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Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 34 10.34m (2010)

Without captain
 45 · Pro · Super owner

From $186 per day

Sailboat KELT 850 8.5m (1985)

Without captain
 40 · Pro · Super owner

From $136 per day

Sailboat JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 34.2 10.6m (2001)

Without captain
 16 · Super owner

From $223 per day

Sailboat Fiskars Finnsailer 38 11.5m (1979)

Without captain
 15 · Super owner

From $180 per day

Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 41 11.97m (2014)

Without captain
 15 · Super owner

From $537 per day

Sailboat BENETEAU First 25S 7.5m (2013)

Without captain
 11 · Super owner

From $114 per day

Sailboat CONATI 31 9.42m (1979)

Without captain
 15 · Pro

From $174 per day

Sailboat BENETEAU BENETEAU 50 15m (1997)

With captain
 12 · Super owner

From $368 per day

Voilier Bénéteau Oceanis 40 12.15m. (2010)

Without captain
 13 · Pro · Super owner

From $321 per day

Sailboat BENETEAU Océanis 311 9.5m (2002)

Without captain
 13 · Pro

From $207 per day

Sailboat AMEL Kirk 11m (1974)

Without captain

From $200 per day

Jeanneau Symphonie (1979)

With captain

From $271 per day

Sailboat DUFOUR DUFOUR 32 CLASSIC 9.68m (1999)

With captain
 71 · Super owner

From $241 per day

Sailboat GIBSEA - GIBERT MARINE GibSea 84 8.4m (1985)

With or without a captain

From $100 per day

Sailboat BENETEAU FIRST 456 14.2m (1984)

With captain

From $306 per day

Sailboat Etude de Carènes Gallian 20m 20m (1977)

With or without a captain

From $1,125 per day

Special offer

Corsica on Grand Soleil 343 (1987)

With captain

From $271 per day

Sailboat JEANNEAU SUNFAST 26 7.5m (2000)

With captain
 21 · Super owner

From $286 per day

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Corsica sailboat rental with Click&Boat

Why rent a sailboat in Corsica?

With its 1,000 kilometres of coastline, Corsica is one of the ideal Mediterranean destinations to organise a sailing trip. Located 110 nautical miles from south-eastern France, and opposite Sardinia, it can be easily reached by ferry or by plane.

The island's varied landscapes, transparent beaches, hundreds of paradisiacal coves and clear-water anchorages are some of the features that attract many sailors and beach lovers every year. So how about giving it a try too? Rent a sailboat in Corsica and let yourself be won over by the natural beauty of this island!

A dive in the Lavezzi islands, an afternoon discovering the nature reserve of Scandola or the Sanguinaires islands, or even a quiet sail in the Calanques de Piana... The list of unforgettable memories starts here and goes on, and on.

Renting a sailboat in Corsica will be ideal for getting to know the region from a surprising perspective, to combine the exciting moments at sea with those on dry land, perhaps discovering its long history, traditions and local cuisine.

How much does it cost to rent a sailboat in Corsica?

The price of renting a sailboat in Corsica varies according to the choices of each owner, the type and size of the boat, the period and duration of the rental, or even the possible need to request additional services on board, such as a skipper or a crew.

On average, the daily cost of renting a sailboat starts at around 115€ per day, excluding the costs of captain, fuel and mooring.

However, for weekly rentals, which are more frequent during the summer season, a minimum budget of around 575€ is required, but owners tend to create customised offers to suit the needs of each sailor.

Where can I rent a boat in Corsica?

Here are Click&Boat's tips for your vacation:

Boat rental in Ajaccio

Boat rental in Porto-Vecchio

Bonifacio boat rental

Boat rental in Saint-Florent

Sailing vacations in Corsica: what to see?

The 19 marinas scattered along the coast will allow you to make regular stops for a good supply of fresh and local produce. The mooring areas are numerous and well served, with all the facilities needed for a perfect anchorage on the mainland.

But what are some of the areas you can't miss during your vacation?

  • Ajaccio: a very popular destination for sailors who come to sail in Corsica, but also for tourists who want to visit the citadel of Corsica's capital. Hiking, canoeing, water skiing or diving: there is fun for everyone.
  • Calvi and its medieval town deserve a stop, so don't forget! The chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra offers an impressive view of Calvi. The next stop is the town's beach, known for being one of the most beautiful bays on the island.
  • The town of Porto-Vecchio is the official image of Corsica, perfectly fitted between sea and mountain. If this is the main tourist town of the island, this is mainly due to the beauty of its beaches such as Palombaggia and Santa Giulia, as well as the charm of the citadel, which offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio.
  • Lavezzi Islands: located southeast of Bonifacio, these islands form an archipelago of about twenty granite islands and small islets. While sailing, get ready for something different: this nature reserve offers landscapes that will delight even the most demanding eyes.
  • Bonifacio: an unmissable stop on your Corsica vacation, the images of the town of Bonifacio are enough to make you never want to leave. During your stay in Corsica, you can indulge in the local specialities of this region, take excursions to discover the Mediterranean Maquis and its surroundings, and enjoy a peaceful stop to admire the magnificent scenery of the Strait of Bonifacio.

Rent a sailboat with captain in Corsica.

The numerous natural refuges, in particular those present between Ajaccio (West Coast) and Solenzara (East Coast), will allow you to anchor in peace and tranquillity and discover secret treasures accessible only by sea.

But how can you do this if you don't have a sailing license? It's very simple, just hire a captained sailboat in Corsica and let an expert in the field guide you safely to discover the most fascinating routes.

What do you think about us starting immediately to organise your next vacation?

Sailboat rental in Corsica: information for the sailor

When to go to Corsica?

The best time to hire a sailboat in Corsica is undoubtedly the summer season, easily extendable from April to October. The ideal temperature for most of the year and the thermal wind, favoured by plenty of sunshine and the presence of Corsica's mountainous terrain, are the promise of beautiful sailing.

Enjoy sailing to Sardinia and the nearby archipelago of La Maddalena, or take routes to the French Riviera or the island of Elba if you aspire to a longer, more adventurous voyage. The alternatives are many!

What type of boat can you hire in Corsica?

Other models, besides the sailboat, are available for unusual experiences in Corsica. Choose from the various proposals available on Click&Boat, or select the boatyard of your choice to filter through the models offered for hire.

  • Renting a catamaran in Corsica is the perfect solution if you want to sail with total safety and stability, perhaps with your family or friends. Very comfortable and spacious, the catamaran is ideal for long days of relaxation and quiet sailing.
  • Choose a motorboat if you are looking for a day trip or a rental that does not restrict too much the anchoring options or activities. This way, you can get from one place to another quickly, or indulge in some watersports sessions.
  • For incomparable comfort and an exceptional experience, you can opt for a yacht rental in Corsica. Shipyards like Beneteau, Princess or Sanlorenzo will win you over and make your trip even more special.

How much does it cost to charter Boat in Corsica?

Chartering Boat in Corsica can cost from $2,000.00 per day for small boats and up to $2,091.00 for larger boats.

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11. Sept 2017
the region is excellent. Better than Sardinia to visit the beautiful waters. one full day minimum on the water, if you can make it 2. there's so much beauty to see. we saw Lavezzi islands, bonifacio and this little place in between called, ile Piana. this last one was the most amazing place we had ever seen!