

Dufour 412 Gl

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Sailors can choose between eight different types of boats that combine high power with comfort. The Exclusive 56 and Exclusive 63 are the perfect models for demanding clients who want to sail sophisticated boats that are of the highest quality in the industry.

Dufour's production is focused on the creation of sailboats that are 9 to 15 meters in length. With Click&Boat you will find these boats in the most diverse corners and ports in the world. In Europe? Of course! You will see captains sailing these boats down the rivers of Marseille, the wonderful islands of Croatia, around the Cyclades Archipelafo in Greece or sailing the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Discover Click&Boat's great offers in Europe and beyond... are you coming on board?

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