Motorboat Charter Kos

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Rental type
With or without a skipper
0 - $1,300+
0 - 196+ ft
0 - 400+ hp
2003 - 2024
250 Max MI
9 motorboats available
Rent a boat now in Kos online and enjoy an unforgettable journey. Hoist the sails and discover beautiful landscapes aboard your motorboat or your sailboat, explore the city, admire the sunset... Choose among a huge selection of boats to rent.

Good to know

Number of motorboats:20 motorboats available
Types of motorboats:with or without a skipper
Average price:$1,500 per day
Minimum price:$200 per day
Maximum price:$3,375 per day
Manufacturers:Pacific Craft, Dufour, 24

Frequently Asked Questions about Kos, Greece

How much does it cost to charter a motorboat for a day in Kos, Greece?

On average, you can expect to pay around $1,500 per day for a motorboat charter in Kos, Greece. The prices for renting a motorboat are contingent on factors such as the season, the year the boat was made, and the boat equipment. Depending on these factors, daily prices range from $200 and $3,375.

Are skippered motorboat rentals available in Kos, Greece?

In Kos, Greece, renting a motorboat with a skipper is possible through Click&Boat, with 5 motorboats available with a skipper. However, additional costs apply, with an average price of $70 per day.

Which motorboat manufacturers are most popular in Kos, Greece?

The most popular motorboat brands in Kos, Greece are Pacific Craft and Dufour.

Does the cost of renting a motorboat in Kos, Greece cover fuel expenses?

Unless otherwise specified, fuel is usually not covered in the motorboat rental fee. However, in Kos, Greece, 3 boats have fuel included in the rental price.

What is the average capacity of a motorboat in Kos, Greece?

The average capacity of a motorboat in Kos, Greece is 24.

Rent a motorboat near Kos

In Kos, privately owned motorboat are available for rent. See other boats in the area

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2 wrz 2019
North islands, nice communication, great taverns, nice people. It is always a good idea to ask local people for advice about both mooring and food. Pserimnos, Kalimnos- especially Porto Vathys, Leros and Leipsoi - than back. If you want more yachting then choose to ride the western side of the islands, we recommend this way to return - to side or rear wind, larger waves. I recommend the first ride northwards on the east side of the islands, smaller waves, the boat rises better, in case of stronger wind you can hide behind the islands.