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JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 40 Sailing Yacht (2001)

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Let's set sails on Beneteau First 21.7 in beautiful Split (2006)

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Quickiver Activ 555 Open (2018)

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Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 (2017)

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LAGOON 400 S2 / Charter amazing catamaran from Split with or without skipper (2013)

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Beautiful Lagoon 39 in Split / Rent a catamaran with or without skipper (2014)

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Sailing holiday in Croatia on "Cvita" - Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 (2017)

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Oceanis 35.1 (2018)

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Quicksilver 455 Activ Open- available in Split and Trogir (2017)

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HM 22 OPEN (6,5m) - Honda 150hp (2015)

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Enjoy sailing on the Lagoon 42 Leggiero from 2017 starting from Split (2017)

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Sail beautiful Beneteau First 21.7 from sunny Split (2007)

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Quicksilver 675 Open- available in Trogir and Split (2014)

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Sealine 28 (2007)

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Viko s22 (2015)

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Bavaria Cruiser 46 / CAPTAIN INCLUDED (2008)

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Karnic 2251 Open - Yamaha 200 HP (2015)

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Yacht Charter in Split!

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and the capital of Dalmatia. It is often a stopover or starting point for tourists who decide to charter a yacht and sail around the nearby idyllic islands

You will find many great spots to stop off at along the coast of Split, with several beautiful beaches, including the central beach of Bačvice. From Split, you can charter a motorboat, a catamaran, or a sailboat to the islands of Brač and Hvar. There are many beautiful small coves or beaches such as Zlatni Rat to stop off and enjoy. If you want to cruise more to the south islands, Korčula is a must-see. Also the home of Marko Polo, this is a great island for active holidays lovers; Scuba diving, sailing, surfing, jet-skiing, swimming.

Another interesting yachting destination is Vodice, which is becoming very popular among young tourists. Although it is just a small village, the rich offer of restaurants with authentic food and a spectacular local festival, Vodička fešta makes Vodice one of the top destinations of the area. For a more cultural experience, you should charter a yacht and drop anchor at Šibenik or Trogir.

Where is it possible to sail from Split?


Close to Split is the unmissable island of Brač. Brač is the largest island in the Dalmatian region and the third-largest in the entire Adriatic Sea. The island is known for its agriculture and exquisite raw materials and delicious locally produced olive oils and wines.

But the most famous export item throughout Brač's history has always been limestone, from which many famous buildings are made. It is said that even the White House in Washington, DC, is made from limestone from here. Also on the island is the famous Zlatni Rat beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in all Croatia, which stretches along a 500-meter peninsula! However, the beach is extremely crowded during the summer months, so it is recommended to visit this particular beach during the low season, or enjoy your day at the beach from the deck of your own boat!


If you continue your sailing on the open sea, about 18 nautical miles further on you will reach the island of Vis. The island is a real jewel of the Adriatic Sea and for a long time was completely untouched by tourists, as its strategic location in the middle of the sea meant that the island functioned for a long time as a military base.

This means that this island is often seen as an alternative destination that goes beyond the usual shipping route, which makes it perfect for travelers looking for beautiful nature and relaxing experiences. In addition, some of Croatia's most exclusive wines are produced on the island, such as Plavac Mali and Vugava. So for wine fanatics, tasting is highly recommended!

The two largest towns on the island are Vis (yes, same name) and Komiza, which are located on opposite sides of the island. On the east side of the island is Vis, a coastal community which, despite the increase in tourism in recent years, has still managed to preserve its traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. The town of Vis also has one of the oldest town centers in Croatia, formed by the beautiful ruins of historic forts and amphitheaters.

If you choose to explore the west coast of the island instead, the town of Komiza is a good alternative. The coastal community is beautifully situated in a bay between the crystal clear sea and the slopes of Mount Hum. Komiza has been a fishing village since the 14th century and still has strong links with fishing. If you want to try a traditional seafood dish from the region, we recommend Konoba Barba and Konoba Bako.


If you sail to the east of Vis, after a while you will reach the island of Korcula. Korcula is the perfect combination of beautiful natural landscapes, picturesque villages, and idyllic beaches. The largest town on the island, which bears the same name, is located on the west side.

Korcula town is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Mediterranean and has a very rich history. Supposedly, this is where the explorer Marco Polo (1254-1324) was born. The old part of the city is known for its medieval buildings and is often called "Little Dubrovnik" because of its beautiful architecture.

A visit to Korcula is also not complete without tasting the local seafood. A stop at one of the region's vineyards is also an experience not to be missed!


On the way back, a stop on the island of Hvar is, in principle, a must. The distance between Korcula and Hvar is 32 nautical miles and one of the most beautiful sailing routes in Croatia. As you approach Hvar, we recommend mooring your boat at Marina Palmizana, located on a small island just outside the town.

The marina is one of the most beautiful in Croatia and you can easily get from the tiny island to Hvar by a sea taxi that runs until 11 pm. If, on the other hand, you want total flexibility, it is of course also possible to dock directly in Hvar town's port.

Hvar is mainly known for three reasons: wine, lavender fields, and nightlife. Visit the vineyards and olive groves as the scent of lavender and rosemary awaken your senses. If you would like to explore Hvar's nightlife, the city has a great selection for that!

It's a less crowded town than more famous party destinations such as Ibiza and Ayia Napa, but still offers an amazing variety of people from all over the world and spectacular clubs to make it a dream destination for revelers. Two of the most famous bars are Carpe Diem and Hula Hula.

Apart from Split, Click&Boat also offers boats in other beautiful destinations in Croatia:

Yacht charter in Rovinj

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Yacht charter in Porec

In which marinas can I find Click&Boat boats?

The biggest marina in Split is ACI Marina, and this is also where the vast majority of Click&Boat owners keep their boats. But there are also boats in other marinas, such as those in Trogir, Zenta, and Spinut.

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Sep 30, 2020
Perfect harbor, easy to get in and out, beautiful sea full of islands and... dolphins!
Marko i Katja
Jul 25, 2020
Split is small town , located on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. It is a vibrant port city well-known for its ancient center, beautiful architecture, and exquisite cuisine.
Oct 29, 2018
Split and the surrounding areas are truly amazing! We highly recommend staying within the Diocletian Palace walls for a few days to really get the feel of Split. Parking can be a challenge but your contact where you are staying will have ideas. A trip to Hvar is worth the time. Visit as many islands as you can.
Oct 1, 2018
In Split you have a good starting point to both Trogir, as well as the nearby islands. The islands are so close to the coast that you can even reach two or three islands with a fast motorboat whitin a day. You have many possibilities to plan your route in this area.