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2003 - 2024
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+100 sailboats available

ELINA (2015)

With a skipper
 28  · Super owner

From £508 per day

Let's set sails on Beneteau First 21.7 in beautiful Split (2006)

With or without a skipper
 20  · Super owner

From £91 per day

Viko s22 (2015)

Without a skipper

From £78 per day

Sailboat Dufour Dufour 36 Classic 11m (2005)

With or without a skipper
 21  · Super owner

From £241 per day

Sail beautiful Beneteau First 21.7 from sunny Split (2007)

With or without a skipper
 17  · Super owner

From £93 per day

JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 40 Sailing Yacht (2001)

With a skipper

From £190 per day

ELAN 431 Owner version (1995)

With or without a skipper
 12  · Super owner

From £254 per day

Blue Star- Comet 36 (2003)

Without a skipper

From £188 per day

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i Gea (2009)

With or without a skipper
 13  · Super owner

From £305 per day

Beneteau Oceanis 393 (2006)

With or without a skipper
 12  · Super owner

From £253 per day

Daily sailing tours / short cruises (2012)

With a skipper
 35  · Super owner

From £376 per day

Sas 39 (1998)

With a skipper

From £254 per day

Sailboat Hanse Hanse 388 11.4m (2019)

Biograd na Moru
With or without a skipper

From £133 per day

Bavaria Cruiser 46 included Captain and hostest (2008)

With a skipper
 18  · Super owner

From £303 per day

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 / (2007)

With a skipper
 27  · Super owner

From £489 per day

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 11.13m (2018)

Biograd na Moru
With or without a skipper
 1  · Super owner

From £140 per day

Discount offer

Elan 444 Impression (Karlo Veliki) in Biograd na Moru (2012)

With or without a skipper

From £330 per day

Sun Odyssey 439 (1-7 days) (2015)

With a skipper
 17  · Super owner

From £640 per day

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Sailboat charter in Croatia with Click&Boat

The Croatian coastline is known around the world for its stunning beauty; glowing in the electric blue hues of the Adriatic Sea and sprinkled with lush greenery, Croatia is a paradise for sailors and tourists alike. There’s so much to love about Croatia from the mild climate and tasty cuisine to ancient monuments and pristine beaches, you’ll never be bored when you visit. If you want to experience the full effect of Croatia’s beauty and wonder, there’s no better way to do so than by boat. With a sailboat charter in Croatia, you can get in touch with the sway of the sea all while taking in the sight of the Croatian landscape. What are you waiting for? Rent a sailboat in Croatia and create memories that will last forever.

What is the cost of a sailboat charter in Croatia?

The cost of a sailboat rental in Croatia depends on a number of factors. Firstly, where you choose to charter a sailboat will have an impact on the price, as the cost could differ by city. The model and size of the sailboat you choose will also have an effect, and the amenities on board might come at an extra price.

A bareboat charter in Croatia will typically be cheaper than a sailboat with a skipper and crew on board and the time of year might influence the cost, especially if you’re sailing during the high season. Renting sailboats with a skipper in Croatia is perfect for those who wish to relax and make the most of their sailing holiday. The skipper will be able to show you the best spots around the country, as well as taking care of all the logistics and technicalities of sailing. If you wish to add a bit of luxury to your trip, you can also consider renting sailboats in Croatia with a crew.

Generally speaking, the price of a sailboat hire in Croatia is about £4,341/week in the high season and £1,936/week in the low season for 10 people on board. For a daily charter, you can find one for as low as £63 per day!

How do I charter a sailboat in Croatia with Click&Boat?

If you’re considering a cheap sailboat rental in Croatia for your next holiday, have no fear! Click&Boat makes it easy to filter for the exact vessel on your wish list. On the website's homepage, put “Croatia” as your desired destination, choose your travel dates, and then click “sailboat” under the boat type filter. To further narrow down your search, filter by price, length, capacity, year and engine. You can also choose whether or not you’d like a skippered sailboat and you can even choose the boat manufacturer if you’re feeling especially particular!

What are the best destinations in Croatia to take my sailboat rental?

There are so many gorgeous places in Croatia just waiting to be discovered, and there’s no better way to do so than by boat! If you’re not familiar with Croatia and you’re unsure of where to start your sailboat charter, here are some must-see cities and places to visit!

