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LAGOON 400 S2 / Charter amazing catamaran from Split with or without skipper (2013)

From €450 per day

Special offer
12 · SPLIT

Beautiful Lagoon 39 in Split / Rent a catamaran with or without skipper (2014)

From €429 per day


BALI 4.3. (2017)

From €383 per day

Special offer
12 · SPLIT

Enjoy sailing on the Lagoon 42 Leggiero from 2017 starting from Split (2017)

From €443 per day


Bali 4.1 2018 (2018)

From €354 per day

Special offer

Nautitech Open 40 (2016)

From €286 per day

Special offer

Lagoon 450F (2016)

From €564 per day

Special offer
12 · SPLIT

Amazing Lagoon 40 available for charter from Split with or without skipper (2019)

From €480 per day

10 · SPLIT

Catamaran Bali - Catana Catspace 12.33m (2020)

From €324 per day


Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 40 11.74m (2019)

From €343 per day

Special offer

Catamaran LAGOON 42 BRIGHT SKY 12.8m (2019)

From €491 per day


Lagoon 42 (2018)

From €200 per day

Special offer
11 · ŠOLTA

Lagoon 450 (Madagascar) (2012)

From €286 per day

 1 · Super owner

Lagoon 42 (2019)

From €200 per day

10 · SPLIT

Discover Croatia on the brand new Lagoon 400S2 Catamaran (2018)

From €321 per day


Lagoon 42 (2018)

From €200 per day



From €316 per day


Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali Catspace 12.33m (2020)

From €322 per day

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Catamaran Rental in Croatia with Click&Boat

If you are thinking about renting a catamaran in Croatia, you are on the right track! This country offers a wide variety of destinations for perfect nautical vacations. With an archipelago of over 1,000 islands, traditional Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful nature and an endless number of beaches, Croatia will not disappoint you!

It is no coincidence that Croatia has become one of Europe's most popular destinations for catamaran cruises in recent years. To make the most of your vacation in Croatia, do not hesitate to rent a boat on Click&Boat. On the platform, you can find a wide range of catamarans to choose from.

During your trip to Croatia, it is a good idea to sail towards the picturesque islands of Bisevo, Vis, Budinovak and Hvar Stiniva, but also the cities of Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. There are places for all tastes, as this beautiful country offers absolutely everything, from the impressive Roman architecture in Split (don't miss the opportunity to visit Diocletian's palace) to the rich culture and authentic country cooking in the Dalmatian archipelago.

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Croatia?

Click&Boat has a great selection of catamarans on the Croatian coast. When planning your rental, keep in mind that the final amount you will pay will depend on several factors, such as the year of manufacture and the model of the boat as well as the season in which you will be sailing. 

  • The average price of a catamaran rental in croatia is $230/day. Keep in mind that since catamarans are spacious boats, there is often room for up to 10 people, which means it will cost about $23 per person for a day. So get your friends or family to share the costs!

Where to go sailing in Croatia?

There are many destinations to visit when sailing in Croatia. Therefore, we at Click&Boat have compiled a list of worthwhile destinations, to inspire you in your decision on where to sail during your catamaran cruise. There are many spectacular cities and places to discover:

  • Starting in the North, discover cities like Pula or Baska, with large ports where you will find a great boating offer.
  • Next, we can highlight Zadar, located in the center of the country. This city belongs to the Dalmatian region and is one of those that represent the most modern side of Croatia.
  • Further south, we will find Split. This is perhaps the leisure city par excellence. With a large number of music festivals and activities during the summer season, it is a great attraction for young people. It is a young city with a very particular and active lifestyle, where no doubt sailing and exploring the coast of the region will be one of the best things you can do.
  • Finally, we couldn't finish without talking about Dubrovnik, where you can indulge in the best delicacies and culinary specialties typical of Croatia and sail with the catamaran of your dreams out to sea.

See below local cities in Croatia where it is possible to rent a boat with Click&Boat:

Admire the beauty of Croatia

Croatia is one of the European destinations that attracts the most tourists and this is due, among other things, to the beauty of its archipelagos and its perfect combination of nature and comfort. With more than 1,000 islands, Croatia is one of the countries with the longest coastline in Europe.

Try the delicious Croatian wild cherries, Lovran asparagus, the famous Punato olives, Kvarner shrimp and the local Tdehehe šurlice pasta. Wine connoisseurs will love the Croatian wines, and especially the Vrbnička žlahtina from Krk, the Trojšćina Susak and the Kastavska Belica Kastav. Yes, the names are difficult, but nothing that a tour of the farms and vineyards won't solve!

