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Motorboat Yacht & Co Voyage 18 40hp (2009)

From $212 per day

 29 · Super owner

Yacht & Co Voyage 18 (2005)

From $212 per day

 51 · Super owner

Hanse 371 (2004)

From $304 per day

 4 · Private · Super owner

Sailboat BENETEAU CYCLADES 43.4 13m (2007)

From $288 per day


Yacth & Co Adriatic 19,5 (2011)

From $329 per day

 5 · Super owner

Tour in the lagoon (1996)

From $404 per day

 6 · Super owner

Sailboat Nencioni Cutter aurico 22.7m (1945)

From $1,858 per day


Motorboat Profilmarine Cherokee 35 600hp (1987)

From $520 per day


Riva Rudy (1973)

From $1,009 per day

 4 · Super owner

Motorboat Sunseeker 41 tomahawk 460hp (1995)

From $1,061 per day

Special offer

Motorboat Schiavon bragozzo 100hp (1967)

From $520 per day


Motorboat Cranchi Cranchi endurance 41 620hp (2004)

From $1,009 per day

Special offer

Classic Venetian Topa Boat (2015)

From $372 per day


Motorboat Chris Craft rio yacht 100hp (2020)

From $690 per day


Motorboat De Pellegrini Venezia Semicabinato 30hp (1976)

From $531 per day

 12 · Super owner

Atlantic 20 (2011)

From $350 per day

Super owner

Motorboat Regal Commodore 3060 440hp (1993)

From $1,062 per day

 1 · Super owner

Crea - Barena 8m (1999)

From $1,009 per day


Boat rental in Venice, the city of Doges

Known around the world for its canals, Venice stretches over 118 islets. Enter 123 churches and 455 bridges and you have a city that is really unique. A boat hire in Venice will help you explore all these monuments at your own pace.

Venice is divided into six parts. San Marco, Castello, Cannaregio are located on the left bank of the Grand Canal and Santa Croce, San Polo and Dorsoduro on the right bank. Chateaubriand famously said that this is "a city against nature". As a matter of fact, it is one of the few places in the world where one has to go from one place to another on foot.  To cross the main canals, you will have to use a boat; this is why many holidaymakers opt for a boat rental in Venice. If the famous Venetian gondola is mainly used by tourists, the locals prefer vaporetto or thraghetto.  

Discover Venice by boat 

Venice is an incredibly popular city in Italy. In 1987, the city, including the lagoon as a whole, was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Venice attracts 20 million visitors every year. The city has beautiful palaces, endless canals and picturesque squares, it seems as if time has stood still. In addition to the 455 bridges in the city, there are also 123 churches to visit. Venice is divided into six parts. San Marco, Castello, Cannaregio are on the left side of the Grand Canal and Santa Croce, San Polo and Dorsoduro are on the right bank.

Venice is known as "a city in the middle of nature". Given that the city is surrounded by water, its inhabitants often move around on foot and by boat. Today, the famous Venetian gondola is actually only used by tourists. Residents of Venice often travel by vaporetto, a kind of water bus.


Piazza San Marco 

For starters, don't miss Piazza San Marco! This square is the striking heart of Venice. The medieval square is one of the most beautiful squares in the world because of the unique and stunning architecture that surrounds it. The most famous buildings are the Doge's Palace and the Basilica of San Marco, but the Torre dell'Orologio is also worth a visit!

Canal Grande 

Canal Grande is the largest and most important canal that divides the city in two. When you rent a boat with Click&Boat you can explore the whole canal from the water. In one hour you will pass all the highlights of Venice.

Explore the different districts

Venice is divided into six districts. San Marco, Castello, Cannaregio are on the left bank of the Grand Canal and Santa Croce, San Polo and Dorsoduro on the right bank of the canal.

The impressive architecture is mixed with cosy streets and colourful neighbourhoods. If you want to be able to traverse the most famous highlights of Venice, take the area between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. See the Doge's Palace, St Mark's Basilica and admire the passing boats on the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge.

Visit the district of Canneregio and Castello

Dodge the tourist areas and imagine yourself in the daily life of Venice. The areas around San Paolo Church, the area behind the station and the northern part of the city are particularly popular with locals. If you also really want to eat genuine Italian or Venetian food, it's best to go to these neighbourhoods.

Surrounding islands of Lido and Burano

Hire a boat with Click&Boat and discover the surrounding islands of Lido and Burano. Escape the crowds with another boat trip and get out on its two secluded islands. Burano and Lido are islands in the Laguna di Venezia and are both about 45 minutes by boat from Venice. Burano is a very colourful island with a great variety of colourful and special houses. The island of Lido is almost 12 kilometres long and only 1 kilometre wide. Lido has wonderful sandy beaches, is world famous for the Venetian Film Festival and has beautiful art deco architecture.

Venice is surrounded by water and therefore perfect for a boat trip! Hire a boat through Click & Boat and discover the Venice lagoon from the water. Renting a boat is very easy. Create a free profile on the website and contact one of the boat owners directly. Through the chat function you can easily discuss your holiday plans, preferences and budget, that way you can be sure to find the right boat for your trip!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Venice

How much you will pay to rent a boat varies between boat types, but also depending on the manufacturer, the model, the condition of the boat and the owner. But in general you can expect to pay around $300 per day when you rent a sailing boat. For smaller motorboats and reefers that you can take out during the day, prices start from $200 per day and go up from there. For a slightly larger motorboat with berths, you can expect to pay from $400 per day and upwards.

Catamarans are generally larger boats and therefore usually cost a bit more to rent. If you rent a catamaran in Venice, you can therefore expect to pay an average of $800 per day. However, a catamaran has more berths than a classic sailing boat and you can often have up to ten people travelling on a catamaran and sharing the cost. In Venice, Click&Boat also rents out a number of houseboats which cost around $250 per day.

Hire a boat with skipper

If you don't have the required license for the boat you want to rent or don't feel completely comfortable maneuvering the boat, it doesn't have to be a problem. Click&Boat has many boats that can be rented with an experienced skipper.

When you rent a boat with the skipper, he has full control of the navigation so you don't run aground and also manoeuvres the boat completely. This means you can fully relax and focus on your socialising and the beautiful surroundings. The skipper usually knows about it too.

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6. Sept 2018
Any Sailor should visit Venice and experience her beauty. The City, her surroundings, the Lagoon from Torcello, Burano, down to Chioggia, all have history to tell, architecture to show, art to appreciate. And the magic of ancient traditions, the kindness of the people, all will make your experience unforgettable.
19. Aug 2019
Venice is Venice... unique in the world. The islands Murano, Burano and Torcello needs to be visited and the small private boat offers you the best experience. I suggest to visit San Erasmo island direction Lido.. you will feel the real Venetian summer life. A lot of people reach the place with their boats and spend the day there
12. Juni 2018
Very charming city with plenty of restaurants and cafes. Great shopping and friendly people. I loved traveling to the other islands to explore local culture. There are plenty of hotels to pick from and I certainly recommend a guided tour that will help educate you on the rich Venice history. The water taxi service can get you anywhere and it is very convenient.
6. Sept 2017
Choggia is a good place to start a tour and visit Venisia. It's amazing to sail around Burano, Murano and Torcelo ! You will find many places to moor, and it's always a game to park the boat in the right way with the "bricolas". For information it's not recommended to use the sails in the small channel because of the traffic