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Let's sail around the Greek islands on a motorboat!

The Greek islands are, of course, incredibly popular with tourists from all over the world. And no wonder! Each island boasts its own unique atmosphere, architecture, landscapes and even cuisine!

So be prepared for crowds of tourists on the islands during the high season. However, renting a motorboat will help you avoid the tourist trails, explore the islands at your own pace, properly enjoying the views and swimming in secluded coves and enjoying secluded beaches.

So where can you go on a motorboat? Here are some examples!

The Cyclades Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Sporades and Ionian Islands are four groups of islands that can be explored on a motorboat.

Rent a motorboat in the Cyclades or sail along the Greek coast, with or without a captain, to discover this truly heavenly corner of the globe to the fullest. We highly recommend you to discover the waters of the Aegean Sea, the islands of Paros, Mykonos and Rhodes on the Ionian Sea, which are ideal destinations for yacht rentals.


Known since the days of ancient Greece, Crete is the fifth largest island of the Mediterranean and is well known for its beauty, tourist activity and history. Chartering a yacht to Crete lets you enjoy the beauty of its landscapes and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean in the south of Greece.


Mykonos is one of the most famous and most visited islands in Greece. Famous for its stunning Super Paradise and Paranga beaches, Mykonos attracts beach lovers from all over the world all year round. Alternatively, after some well-earned relaxation on the shores of the Mediterranean, you can embark on a real sea voyage! In Mykonos you can find a number of charter yachts for rent on the Click&Boat platform.


The archipelago of Santorini is one of the most atypical in the country with its picturesque white-walled villages, stretching all along the cliffs and with splendid views. You can also visit the ruins of Thera and Akrotiri, ancient Greek cities. Volcanic Santorini will add a little magic to your trip to Greek lands.


This jewel in the Ionian Sea has an incomparable charm. A source of inspiration for many artists, it has a Venetian accent. You can stroll the cobblestone streets and rent a boat to admire the beauty of Corfu from the ocean.


Located in the Aegean Sea, the island of Milos is where the famous statue of Venus of Milos was found. You can also hire a boat and sail around the Cyclades archipelago.


This Greek island sits on both the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea and is considered an important tourist destination. Visit the city of Rhodes, a city steeped in the atmosphere of antiquity. At the entrance to the port there used to be the Colossus of Rhodes, a gigantic statue (over 30 meters high!) of Helios, the Greek sun god, considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Renting a motorboat in Greece allows you to enjoy all of these beauties at once.


Zakynthos is the "Magical flower of the Mediterranean", a dream island, the muse of poets. Pristine natural beauty and kilometres of golden beaches await you on this island.

The island is home to the Zakynthos National Marine Reserve. It is home to very rare flora and fauna: the Loggerhead turtle and the Monachus monk seal. The turtles are protected in this controlled environment, to protect the species and prevent their extinction. They are also one of the symbols of Zakynthos.

To see all this incredible beauty, charter a sailboat or motorboat in Zakynthos and explore the incredible fauna and magnificent panoramas of the island.

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Motorboat charter in Greece

Greece boasts some of the most amazing scenery in the Mediterranean, both on its mainland and its islands. So if you want to explore Greece from every angle a Motorboat charter is a must!

A motorboat is the perfect way to explore Greece far and wide, making your own route and avoiding the crowds.

What's more, at Click&Boat you can find motorboats of all types and sizes. You can find the perfect motorboat for a day trip along the Greek coast or for a weekend getaway in the Mediterranean.

Charter a motorboat with or without a skipper

If you've never been at the helm and don't have a licence to operate a motorboat, you may need to charter a motorboat with a skipper depending on the legislation of your destination. He or she will take care of the steering and route planning according to your preferences. Local skippers know the area like the back of their hand so they can show you the most beautiful spots and the best places to anchor and swim.

If you have the relevant licence, there's no need to have a skipper on board. However, if you really want to relax and enjoy the view and the relaxation without being distracted by the technical side of sailing, you need a skipper! He can also help with navigating the boat and guide you along the way.

How much does it cost to charter a motorboat in Greece?

Naturally, the cost of renting a motorboat depends on several factors. The size and age of the yacht, its capacity, equipment and class affects the price. It will vary depending on the season, itinerary and length of charter.

But we have some good news for you! Click&Boat can find a motorboat for every taste and budget in practically every Greek marina.

The charter rate for a small motorboat starts at 100€/day but we have motorboats for every budget including luxury motorboats for >2000€/day. With Click&Boat you can get a free personal adviser who will find the dream motorboat for your budget.

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We sailed to Egine (main marina), Poros (main marina), Hydra (Nikolaos) = an amazing cruise of one week :) Poros is well protected from N winds. It is a wonderful place to visit and there are very nice restaurants. I recommend. We didn't spend a lot of time in Athens. Maybe next time!

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