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly one of Croatia's best-known and most beloved destinations, both for the spectacular scenery and the brilliant colours of the sea. Once you visit and see the sparkling water, you’ll understand why Dubrovnik is nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. The topography is characterised by a dynamic duo of sea and mountains, allowing for an abundance of vegetation and a fantastic underwater world full of fish, flora and fauna.

Split is another iconic sailing destination in Croatia, and the largest city on the Adriatic, making it a tailor-made haven for sailors who want to experience the best of the water and also get a dose of culture. Visit the Old City which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and go island hopping to nearby destinations all over Dalmatia.

Sibenik is an excellent stop if you are looking for a romantic spot to enjoy as a couple, especially thanks to the wonderful sunsets that paint everything in pastel hues, including the iconic fortress overlooking the sea.

The Kornati Islands are a wild and unspoilt archipelago of about 147 islands and islets overlooking Dalmatia. They are full of diverse plant life and were even declared a national park!

Zadar is one of the most popular starting points for sailing vacations in Croatia. Located in the central part of the country, it is the perfect starting point whether you want to sail north or south. See incredible Roman ruins, art installations and of course, white sand beaches.

The Kvarner Islands represent a dense concentration of nature and landscapes that will take your breath away, so it’s no wonder that they are one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the country! If you are looking for pure relaxation, you are in the right place!

Istria is one of the most popular Croatia sailing areas, and we are sure it will win you over too! Enjoy moments on land and on boat, and allow yourself to taste the excellent wines of the area and taste the typical dishes.

What to consider when I sail around Croatia?

If you’re considering a sailboat charter in Croatia it’s important to know that sailboats provide an authentic sailing experience however, they are unstable vessels which means that they require prior sailing experience. They can be tricky to manoeuvre due to their tendency to sway on the water and because they move quite a bit, they aren’t suitable vessels for pregnant people or people prone to seasickness.

Chartering a sailboat in Croatia can produce its own set of challenges, so here are some tips for smooth sailing! If you want to sail along the Dalmatian Coast, travel through the centre of the country towards the south. We recommend you choose to sail during the summer when the westerly winds are strong, allowing you to cover longer distances.

Do you need a licence to sail in Croatia?

You will need a valid license, including a valid VHF radio license, to sail in Croatia without a skipper. All types of boats require a licence. A licence will ensure that you are competent enough to operate the vessel safely and in accordance with Croatian maritime law, regardless of whether you charter a catamaran or a smaller vessel in Croatia.

What is the best time to sail in Croatia?

The best sailing season in Croatia is between May and September. You’ll find the hottest weather in July and August with highs of 27°C but if you don’t mind slightly cooler temperatures, we recommend chartering a sailboat in Croatia in May or September. If you visit at the tail ends of high season you’ll get better prices, fewer crowds and better deals on boats! Either way, your holiday in Croatia will be one to remember!

Can I sail without experience?

Yes, you can go sailing without any prior experience if you have a skipper onboard who can operate the vessel and ensure your safety. The skipper is responsible for operating the sailboat and they will be able to handle all aspects of sailing, including steering, navigating and anchoring. It’s important to note that while you can sail without experience with a skipper, it’s always recommended to have some basic knowledge of sailing such as safety procedures and the rules of the water. This will help you enjoy your sailing experience and ensure your safety.

Good to know

Number of sailboats:2266 sailboats available
Types of sailboats:with or without a skipper
Average price: £486 per day
Minimum price: £71 per day
Maximum price: £11,139 per day
Manufacturers:Beneteau, Jeanneau, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Croatia

What is the price of hiring a sailboat for a day in Croatia?

The average price of hiring a sailboat for the day in Croatia is £486. A few factors can determine the cost of the hire, such as the time of year, how old the boat is, and the boat equipment. Depending on these factors, the price of hiring a sailboat can range from £71 and £11,139.

What is the typical daily cost of hiring a skipper in Croatia?

The cost of hiring a skipper can differ based on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Croatia, the typical rate of a skipper is £188 per day.

What is the number of cabins typically found on a sailboat in Croatia?

The average number of cabins for sailboats in Croatia is 4. For larger groups, sailboats with up to 9 cabins can also be booked.

What is incorporated in the price of a sailboat charter in Croatia?

In Croatia, the hire price for a sailboat usually includes Bimini, GPS, Automatic pilot etc.

What is the passenger limit on a sailboat in Croatia?

The passenger limit on sailboats in Croatia is 50 persons. It is worth noting that when you hire a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people onboard.

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