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Hire Sailboat Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 Phuket
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Hire Sailboat Sunsail 41 Phuket

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Hire Sailboat Sunsail 44 SO Phuket

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Hire Sailboat Sunsail 44 SO Phuket

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Hire Sailboat Hanse Hanse 385 Phuket
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Chartering a sailboat in Phuket: What to see and do!

Don't miss Phang Nga province: once docked on the coast, you can tour some of the province's impressive national parks, and enjoy the lush, wild nature of the surrounding areas.

Sail the waters of Phang Nga Bay and explore over 100 small islands of fantastically bizarre shapes. We guarantee that the sceneries are so beautiful that you will leave this province with a collection of wonderful photos.

Also not to be missed: the James Bond Island! This place became famous after the release of the movie of the same name in 1974. It is no surprise that many tourists definitely want to visit this island. In other words, the island is almost always crowded because of the numerous tourist groups at any time of the year. If you don't want to squeeze yourself among the crowds of tourists, but still want to explore the gem of this region with family or friends, do yourself a favor and hire a sailboat in Phuket. Besides, the best views of the island are from the sea.

Thai food and sea fishing

No doubt, it is easy to find Thai food lovers all over the world! For these or for those who want to experience authentic Pho Bo, Click&Boat advises visiting Ko Panyi Island. This island may, at first glance, look like an ordinary fishing village on stilts, unworthy of a visit, but it is not. It is there that you will try the main Thai dishes that have gained worldwide popularity: Pho Bo and Pad Thai. Of course, you should also try the fish and seafood dishes, as this is a fishing village, so you can enjoy the fresh delicacies like never before.

Or who knows, you can try your luck at fishing! Charter a sailboat in Phuket and you can set sail out to sea! Organize a real sea fishing excursion in Phuket, and on the way back learn the local recipes for cooking the fish caught! Most sailboat owners can provide fishing equipment and rods upon request. Some boats are even equipped with everything you need, so all you have to do is arrive and set sail to the spot with the best shoals!

Sailboat charters in Phuket with or without skippter

If you are an experienced sailor, sporting a sailing license/charter, you can easily charter a yacht without a skipper! Sail your own boat off the coast of Phuket! You will undoubtedly feel like a pioneer exploring the hidden corners of the Thai coast! Click&Boat offers a wide variety of sailboats in Phuket, which you can rent without a skipper!

Or if you don't have a license to navigate the boat, you can charter a sailboat with a skipper or even an entire crew at Click&Boat! These experienced sailors will do everything to make your trip a success and take you to the most beautiful anchorages, uninhabited beaches and beautiful bays!

Activities aboard a sailboat off the coast of Phuket

Chartering a sailboat in Phuket allows you to enjoy the thrill of sailing and a variety of water activities, which will surely increase the adventure level of the trip and bring many unforgettable memories to your vacation.

So, what are the water activities you can enjoy off the coast of Phuket? You can choose from a plethora of options:

  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Kitesurfing
  • Kayaking

And that's not all!

After a day of action on the water, you can enjoy some quiet time aboard a sailboat, reading your favorite book with a cold drink or enjoying a nice dinner overlooking the bay. However, if you're not feeling pleasantly fatigued and still have the energy, you can anchor in Pattong Bay and set off to explore Phuket's lively nightlife.

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  • Motorboat
  • RIB
  • Catamaran
  • Gulet
  • Jet ski
  • Houseboat
  • Yacht
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Sailboat Charter in Phuket with Click&Boat 

White sandy beaches, sky-blue waters, beautiful sunsets... - this is Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman Sea! Believe it or not, Phuket has become one of the most famous Thai destinations, and not only for its beautiful views and its warm sea 365 days a year! The ingredients are many: the freshest fruits, excellent local cuisine, interesting entertainment, vibrant nightlife... well, everyone can find what they are looking for! But sailors are some of Phuket's most loyal fans, because sailing off the coast of Thailand is really something special!

Both in the summer season from May to November and in the winter season from December to April, many boating enthusiasts come to Phuket to sail around the Thai islands. Moreover, during the winter, Phuket is a favorite destination for Europeans. And no wonder those who are tired of the cold winter weather choose to spend some time warming up in Thailand. So, if you are going to spend your next vacation in Thailand, don't forget to charter a sailboat in Phuket with Click&Boat.

Phuket is widely known for its stunning beaches, which translate into a fantastic seaside vacation! In other words, if you hear of Thailand's beach capital, you know it's Phuket. To fully enjoy your tropical vacation and visit the best beaches, unknown to tourists, a sailboat hire in Phuket is the best way to go! You will be able to enjoy stunning views, visit the island's most secluded bays and take a swim in the open sea, as well as sail to experience the other Thai islands first hand.

A helpful tip: If mobility is important to you and you want to get as close to shore as possible to fully explore Phuket's bays, but you also want to sail, we recommend that you charter a catamaran.

So where can you sail off the coast of Phuket? With Click&Boat you can also hire a boat to or from the following locations:

How much does it cost to charter a sailboat in Phuket?

At Click&Boat you can find the sailboat that 100% meets your needs! The cost of a sailboat charter in Phuket will vary depending on the season (tourist season), type and size of the sailboat, capacity and whether the boat is new or well-equipped. In addition, the route and duration of the cruise play an important role.

If you decide to sail in Thailand aboard a sailboat, we have good news for you! Click&Boat offers sailboats for any budget!

  • Prices for sailboat charter in Phuket start at £200/day.
  • For those interested in sailing on board a luxury sailboat, Click&Boat offers exclusive models at around £7,100/day.

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Phuket is a very easy to reach location to start a nice trip. Many flights available and a short drive to the harbour. Prior to departure we determined the route together based on our preferences, which always very nice. We went to sail to smaller islands in the area which was lovely!


We loved the area. We especially loved the monkey island. It was so much fun for everyone and we enjoyed it very much especially snorkeling the reef, collecting sea shells and tubing. Over all it was an amazing experience and we had a lot of fun. And would definitely recommend to everyone.

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