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Why charter a sailboat in Stockholm?

There are few ways to travel that are as peaceful, yet as fun, as sailing is. Letting the wind be the engine that carries you over the waves is a great way to be out in nature and gives you the feeling of being in harmony with nature. Sailing is perfect for a relaxed family holiday, or a trip out with friends! For all those who prefer sailing to be an adventure, where skills are put to the test and adrenaline pumps, we also have some sailing boats, with skippers, where you can try out what it's like to be a racing sailor.

Another advantage of renting a sailboat in Stockholm is that, in addition to the Baltic Sea, you also get access to Lake Mälaren, Sweden's third-largest lake. Instead of heading outwards, you can instead head into Lake Mälaren to access the swimming and fishing that the lake offers.

Places to sail to on Lake Mälaren include:

  • Björkö: Located off Ekerö and has one of the most famous ancient monuments.
  • Mariefred: Imagine how wonderful to sail during the day and then be able to dock in this harbour, but with a view of Gripsholm Castle!
  • Strängnäs
  • Torshälla

Sights in Stockholm

If you have not been to Stockholm before we recommend the Old Town. It may be the most obvious tip for tourists, but the winding cobbled streets and beautiful architecture with houses dating back to the 13th century are well worth a visit. Plus, it's surrounded by water, which in summer means you can eat ice cream by the water and soak up the sun.

Since we like boats and shipping, even historically, we can't help but also recommend the Vasa Museum. For those of you who haven't been there before, it really is a special experience to see such a large and old ship on land, with much of its decoration intact.

Islands and guest harbours to sail to

If you are going to stay overnight on your chartered sailing boat you have two choices, either you can moor in any of the guest harbours and have access to all the amenities such as toilets, showers, electricity and food shops. Your other option is to moor in some of the natural harbours. Mooring in a port is a good option for those who prioritise comfort, and natural harbours are a good option for those who prefer to be out in nature. Being able to get around the coves and islets on board a sailing boat increases your options and freedom during your holiday. You can get between any islands you want without having to worry about crowded boats and lists of boat trips. What's more, in many places you can swim directly from the boat, avoiding crowded beaches and congestion. Often you can also ask the boat owner about the best places to moor your boat.

  • Djurö: This island is recommended for those who want to be able to eat out in a restaurant at sunset and overlook the coast in the evenings. In addition, there is also a spa near the guest harbour, which already gives you access to a sauna.
  • Utland: This is a great island to sail to for anyone who enjoys swimming and sunbathing on sandy beaches. With a bicycle, you can get to the beach Stora sand.
  • Sandhamn: This is a great boat destination for renting a sailboat, and can be a good option for those who want to head further north on their sailing holiday. In addition to the guest harbour at Sandhamn, Telegrafholmen is also right next door.
  • Grinda: For those who want to enjoy the archipelago, without having to sail so far out, Grinda is a popular option. In addition, the whole island is a nature reserve, so those who want to be more active during the sailing trip can take walks on the island and for those who want to swim, just jump in! Plus, the animals that graze on the island complete the idyll!

For those who would like an outdoor adventure on land and enjoy good hike, be sure to check out Tyresta National Park. You can get to the park relatively easily from Stockholm by train and then bus and it has some incredibly old forest and a very varied landscape with several lakes and a coastline too if you want to get here by boat. A large part of the area was destroyed by wildfire many years ago but this has in many ways revitalised life in this part of the national park and the variation in landscape where the wildfire occurred is absolutely incredible - not to be missed.

Sail on your next holiday!

With a free account on Click & Boat you can easily compare all the sailing boats in Stockholm and contact the boat owners. This gives you the opportunity to discuss all your individual questions, wishes and plans about renting a sailboat directly with the owner. If you don't have the right experience or want to relax completely, you can include a skipper to take care of the navigation during the boat trip. Want to learn how to sail? Some boat owners even offer courses on board the boat over a day trip!

Don't forget to read the various boat adverts to see what is included and not included in the offer. In some cases, you can get life jackets, wakeboards, swim rings and other extras. All to make your sailing trip a tailor-made and unique experience for you!

Whether with family or friends, a sailboat offers a flexible holiday with plenty of space on board to relax. You can decide which beautiful place you want to stay. Book your sailing holiday now!

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Discover the Swedish capital by sailboat

Sweden's largest city convinces many international guests each year with its mix of urban design and breathtaking nature. Rent a sailboat in Stockholm! The beautiful royal city is surrounded by the gulf of the Baltic Sea with numerous bays, islets and about 24,000 larger and smaller islands. The unique geographical location makes the city a paradise for water and boat enthusiasts, as almost 30% of the total area is water.

Sweden's unique cultural and historical history is also reason enough to explore the history of Sweden in numerous museums and churches. Visit Stockholm's old town, the so-called Gamla Stan. The oldest houses in Gamla Stan date back to the 13th century and many of the architecturally valuable buildings are a feast for the eyes. The cultural highlight of Stockholm is the Vasa Museum, which tells of Scandinavia's maritime past and displays the sunken ship Vasa from 1628.

What is the price of sailboat charters in Stockholm?

sailboat hires can cost from 56£ to 1,747£ per day in Stockholm.The factors that affect the price are diverse, such as the date and duration of sailing, the capacity of the boat, among others.

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Beautiful town, the best of it being the Stockholm archipelago on the boat we rented. A different way to visit, far from the tourist circuit. Each island has a different character and is interesting to see. Museum are not,bad but not much different from the ones of others big towns.

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