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  • To begin your yacht tour of the Greek islands, we suggest starting with the largest, and one of the most impressive, the island of Crete. Having passed through the hands of several different peoples over the years (Byzantine, Roman, Venetian and Turkish), Crete is a place where the culture and energy are unique. Moor your yacht at the Old Venetian Port in Chania, a picturesque corner where fishermen leave their little boats, take a walk around the lighthouse and browse the little native shops, but get back on board in time to watch the sunset on the flybridge of your own yacht.

  • The beaches of Crete are the very definition of Greek paradise, starting with Balos Beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Soft white sand, crystal clear waters of an unbelievable blue, forming natural pools delicious for bathing and diving. This is a great beach for children, as the sea is very calm. Similar to this is Elafonissi Beach, also called the Mediterranean Caribbean, with its waters in various shades of blue, but also perfect to spend the day relaxing.

  • Rhodes, on the other hand, is a fortified medieval town, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and has dozens of monuments to visit. The village of Lindos is one of the most impressive, especially its Acropolis, overlooking the sea. The beaches of Faliraki and Tsambika are among the most popular for families, for their paradisiacal images and calm waters, very famous even, for the practice of water sports, such as wakeboarding and snorkelling. For a more exclusive experience, São Paulo Bay is a good choice. Surrounded by rock formations and cliffs, this bay forms a wonderful natural pool, with a shallow sea and crystal clear waters, very good for taking a dip in tranquility.

  • On Zakynthos Island lies one of the most famous beaches in Greece lately, Shipwreck Beach. This small cove of deep blue waters, located between white cliffs, holds the wreck of a ship that ran aground in the 1980s. The beach paradise added to this mysterious composition makes us feel like in an adventure movie. Not to mention that on the other side of this cove there is the Hidden Treasure Cave, to make the heart beat even stronger.

  • Santorini, for its part, is known as one of the trendiest places in Greece. But this volcanic island holds within itself some of the most exotic beaches in the country, picturesque beaches with red stones and sand. Praia Vermelha, for example, is a great option for mooring your yacht if you're looking for isolation. For those looking for movement and structure, Perissa Beach is your go-to, with bars and restaurants.

  • Mykonos Island is also very popular with tourists, and its beaches are worth a visit. If you are going with kids, Ornos Beach is a paradise beach with clear but calm waters, and a good structure of restaurants and services, should you need it. For those who like deserted beaches, sail in your yacht to Kapari Beach, for a day of peace and quiet. Prepare your lunch and drinks on board and enjoy the day on the sand without any stress!

  • For the curious and adventurous, Myrtos Beach on the island of Cephalonia is a must. With crystal clear waters of a wonderful turquoise blue, this sea reveals in its bottom hidden caves of chilling. This is also a more deserted beach, for the quiet ones.

Greece has many more nautical destinations than we could imagine or describe here, there are thousands of paradisiacal beaches to satisfy all tastes and travel desires. The best part of getting to know this region through a yacht rental, is that you can create your own itinerary, choose your must-see beaches, islands and monuments and climb on board! No queues, no crowds, no forced and expensive tours. Just you, your friends or family and the Greek Islands! 


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See the Greek Islands on your own yacht!

Frequently remembered for its historical, scientific and cultural contributions, Greece is a country that also offers some of the world's most incredible natural beauty. Located in the south/southeast of Europe, Greece boasts over 13,000 kilometres of coastline, spread among its more than 1,400 paradisical islands. Not to mention that the Greek territory lies midway between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, so it's safe to say that your experiences around the Greek Islands on your yacht can take you to many other places, with the freedom and privacy that only a private yacht charter can provide.

With the Mediterranean climate, nautical tourism in Greece is much appreciated, not only because of its strategic location but first of all for the paradisiacal beauty of its beaches, of white sand and crystal clear waters, always surrounded by beautiful mountains (did you know that the Greek territory is 80% mountains?!), everyone can enjoy a yacht trip there. From those looking for party and movement to those seeking peace and quiet, with 1,400 islands, renting a yacht in Greece allows you to create a super fun and personalized itinerary!

A yacht rental in Greece will allow you to explore the far corners of this ancient civilization at your own pace. With a yacht rental, you can set off on an island-to-island adventure in the Aegean Sea, going from cosmopolitan Idra to vibrant Mykonos and romantic Santorini. And don't forget the hundreds of small islands scattered along the way, often overlooked by traditional sightseeing tours.

With your yacht rental in Greece, you can discover caves and remote beaches, away from crowds and the millions of tourists that sometimes crowd the most famous spots during the summer.

Greece: the most romantic destination

With its romantic setting and ancient history, Greece has a special place in the hearts of the amorous who wish to celebrate their union in a comfortable, yet very beautiful environment. With a yacht rental in Greece, share these unparalleled moments with the sunset of Santorini as a backdrop. And why not a honeymoon trip past Corfu, Zante or Lefkas.

The Dodecanese archipelago, including Rhodes, Nisyros, Kos and Symi is an ideal destination from early May to late September. Other renters may opt for a rental to propose to their loved ones on a Greek beach with a picturesque village or church as a backdrop. Last but not least, you can rent a yacht in Greece for your bachelor party: is there a better way to celebrate with friends?

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We sailed to Egine (main marina), Poros (main marina), Hydra (Nikolaos) = an amazing cruise of one week :) Poros is well protected from N winds. It is a wonderful place to visit and there are very nice restaurants. I recommend. We didn't spend a lot of time in Athens. Maybe next time!

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