Catamaran rental with/without captain

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With or without a captain
Price per day
0 - €1,200+
Boat length
0 - 60+ m
Engine power
0 - 400+ hp
Year of manufacture
2002 - 2023
Search radius
400 Max Km
83 catamarans available
12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 40 11.74m (2020)

From €177 per day

10 · KOTOR

Catamaran NAUTITECH 40 OPEN 11.99m (2018)

From €164 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran LAGOON 42 12.8m (2018)

From €185 per day

10 · KOTOR

Lagoon 380 (2013)

From €241 per day


Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 46 O.V. 13.99m (2020)

From €326 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Lagoon-Bénéteau Lagoon 40 - 4 + 2 cab 11.74m (2022)

From €176 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Catana Bali 4.5 13.6m (2017)

From €629 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Fontaine Pajot Helia 44 with watermaker & A/C - PLUS 13.3m (2018)

From €227 per day

10 · KOTOR

Catamaran Catana Bali Catspace 12.31m (2021)

From €515 per day


Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 O.V. 11.73m (2020)

From €228 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Catana Bali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab. 11.88m (2020)

From €556 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Fontaine Pajot Helia 44 13.3m (2014)

From €461 per day

12 · KOTOR

Catamaran Bali Bali 4.1 with watermaker 12.12m (2020)

From €180 per day

12 · TIVAR

Lagoon 450 Montenegro Tivat (2013)

From €364 per day

12 · TIVAR

Lagoon 450 Montenegro (2013)

From €364 per day

12 · TIVAR

Lagoon 450 in Montenegro (2014)

From €364 per day


Catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY40 13.98m (2020)

From €829 per day

12 · TIVAR

Lagoon 450 (2015) (2015)

From €484 per day

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Charter a catamaran with Click&Boat

Renting a catamaran is the ideal solution to travel in complete safety and stability, to spend long moments of relaxation and pleasure without giving up space and comfort. Make an unforgettable family cruise or share it with a group of friends: after boarding this type of boat, you will never look at holidays the same way again without considering catamaran charter.

The catamaran of your dreams, anytime, anywhere.

If you decide to rent a catamaran with Click&Boat, the sea will no longer hold any secrets from you! Choose your dream destination and sail at any time of the year: from the picturesque Mediterranean coast to the white tropical beaches of Seychelles or the Caribbean, a catamaran is the perfect choice for a relaxing cruise in almost any destination.

How much does it cost to charter a catamaran?

The price of a catamaran charter naturally depends on the location of the boat, the model, the year of construction, the number of cabins or the special equipment offered by the owner. With Click&Boat you can plan your catamaran holiday from 150 € per day.

And what are the prices in the most popular destinations?

Charter prices in Croatia start from around €200 per day, not including the cost of the skipper, fuel and extras.

A day on board in Greece can cost from €150 per day.

In Italy, the price of a day on board a catamaran starts at around €300 per day.

In France or Spain, the cost per day starts at around €200.

Catamaran charter in the Caribbean costs from €150 per day.

And if you are planning a catamaran trip to the Seychelles, be prepared for charter prices starting at €340 per day.

Bear in mind that the cost of hiring the services of a professional skipper is usually additional, so it's worth speaking directly to the owner to confirm this. It should also be noted that these types of boats are usually rented by the week and prices can also vary depending on the season.

Feel free to discover some of the best destinations to rent a catamaran below:

Catamaran charter Mallorca

Catamaran charter Menorca

Catamaran charter Ibiza

Catamaran charter Barcelona

Rent a catamaran with Click&Boat: an unforgettable trip

Are you planning a sailing holiday, but don't know how to find a reliable charter company? Don't give up on your dream. With Click&Boat you can organise a great adventure at an affordable price and in complete safety. Use our platform to contact the owner of your dream catamaran directly, clarify any doubts and book your trip in just a few clicks.

Why should I charter a catamaran?

Comfort is the key word on board a catamaran. Comfortable, stable, spacious and extremely safe. A catamaran is the ideal choice for carefree sailing. Let yourself be lulled by the waves and relax on board... There are plenty of spacious areas at your disposal, from the master cabin to the outdoor spaces, not forgetting the large sunbeds, ideal for a unique and fun experience, even while sailing.

Hiring a catamaran allows you to sail along beaches and secluded coves, as well as safely mooring in shallow waters: the shallow draft of the hulls allows you to reach bays inaccessible to other boats! A catamaran is also an ideal boat for families or large groups. Therefore, you can organise many unforgettable events on board.

Catamaran or sailboat, which one to choose?

If you are hesitating between chartering a monohull sailboat or a catamaran, keep in mind that bicams (or multihulls) are more comfortable and perfect for a cruising holiday with children on board. With the extra space in the middle of the deck, as well as more cabins, you can easily accommodate your whole family. 

The catamaran also gives you more stability on board, whether you are standing or sailing. This can be very useful in times of strong winds. In addition, the shallow draft of the boat allows you to sail closer to the shore and especially closer to shallow anchorages. It is also faster than a monohull and more suitable for families who value comfort when sailing.

Catamaran, a multihull for families

Doubting between a sailing yacht and a catamaran for your family cruise? A catamaran is a boat that can accommodate an average of up to 12 people on board and offers even greater comfort. The space on board is much larger than that of a sailing boat, both outside and inside (cabins and large central saloon, large kitchen and dining room). These boats are designed for outdoor living and have several relaxation and social areas on board. Choose the number of cabins and berths and sail with all your family and friends.

Catamaran: the perfect choice for unforgettable events.

Are you planning your next trip or looking for the perfect way to celebrate an important event? Whether it's a wedding or honeymoon, an anniversary or a special moment to share with your family and friends, a catamaran charter is the answer to your wishes! Organise an unforgettable event and surprise your guests with a day of sailing.... an unforgettable experience guaranteed! For everything to be perfect, you can rent a catamaran with skipper and have a crew on board to take care of all the tasks and worries, and take care of all the guests and the organisation of the cruise.

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