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Ranieri VOYAGER 21 S (2018)

From €190 per day

 24 · Super owner

Quicksilver 505 ACTIV (2022)

From €99 per day


Wooden Traditional Motorboat (1953)

From €1,150 per day


Quickiver Activ 555 Open (2018)

From €180 per day

 29 · Super owner


From €103 per day

 27 · Super owner

Quicksilver Activ 555 Refit 2021 / With or without skipper / zadar area (2012)

From €100 per day

 52 · Super owner

Okiboats Barracuda 545- Istria, Pula (2017)

From €165 per day

 25 · Super owner

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 (2017)

From €280 per day

 23 · Super owner

Quicksilver 605 Activ Open (2022)

From €129 per day


Quicksilver 635 Commander (2010)

From €110 per day

Discount offer

Book Quicksilver 675 in Trogir or Split and cruise around the islands! (2018)

From €200 per day

 31 · Super owner

Quicksilver 455 Activ Open- available in Split and Trogir (2017)

From €120 per day

 39 · Super owner

Sessa Key Largo 20 (2020)

From €190 per day

 21 · Super owner

Beneteau 6.6 Flyer Sundeck New Boat !! (2018)

From €199 per day

 23 · Super owner

QUICKSILVER Activ 555 Open (2013)

From €170 per day


Primus Marine Fisher 20 - refit in 2020 (2009)

From €245 per day

 34 · Super owner
Discount offer

Motorboat Aquamax Fisher 17 60hp (2017)

From €130 per day

 19 · Super owner

HM 22 OPEN (6,5m) - Honda 150hp (2015)

From €160 per day

 86 · Super owner

Croatia Motorboat Charter with Click&Boat

Croatia, one of the most chosen vacation destinations for travelers, offers many beautiful beaches and hidden coves that can only be reached by boat. How about enjoying a trip on the Adriatic Sea with a Croatia speedboat rental? Will it be a family trip or a day at sea with friends?

Whatever the case, you can set sail from the port and head for the region you wish to visit, and your boat will already be equipped and ready for departure. Make your vacation unique and unforgettable - see for yourself that motorboat hire and Croatia are the perfect combination!

Why charter a motorboat in Croatia?

Hiring a motor boat is a great alternative for any trip. Perfect for a weekly cruise, a weekend for two, or a day trip on the water. They are fast and light, so you can get to know many places in one trip: islets, charming villages, coves, beaches...

Forget your daily obligations and relax by reading your favorite book, or enjoy the perfect weather while sunbathing on the deck of the boat. And if you like water sports, be sure to book wakeboarding, water-skiing or snorkeling equipment (masks and fins!). The possibilities are endless, will you stay on dry land?

How much does it cost to hire a motorboat in Croatia?

On the Click&Boat platform, there are many listings for Croatia motorboat rentals! In general, note that the rental price varies depending on several factors, such as the type, make, and year of construction of the boat, the season in which you want to arrange the rental, any need to have a skipper on board, and other additional services, such as a crew.

  • If you are thinking of hiring a RIB in Croatia, the rental price starts at about £80/day, excluding the cost of fuel and food. 
  • For a motorboat, the starting price is about £70/day for smaller models and from £260/day for those with a cabin and thus the possibility of spending the night on board.

In addition... If you are interested in chartering a motorboat in Croatia, we think these local destinations may also be of interest: 

Charter a motorboat in Croatia and cruise from island to island

World renowned for its more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline, Croatia is one of the best Mediterranean destinations to discover on board. Hiring motorboats with Click&Boat is the perfect option if you plan to hop from one island to another and dock in port with complete peace of mind.

Croatian destinations not to be missed

Croatia's unspoiled natural beauty is among the most beloved attractions for travelers who venture to discover it, but the numerous historic-artistic heritage and splendid medieval towns scattered along the coast are also unforgettable. Chartering a motorboat in Croatia to move quickly from one city to another is an excellent solution if you are planning a tour along the coast:

  • You can hire a motorboat in Istria and discover the northern part of the state, or charter a motorboat in Split and discover the central and southern part of the region.
  • We recommend that you don't miss beautiful Rovinj and the islands of Krk and Pag, just as you can't miss the historic city of Zadar and let yourself be conquered by the peaceful landscape of Trogir.
  • Then set off to visit the beautiful islands of Brač and Korčula, the Lastovo Archipelago and the medieval city of Dubrovnik, still anchored in its ancient history and intriguing traditions.
  • Keep sailing to discover the splendid Kvarner Islands or head south in search of the famous Kornati Islands Archipelago: the varied landscapes are the highlight here, a true masterpiece in sight!

By renting a motorboat in Croatia, you can easily alternate days at sea with peaceful walks on dry land, get into the heart of Croatian traditions and collect unforgettable memories of your trip.

Visit the most beautiful beaches in Croatia

The warm blue sea, the sound of waves breaking against the shore and the sunny coastline. An unmissable stage of your dream vacation is waiting to be discovered! If for your next vacation you are looking for nothing but sea and relaxation, here are the Croatian beaches you can't miss:

  • Zlatne Stijene Beach
  • Pasjač Beach
  • Zaton Beach
  • Punta Rata Beach
  • Zavala Beach

When is the best time to go to Croatia?

As in most Mediterranean destinations, the summer season in Croatia is quite long, from the end of April and to the first days of October. The hottest time of the summer season is between the months of July and August, which guarantees excellent sunny days, ideal for leisurely sailing.

If you want to avoid crowds, we recommend planning your vacation in Croatia during the low season, for example in September. The sun will still be there for your days on board, but the harbors and beaches will have already started to empty, leaving room for calm and relaxing moments.

The beauty of hiring a motor boat in Croatia

Hiring a motorboat is a great way to add variety to any trip. Even more so when the destination is Croatia, guardian of more than 1,000 beautiful islands and breathtaking scenery. It is the perfect choice not only if you are thinking of a weekly cruise, but also for a weekend or an original evening out. Thanks to the characteristics of speed and lightness, with a speedboat you can sail between different locations during the day and discover as many places as you want.

Leave behind the queues of cars and crowds of tourists: the Croatian landscapes seen from the sea have a completely different taste! And if you're a water sports enthusiast, be sure to book a wakeboard, water-ski or diving equipment, complete with mask, snorkel and fins - a great adventure awaits you!

Renting a motorboat without a license in Croatia

Would you like to charter a motorboat in Croatia, but you don't have a sailing license? We have good news for you! At Click&Boat you can book your Croatia motor rental with a skipper and let an experienced professional guide you along the best Adriatic Sea routes. All in complete safety.

Leave your thoughts and worries on dry land and just devote yourself to long moments of relaxation and fun: Click&Boat will take care of the rest! Shall we climb aboard?

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