Sailing trips in Croatia

Sailing Trips in Croatia: Your Dream Vacation

During a Croatian sailing trip, you’ll navigate through a multitude of desirable destinations on the Adriatic coast, like Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, and more. Set sail through beautiful landscapes on your Croatian cruise on a catamaran or sailboat.

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Cruise on a sailboat in Croatia

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Enavigo Cutter - Catriona II (2008)

Mali Losinj

From $843 per day

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Cruise on a catamaran in Croatia

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Catamaran Excess 14 13m (2023)


From $969 per day

Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali 4.6 14.36m (2022)


From $1,014 per day

Lagoon 52 (2017)


From $2,891 per day

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Best time to sail in Croatia

The best time to sail in Croatia is during the summer and spring. The Mediterranean climates gives you the freedom to sail from April to November. Temperatures range from 64°F to 85°F during this time period. If you want to avoid crowds, visit Croatia in April, May, August or November.

Places to visit in Croatia

Discover Split, Brač, Hvar, Vis, the Kornati Islands and much more on a cruise around Croatia's coastal cities and islands. If you sail south, you can't miss Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, one of the most famous destinations on the Croatian coast. Explore more with a sailing trip in Croatia!

Dream Sailing Trips in Croatia: Catamaran and Sailboat Cruises

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, full of picturesque coastal panoramas and sparkling seas to rival the Caribbean. With over one thousand islands spread out along a coastline which is 1,700 kilometers long, it’s not difficult to see why Croatia is considered a prime destination for sailing trips. Whether it’s the charming coastal towns or the unique natural landscapes that interest you the most, we can guarantee that a Croatian cruise in a sailboat or catamaran will be completely unforgettable.

Best sailing routes and places to visit during your sailing trip in Croatia

It can be hard to decide which places you want to visit when setting sail for a Croatian cruise in a catamaran or sailboat because there are just so many amazing things to see and do. The port city of Split is definitely a favorite among tourists and some of the smaller surrounding coastal towns, like Šibenik and Primošten, can also be a treat. These are some of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, guaranteeing a fun and bubbly atmosphere, and a sailing trip in Croatia that will perfectly combine comfort and adventure. From Split, you should certainly take the opportunity to go on a customized seven-day cruise around the nearby islands, which include Brač, Hvar, Vis, and Korčula. One of the best things about Split, is that it is easily accessible via Resnik airport, which receives flights from all over Europe, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a connecting flight to the US. From the airport, you can arrive at your base in Split within 30 minutes and even most of the other surrounding cities are reachable within 45 minutes.

If you set sail for the northernmost archipelago on the Adriatic coast, you can visit the Kornati Islands and a fantastic selection of national parks and breathtaking landscapes. If you want a quieter area for your nautical adventure, this is a perfect place to take your family to relax in nature. To cruise here in a sailboat or catamaran, you should make your base Biograd, Zadar or Sukošan, from which it is easy to reach the Telašćica Nature Park, an area in which the diversity of the marine life will blow your mind.

Another peaceful area to go for a boating vacation in Croatia is the Istrian peninsula. The largest in the northern Adriatic, you will find this picture perfect peninsula between the Gulf of Trieste and Kvarner Bay. The untouched natural beauty of the area, combined with its rich cultural history will really help you to immerse yourself in the Croatian culture. If you plan to set sail here, start your journey in either Pula or one of the nearby coastal towns, such as Mendulin, before setting sail for Krk or Lošinj, discovering all the wonders of the Adriatic Sea as you go.

If you would prefer to go south, maybe you will find your dream destination in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is undoubtedly one of the most famous destinations on the Adriatic coast and if you go here, you can spend your time admiring the different historical sites, while soaking in the unique atmosphere. From Dubrovnik, you can have the chance to visit the Elaphiti Islands, a small yet beautiful island group of 13, which is separated from the mainland by the Kolocep Canal.

How much does it cost to go on a cruise in a catamaran or sailboat in Croatia?

The price of a sailing trip in Croatia varies greatly depending on a variety of different factors, including the length of the trip, the season, and the size, comfort and equipment on board. If you are an experienced boater, you can rent a bareboat. If you want a more luxurious sailing trip in Croatia, you should instead choose a boat rental with a captain and possibly even a crew. Even if you have been sailing for years, you can still learn a lot from a captain who will be very knowledgeable of the specific area you’re navigating. A Croatian cruise in a catamaran can cost anywhere from about $795 per week in low season, or $3620 per week in high season. A cruise in a sailboat can cost anywhere from around $570 per week in low season, or $855 per week in high season.

Included services and extra charges

Usually, the rental price only covers the basic rental costs of the boat. So, you should check before your sailing trip in Croatia if you may have to face any extra charges. You can do this by asking the boat owner directly. The extra charges will typically be split into mandatory and optional extras. Mandatory extras can include such things as the rental package and tourist tax. Tourist tax in Croatia only usually costs around $1.69 or 10 kuna per person per day. The rental package usually includes a diving inspection of the boat to ensure no damage has been done, the final cleaning of the boat, necessities like bed sheets, cutlery and dishes, and all administrative expenses and check in/out documents.

Sometimes, things like towels and WIFI aren’t included in the charter package. If this is the case, you can almost always add them on for an extra charge. Depending on which boat you rent, you may also have the chance to try out things such as paddleboarding ($115 to $165 per week, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking, and there may even be donuts available for playing in the water. You can usually ask for these as extras if you decide to book a cruise on a sailboat or catamaran. In the case of some larger crewed rentals like gulets and yachts, certain larger water sports accessories like jet skis, wakeboards, and water skis may even come included in the base price.

Book a sailing trip with a captain and crew for the most relaxing trip possible

If you want a cruise in a catamaran or sailboat where you can really relax, without having to worry about cooking, cleaning, and the technicalities of sailing the boat, you should absolutely book a boating trip in Croatia with a full crew. No matter who your captain is, we can promise that they will know lots about the surrounding area, which means that you can really dive into Croatia and see all the best sights from a local’s perspective. The size of the crew available for your nautical adventure will depend on the type and size of boat you rent, but will usually be between four and six members, including a captain, a cook, one or two hostesses, and at least one deckhand.

When should you go on a sailing trip in Croatia?

Croatia, like most countries on the Adriatic coast, has a Mediterranean climate, resulting in summers which are long, warm, and full of sunny days. High season in Croatia starts in late June and ends in early September. During these months, all areas along the coast, from the beautiful beaches to the charming coastal towns and cities become very crowded, so we recommend booking at least six months in advance if you want to go during this period, to ensure you get a boat that is fully equipped for your needs.

If you want a slightly calmer vacation, when you don’t need to fight with other tourists for space, we recommend going during April or May, or from September to November. During these months, boats don’t get booked up so fast, meaning you can book as little as 2 months in advance, and the rental price will usually be lower. During this period, our favorite time for a cruise in a sailboat or catamaran is from the beginning of September until the beginning of October. During this time, the weather is favorable, with winds that aren’t too strong, and the seas are less crowded. Although you can still have a nice boating vacation in April, May, or November, you should regularly check the weather forecast during these months because it can be quite cold and rainy.

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