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Explore the Stockholm Archipelago on a boat

Your first stop can be the tiny island of Fjäderholmarna, just 20 minutes away from the Swedish capital by boat. You can dock here to enjoy a visit to a ‘krog’, a local pub that serves traditional Swedish food. You can also visit the island’s chocolate factory to taste what is supposed to be one the most delicious pralines in the world.

Alternatively, with a yacht charter in Stockholm you can sail to Sandhamn, a real Nordic gem that is tranquil, beautiful and typically laidback as the rest of Sweden. If you are a fan of camping, you can also visit Island Lodge, home to a luxury campsite in a scenic location. As most other islands in the Stockholm archipelago, it combines rugged beauty and lovely beaches. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Book a yacht charter in Stockholm with Click&Boat

On Click&Boat you will find a wide range of boats to rent in Stockholm and Sweden, from speedy motorboats to classy sailboats and modern catamarans. Click&Boat, the leader in boat rental, has over 30,000 boats around the world listed on its platform. You can charter a yacht in Stockholkm with our without skipper (bareboat rental), depending on your boating qualifications and experience.

Where to sail from Stockholm 


If you're out for a day trip by boat or looking for a good first stop when you rent a boat in Stockholm, Vaxholm is not too far from Stockholm's harbours. Vaxholm is an idyllic coastal community with well-preserved turn-of-the-century houses where you'll find many cosy cafés, bars, shops and restaurants.

For the history buff, there's also Vaxholm Fortress, which once protected Stockholm from attacks from the sea, but is now a museum and Bed & Breakfast.


If you're renting a boat for a bit longer, Sandhamn is highly recommended! There is always plenty to do in the coastal town. In addition to three sandy beaches, the town also offers tennis, mini golf, kite surfing and spa facilities. However, if you're looking for a quieter nature experience, the island's pine forest and cliffs are also just a stone's throw away.


Little further up the archipelago is Arholma. Despite its modest size, Arholma also has a lot to offer. Located in the northern part of the archipelago, the island is partly a nature reserve with nice paths and cycle paths, through which you can easily reach beautiful beaches and bathing cliffs. For those who like to dance, there is also a dance studio on the island that offers dance classes.


Little further out in the archipelago is Fjärdlång, an island for true nature lovers with a wealth of wildlife. For the bathing enthusiast, you can also find fine bathing cliffs all along the island and from the mountain Tysta Klint you have a full view of the southern archipelago.

What type of boat should I rent

When you set sail from the Swedish capital to cruise the Stockholm archipelago, it's important to choose the right boat based on the type of trip you want to make. If you want to focus a lot on the journey itself at sea and see the sailing between the different destinations as a big part of the experience, the right choice is to rent a sailing boat.

If you have a little less time on your hands or want to cover more destinations during your trip, a motorboat is the best choice for you. When you rent a motorboat, you can quickly get out into the archipelago and quickly travel between different destinations.

For a truly top class experience, a yacht is recommended. When you rent a yacht, you get the opportunity to experience the beautiful landscape in full comfort. If you are a larger party, it is recommended to rent a catamaran as it can often accommodate up to ten people.

Ports in Stockholm

When you rent a boat in Stockholm, there are a number of ports from which you can pick up the boat. The most centrally located marina is Strandvägens hamn, located in the south of Östermalm.

A lot of our boats are in Gåshaga Marina which is located on Lidingö, just west of the city centre. Just south of Lidingö is also Djurgårdshamnen where some of our boats are located. We also have a number of boats in harbours close to Stockholm, such as Vaxholm and Nacka.

Boat rental with skipper in Stockholm 

Do you not have the license required for the boat you want to rent? Or do you feel that you would prefer someone else to be at the helm during the boat trip? With Click&Boat, it's a problem that can be easily solved as we offer skippered rentals on many of our boats.

When you rent a boat with skipper, you can completely relax and focus on spending time with family and friends during your sailing trips, as the skippers are always in full control of the boat's manoeuvring and navigation. As the skippers are often from the local area, they will also usually have great tips on the best places to visit during your boating holiday.

Boat hire destinations near Stockholm

In Stockholm, privately owned boats are available for hire. See other boats in the area.

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Aug 8, 2021
Stockholm archipelago is a fantastic sailing destination with a great mix of natural and guest harbours. Plenty of islands to explore and a very friendly sailing environment.
Sep 2, 2019
Beautiful town, the best of it being the Stockholm archipelago on the boat we rented. A different way to visit, far from the tourist circuit. Each island has a different character and is interesting to see. Museum are not,bad but not much different from the ones of others big towns.