Things to see and do in Croatia

  • At the northern end of the Istrian peninsula is the town of Pula. Its most famous attraction is the Roman amphitheater, the sixth largest in the world, which held up to 23,000 spectators in its days of activity. If you rent a catamaran in Pula, you can easily reach the islands of the Bay of Kvarner, such as Krk, Losinj and Rab. Losinj is the closest island to Pula and is about 40 nautical miles from its port, ideal for a relaxing cruise on your catamaran.
  • Losinj, on the other hand, is one of the most popular destinations among Croatian islands and is known for its lush nature. Mali Losinj is the main tourist center of the island and is considered by many to be home to the most beautiful harbor in the Adriatic Sea. If you round the southern cape of Losinj and sail about 20 nautical miles in a northwest direction, you will reach the island of Rab, one of the greenest islands in Croatia. The island also has a milder climate than the rest of the country, as it is "protected" from cold winds by three mountain ranges. The town of Rab is the largest resort on the island. Here you can, among other things, see the remains of the old city walls and visit the Loggia district, which was built in 1509.
  • On the other hand, if you take a boat trip of about 20 nautical miles to the north, you will reach the island of Krk. The island is a popular destination in Croatia and therefore has all the facilities and amenities one could need, as a tourist. Baska, in the city of Krk, Malinska and Omisalj are some of the popular destinations along the coast thanks to their beautiful beaches. Krk is a versatile island that offers fun experiences for everyone, from historic towns or beautiful coves and hidden bathing spots to lively bars and clubs.
  • In Split, Dalmatia's largest city, there is plenty to do! Above all, the old town is a destination not to be missed. The Diocletian Palace is incredibly beautiful and one of the most famous sights in Croatia. After a bit of sightseeing, feel free to visit Riva, the cozy waterfront, to relax in one of the many cafes in the area. Brac is located about 10 nautical miles southeast of Split. Once there, don't miss a visit to Zlatni Ratni, one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia (and the world!)!
  • A little further out to sea is the island of Vis. There you can dock in the traditional fishing village of Komiza, beautifully situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Humber Mountains. If you want to swim, you'll find the beaches within walking distance of the village. For a genuine dining experience, we recommend you visit Bako or Konoba Barba, wonderful restaurants on the island.
  • On the other hand, Dubrovnik, the often called the pearl of the Mediterranean, is undoubtedly the medieval city with worldwide recognition. You can discover the city from its beautiful medieval walls, and don't miss a tour of the old town, a UNESCO-protected treasure.
  • Finally, Korcula, the place where Marco Polo was born and raised, is an island with a rich history. The town of Korcula is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the entire Mediterranean. The island also offers beautiful nature where you can walk amidst a pine forest and find beautiful viewpoints from which you can see the unforgettable sunsets of the region.

Sailing in Croatia on board a catamaran

As usual, this country has a great sailing culture due to the undisputed presence of the sea in virtually all of its major cities. On the Click&Boat platform you will find all kinds of boats, so once you have established your sailing project, go ahead and look for the boat that best suits your needs. The most popular boats are the beautiful catamarans and sailboats where large groups of people can gather for several days in a super comfortable way, and spend great moments of adventure together.

Rent a catamaran in Croatia and start now to enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Catamarans are practically houseboats that can accommodate large families or groups of friends looking to celebrate any kind of event, such as birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties or various corporate events. Any opportunity to rent a catamaran is a good idea!

Which catamaran to charter in Croatia?

Take advantage of our expert consultants' experience in deciding which type of catamaran to choose for your cruise in Croatia. Enhanced nautical experiences, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor spaces, cutting-edge models for unforgettable cruising: customize your order as you wish! Your first visit to the Click&Boat website can clear up your first questions, such as whether, for example, the traveling family or adventurous couple wishes to charter the catamaran with or without a captain. It is also possible to make use of a qualified onboard crew to make every moment unforgettable!

You can enjoy the best sailing on board the catamarans Lavezzi, Lagoon, Elan, Fountaine Pajot or Bali, especially if you choose to leave from Split, Dubrovnik, Primosten, Slano, Sibenik, Trogir and Grebastica. Again, the choice is yours. Don't forget to immortalize the sunset from your boat's deck area, and why not, while enjoying a nice aperitif or drink. Dream vacation in Croatia!

Don't waste any more time! Rent a catamaran in Croatia and explore the true jewel of the Adriatic with Click&Boat.

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