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Boat Rental Elan

Elan: A safe choice for your boat rental

In 1945, when the company was founded, Elan main focus was on the construction of kayaks, canoes and wooden boats. It is not until 1980 that Elan transforms into the brand that we know and love today. With over 70 years of innovation, an Elan boat rental on Click&Boat is a guarantee of performance, comfort and maneuverability.

When you sail on board an Elan, whether it is the Impression 444 or the Elan 333, the key word remains the same: fun! Today we can divide the shipyard into two very different and unique models: Elan and Impression.

Elan offers high-performance sailboats and high-quality equipment, ideal for a thrilling sailing trip. At the same time, the brand also offers the Impression models that focus on interior comfort and are particularly suitable for a relaxed sailing trip with friends and family.

Our Elan boats

Boat Elan 45 Impression

Elan 45 Impression

Boat Elan 40 Impression

Elan 40 Impression

Boat Elan 50 Impression

Elan 50 Impression

Boat Elan Impression 45

Elan Impression 45

Boat Elan 344 Impression

Elan 344 Impression

Boat Elan 384 Impression

Elan 384 Impression

Boat Elan Impression 40

Elan Impression 40

Boat Elan 514 Impression

Elan 514 Impression

Boat Elan 434 Impression

Elan 434 Impression

Boat Elan 350

Elan 350

Boat Elan 444 Impression

Elan 444 Impression

Boat Elan Impression 434

Elan Impression 434

Boat Elan 444 Impression

Elan 444 Impression

Boat Elan 650 Cabin

Elan 650 Cabin

Boat Elan Pasara

Elan Pasara

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In 2019 Elan introduced the updated and newly equipped E Line that promises a remarkable performance for sailing trips of all kinds. With the E Line range from Elan you no longer have to compromise between comfort and performance. The E Line was designed in partnership with Humphreys Yacht Design.


When renting an Elan from Click&Boat you are guaranteed a sailing trip on a quality boat made by a reputable manufacturer. Elan has been awarded Yacht of the Year for the Elan Impression 344 (2006), Elan 340 (2007) and Elan 350 (2011) and continues to demonstrate a commitment to innovation and safety in boat building.

The Elan GT5 was named Boat of the Year in 2018 by Cruising World and the Elan E4 was named the best boat in 2017. For your sailing trip in Croatia, Italy, Greece and worldwide, our advisors are at your disposal to help you choose the perfect Elan model.

Elan 45 Impression, Elan 40 Impression or Elan 333 and Elan 40 are now available at Click&Boat for charter with or without skipper.

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